Pat Boone – remember him? – wants blasphemy punished

Pat Boone – remember him? – wants blasphemy punished April 24, 2016

Pat Boone has refused to back down from his harsh critique of the recent ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch that ‘sneered at Christians and laughed at the destruction of religious liberty’, according to Christian site WND.
The godly music legend appeared on Glenn Beck’s radio show this week and accused Lorne Michaels and the “SNL” cast  “sacrilege”.

Every sin a man can commit can be forgiven except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God, and that sin is not to be forgiven in this world or the world to come. And so my feelings right now are not so much anger as sadness for what I fear is ahead for the people that are doing these things.

Boone charged “SNL” with turning liberty into “licence” and suggested Michaels wouldn’t be laughing at a skit mocking his own family. He said a segment directly mocking God is even more serious. In this report, Boone is reported as saying:

There should be regulations that prohibit blasphemy.

The most recent “SNL” episode featured a segment mocking the newly released film God’s Not Dead 2.

The sketch also:

Unleashed sarcasm and ridicule at Christians who have been punished for refusing to provide services to same-sex couples.

In the sketch, a Christian baker is hauled into court by an activist lawyer and a homosexual couple who demand she admit God is “gay”. The baker finally shouts out:

God is a boob man!

Boone argued that a climate of fear is settling over America, affecting even the church itself.

Even ministers in the church are afraid to preach truth out of the Bible because it may be labeled hate speech.

Carl Gallups, above, a pastor, author and radio host, said the “SNL” parody was telling.

This is exactly what Christians have been saying was going to happen, and it is exactly why many states are now considering and/or have passed laws to remedy such vicious targeting and bullying by gay activists. I found the ‘SNL’ clip to be very telling indeed. It depicts two gays walking into a Christian cake baker’s shop and ordering her to bake their ‘wedding cake’.
It is obvious that they have targeted her because of her faith – and for the sole purpose of introducing a lawsuit against her. And that’s actually what’s happening.

The author of Be Thou Prepared: Equipping the Church for Persecution and Times of Trouble said the sketch’s supposedly humorous references to “[spitting] in the face of God” is revealing.

That is what this whole ‘gay marriage’ agenda is all about!” The Supreme Court ‘gay marriage’ opinion actually opened the door for the radical gay movement to demand that people who believe that a true marriage is between a man and woman only spit in the face of God by denying the truth.
The clip also states this is ‘a story of liberal elites run wild’. Yes it is.That is exactly what this is. I could not have stated the agenda any clearer myself. Isn’t it ironic that in SNL’s ‘mockery’, and attacks masked as humor, they actually state so much truth?

Michael Brown, a well-known Christian evangelist and the author of Outlasting the Gay Revolution, charged Christians are “prime targets” of mockery and the sketch is a predictable product of:

SNL’s typical, Hollywood-liberal biases. It’s not surprising conservative believers and conservative states will be mocked as backward bigots, with no sympathy or understanding for the stands they are taking. I expect pop culture to get much more hostile to Christians and the Bible in coming days, as society basically says (in the spirit of Psalm 2), ‘We do not want the Lord as our God!’ I’m hopeful, though, that as things get worse, it will lead to revival in the church and even awakening in the culture and that the tide will eventually turn.

Brown charged that the sketch has it precisely backward, because it is Christians, not homosexuals, who are under attack.

The left cannot see that fundamental religious liberties are under attack, and this is a battle Christians didn’t initiate. Instead, LGBT activism is trumping religious freedoms and freedoms of conscience in the courts and in the reporting of the liberal media elites, thereby giving the false impression that Christians are in the wrong, that they are somehow evil aggressors.

Paul Kengor, author of Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage, accused “SNL” of selective mockery.

SNL, and secular liberals/progressives generally, would never target, say, a Muslim clerk giving out marriage licenses in Dearborn, Michigan, or a Muslim baker or florist or photographer anywhere in the country.
There is a limit to their courage and confrontation. It’s the turn-the-other-cheek Christians that the secular left wants to merrily take down. That’s the target they relish. They want Christian heads on their platter. Their ‘tolerance’ does not extend to Christians who disagree with their new conceptions for redefining marriage, family, gender, sexuality and human nature.
It’s tolerance for me but not for thee. Diversity for me but not for thee.

Kengor said homosexual rights activists seem utterly determined to fulfill the worst predictions many Christians made when same-sex marriage was imposed by the Supreme Court.

What is so fascinating and so sadly ironic is how these tactics on behalf of gay-rights groups have so sharply shifted from defence to offence. In fact, the ‘SNL’ skit shows how it’s more like a double-offensive. The Christian in the skit goes on defense as her secular-left attack her. Once they have dragged her into court, they then seek to ridicule and make fun of her as she and her supporters defend her. These modern-day disciples of ‘diversity’ and ‘tolerance’ are extremely aggressive in their offensive against Christians who disagree with their fundamental transformation of the country, the culture and human nature itself.
They are breathtakingly intolerant – all in the name of ‘tolerance,’ of course.

In his interview with Pat Boone, Glenn Beck said it would take a concerted effort by spiritual leaders to turn the tide.

If we don’t get the preachers to stand up, and I mean really stand up, we’re toast.

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  • Daz

    There should be regulations that prohibit Pat Boone!

  • L.Long

    Other than being a half baked singer/actor what else is he good for??? Nothing!!!
    The death bell of USA is when a blasphemy law is put in place. There is NO religious belief that can’t be insulted. And there is no gawd that can be insulted….they are ALL myths!!!

  • Mario Lanza

    Pat Boone …. so what? Just another seventh rate, two bit, off key crooner. Who gives a fuck what he thinks? Not me.

  • barriejohn

    Daz: Pat Boone was VERY popular as a Christian crooner when I was young!
    One of the commenters compares that to Sinatra. Oh, no!

  • Angela_K

    These religious types just cannot get it into their thick heads: if they maintain their preposterous and bigoted beliefs then we are going to laugh at them.
    I thought Boone the loon was long dead.

  • barriejohn

    Angela: He’s only 81. There’s more about his religious background and activities here:

  • RussellW

    Pat, you demented warbler, it took a thousand years to get people like you off our backs. You’re not getting another chance.

  • “There should be regulations that prohibit blasphemy.”
    Fair enough. In my religion, which I believe sincerely, it is blasphemous that I am expected to work for a living. I hope you can all get behind me and chip in for my early retirement.
    Or, are only certain people going to be able to decide what ‘blasphemy’ is?

  • SallyinMI

    Interesting the SNL is “Live From New York” but being bashed “Hollywood liberalism.” Frankly, the RW has nothing but hatred. They obviously think Jesus was a sham. They are more interested in Old Testament punishments for whatever they think is foul, and they have no sue for Jesus and his liberal views. They much prefer Paul and his ‘women be silent and subservient to their husbands’ crap.

  • caskeptic2013

    He’s got dementia; no other excuse for him. Ignore him.

  • 1859

    Good comedy turns the world on its head – bad comedy is the bible. Good comedy makes you think outside your head – bad comedy traps you inside your head. Good comedy enlightens – bad comedy is religion which stifles enlightenment.
    Let Mr. Boone croon his way into heaven and be forgotten.

  • Broga

    Pat Boone, with his queasy smoothness, was the attempted Christian antidote to Elvis. When I first heard “Heartbreak Hotel” it was no contest. Yes, I know Elvis was a Christian by the clergy still wanted him banned.

  • Newspaniard

    If Pat Boone was English, he would shortly get his wish. Our “wonderful” Home Secretary is already sharpening her knives with the introduction of her new legislation (EDO’s). Obviously, blasphemers will be on top of her list of extremists. Start with the easy targets and ignore the plots of those who are protected by mosques.

  • barriejohn

    Broga: According to an opinion poll of high school students in 1957, the singer was nearly the “two-to-one favorite over Elvis Presley among boys and preferred almost three-to-one by girls …”
    Though Boone may have been very popular at the time, record sales speak for themselves. All that that poll tells you is that young Christians will say what they think that their parents want them to say, as I have witnessed myself on numerous occasions. Worst example of all:
    “Are YOU saved?”; “Yes”; “When did that happen?”; “This afternoon when I was in the garden thinking things over”; “Praise the Lord ! We must let all the other Christians know as soon as possible!”. Another young person’s life blighted, and that really happened exactly as I have retold it.

  • AgentCormac

    The religious demanding special exemptions and priviledges once again. How insecure they must be in their deluded little beliefs that they feel they need protection from satire. Or rather, from the truth delivered in the form of satire.

  • Cali Ron

    Pretty hilarious to read Paul Tengor’s comments about the skit. He seems to think it’s real and not sarcasm. Oh the irony when the target doesn’t get that it’s irony.
    Boone was the white, christian answer to the popularity of black music. He made a fortune ripping off black artists and their music while simultaneously ruining their songs with his pathetic pandering to christian audiences. He’s a perfect example of how the music industry made and broke careers based on association instead of talent, discriminated against blacks and forced crappy music on the public in the 50’s and 60’s.
    Boone is a “birther” and believes that Barack Obama is fluent in Arabic and read the Koran in Arabic as a boy.[31] He has also claimed that President Obama “hasn’t celebrated any Christian holidays in the White House.”
    In short, he’s a low talent thief and ignorant christian asshole deserving of ridicule.

  • Peter Sykes

    “Religion – it’s given hope in a world torn apart by religion.” – Jon Stewart

  • Robster

    The funniest thing about this malarky is that there’s these people actually pretending their nasty old fabricated fairy is real, or something.