Scientology head threatens lawsuit over his father's book

Scientology head threatens lawsuit over his father's book April 27, 2016

Lawyers acting for the Church of Scientology’s  head honcho David Miscavige’s have threatened to file a lawsuit against Miscavige’s father Ron, who has written a ‘tell all’ book about the cult.
According to this report, London-based publisher Silvertail Books has received a letter from Johnsons Solicitors, a law firm that specialises in high-profile defamation cases.

The threat is a last-ditch effort to stop Ron Miscavige from releasing a book – titled Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me – about his son’s involvement in Scientology.
In the book, Ron, above, who escaped from the cult, describes how his son, who had been a happy and funny child, became the ruthless and tyrannical leader of the Church of Scientology, surrounded by sycophants and living lavishly while others in the church toil in relative poverty.
The book is set for release in early May. Silvertail reported that the book’s US publisher, St. Martin’s Press, received a similar letter from attorneys representing David Miscavige. The letters threatens to file defamation suits should the book go to print in its current form. The letter to Silvertail warned:

You are now on notice of the highly defamatory content of the subject book. Accordingly, in the event that you proceed with the release of this book, in total disregard for the truth, our client will be left with no alternative but to seek the protection of UK/Irish defamation and other laws.

Silvertail Books publisher Humfrey Hunter  said:

My plans for the book haven’t changed at all since I received the letter. Full legal due diligence has been carried out on the manuscript and I am both confident in its integrity and very proud that Silvertail is publishing it. Ron’s story is an important one, and he is a brave man to be telling it.

Miscavige has been the head of the Scientology Church since the retirement of founder L Ron Hubbard. His close friendship with actor Tom Cruise has been the subject of media speculation, which has also centered around the disappearance of his wife Shelly, who has not been seen or heard from in more than a decade.
ABC’s 20/20 is set to broadcast a piece about Ruthless this coming Friday.
Meanwhile, it is reported here that he Church of Scientology could have its Montreal building seized and sold by the city.

Radio-Canada has discovered that the Church owes about $90,000 in back taxes.
The church has owned the La Patrie building, which is a historic building on Ste-Catherine Street in downtown Montreal’s Latin Quarter, since 2007.
The building, which was built in 1905 to house the newspaper La Patrie, is now abandoned. Church members had plans to renovate it, but no work has been carried out yet.
Last week, city officials sent the Church of Scientology a legal notice requesting it pay off debts from 2015 totaling $39,855. According to city spokesman,Gonzalo Nunez, if the amount is not paid off in the next few months, the building will be sold at auction in November.

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  • Cali Ron

    David Miscavige is one evil, sick individual. Take a look at this link about the “hole” for an example of how this demented man treats his executive’s .
    This man is a criminal and should be doing time in a federal pen for the rest of his life. He has taken the “religion” that Hubbard created and turned it into his own little monarchy where he lives out his perverted fantasies on his followers. His best friend is Tom Cruise. No wonder Tom’s wife left him.

  • Kamashima san

    Scientology … a wonderful scam. If you can set up such a money spinning enterprise and con thousands of fools to join up and earn you millions and millions of dollars then why not? Fools and their money are easily separated. Understand that and understand that you can use religion to ensnare and harness credulous people then you can live a very very nice lifestyle … if you are a person wholly devoid of morals and scruples.

  • L.Long

    So we do have at least one way to handle blasphemy!!!
    Litigate until they are bankrupt!!!

  • Daz

    “In the book, Ron, above, who escaped from the cult, describes how his son, who had been a happy and funny child, became the ruthless and tyrannical leader of the Church of Scientology, surrounded by sycophants and living lavishly while others in the church toil in relative poverty.”

    Well, yeah; that’s what the whole organisation was set up for in the first place. From The Fount Of All Knowledge™:

    “According to The Visual Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, ed. Brian Ash, Harmony Books, 1977:
    “” . . .[Hubbard] began making statements to the effect that any writer who really wished to make money should stop writing and develop [a] religion, or devise a new psychiatric method. Harlan Ellison’s version (Time Out, UK, No 332) is that Hubbard is reputed to have told [John W.] Campbell, “I’m going to invent a religion that’s going to make me a fortune. I’m tired of writing for a penny a word”. Sam Moskowitz, a chronicler of science fiction, has reported that he himself heard Hubbard make a similar statement, but there is no first-hand evidence”.”

  • Angela_K

    Telling the truth and using evidenced based facts is defamation? The word has a different meaning for these cultists.

  • Cali Ron

    I tried to read Dianetics when I was a young man and only made it about half way through before I gave up. It was full of rubbish and not very well written either. Even by the low standards of credibility applied to religion by most people Scientology is ridiculous, especially given that it was invented by a science fiction writer who had said many times that the way to make big money is to invent a religion.
    None are so blind as those who refuse to see!

  • Cali Ron

    If you care for an analytic expose of Dianetics see this link:

  • Laura Roberts

    @CaliRon: most religious texts are badly written. I’d take Ovid or Virgil or over the Bible any day. The Book of Mormon is an absolute farce. The Qu’ran reads like the rantings of a psycopath on LSD. Compared to these others, Diuretics …sorry, Dianetics… seems downright coherent, even if it is utterly silly.