Atheists won't get free Subway sandwiches at Reason Rally

Atheists won't get free Subway sandwiches at Reason Rally May 29, 2016

A plan by lunatic creationist Ray (Banana Man) Comfort, above, to target atheists at the upcoming Reason Rally 2016 in Washington DC has gone horribly wrong.
It is reported here that the police threw a spanner in the works by telling Comfort that he would need a permit to rally 1,000 Christian “outreachers” at the June 4 event where an estimated 20,000 atheists will gather to hear a variety of prominent sceptic speakers and entertainers.
Said Comfort:

To authorities, Christians and atheists are enemies. So they want to keep us apart for the sake of peace, especially with more serious threats facing America. That’s understandable. But at the same time I’m a little frustrated because I have a very good relationship with atheists.

Part of Comfort’s outreach plan was to to give away 5,000 copies of his new book – God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists: Proof that the Atheist Doesn’t Exist – along with $25,000 worth of Subway gift cards to the atheists:

As a gesture of Christian love.

Comfort added:

In what is so often a cruel world, we tried to show a little kindness and it didn’t work. So it now looks like we will be eating Subway sandwiches for the next 40 years.

After announcing the DC outreach, and plans to film open-air preaching for his TV programme (“The Way of the Master” – broadcast in 190 countries) he had over 1,000 Christians officially register to join him.
To the DC police that constituted a protest and therefore we needed a permit to gather. We would have to stay at the other end of the National Mall, and they said that if we persisted to approach atheists to speak with them we would be arrested.
In announcing the cancellation of the outreach, Comfort said he would still be filming at the Washington Monument.

Our crew is only 17 people, so we don’t need a permit if we go there as individuals. The Reason Rally is free and open to the public, so if any other groups of individuals show up on their own initiative they won’t need a permit either or be arrested if they approach atheists.

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  • Stonyground

    Presumably he isn’t supplying any bananas because he knows that they give atheists nightmares.

  • Broga

    Comfort’s “proof” of God’s existence seems to be that in the vastness of the cosmos we can’t be sure that God doesn’t exist so he does exist. So I suppose a broken teapot, or anything you could imagine, exists as God.
    What we can say is that the chance of the Christian God existing is vanishingly small.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    “give away 5,000 copies of his new book –God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists:
    Not exactly a new book, as Amazon has it published in 2004. The reviews there are universally bad.
    He’s giving them away because he cannot sell them.

  • joshua barrett

    Well the problem Ray also missed is that under the new umbrella of “social justice humanism” reason rally attendees are not allowed to engage religious people because it might “offend” them. read the new rules. Social justice is religion.

  • tonye

    So Comfort bought $25,000 worth of Subway vouchers?
    Clearly we wasn’t using his loaf!!
    I’ll get my coat.

  • Mikel Pearson

    I would listen to them for the free lunch but that’s all. They don’t have an argument. There are no facts or evidence to support their claims. Their teachings are in place to control people. The bible belt as an example… Poor, uneducated still drinking the Kool-Aid.

  • Angela_K

    Sounds as though this is a cynical ploy by Comfort and his fellow loons to start screeching about freedom of religion and the usual specious claim of “persecution” but nothing to do with them putting their case for their god – not that they have a case.
    Subway, really? I wouldn’t eat their halal and poor food even if it was free. Wouldn’t the Chic-a-fil bigots fare be more to Comfort’s tatse?

  • This sounds like a foolish and unwarranted intervention of the State into their right to peacefully assemble and associate.
    There are conflicts in the USA when Christians try to offer their views at public events. Those conflicts come from Muslims. Even when Christians have protested violently at women’s clinics, there has not been a violent reply. Perhaps to avoid stating plainly that Muslims are not able to live peacefully with those around them, the State is making everyone out as violent instead.
    I’ll say it plainly. Muslims have not given the appearance of being able to live peacefully with each other or with anyone who is not a Muslim. I wonder why…

  • SallyinMI

    What are you talking about, Trevor? We have a sizable Muslim population in my city, and they even built a mosque. They are peaceful people and bother no one.
    Christians on the other hand, write awful letters to the editor daily praising Trump’s plan to send all the Muslims away and not let anyone in. He also wants to send Mexicans away, blacks away, and no doubt, women who don’t meet his standards will go next.
    So who is it that can’t live with different peoples?

  • Newspaniard

    @SallyinMI. You are practicing your taqiyya against the wrong people here. We wised up to your sham “victimhood” years ago. Just go away and think of something more original OR just go away.

  • AgentCormac

    ‘…we tried to show a little kindness and it didn’t work.’
    Even Comfort must realise how transparent that particular piece of bullshit is.

  • barriejohn

    Newspaniard: “We”? Who elected YOU? You’re beginning to sound like Donald Trump yourself!

  • David Anderson

    Comfort is a gilipollas who has never uttered a coherent sentence in his life, and I wouldn’t eat anything from Subway free or not.
    Newspaniard: When I lived in London, I had Muslim neighbours on one side and Hindu neighbours on the other. Great parties, great food and not a mention of religion although they knew that I am an atheist. Sally’s comment is reasonable and QFT unless you are a Trump supporter.

  • Lots of talk in the US these days about deportations.
    Now…HERE is someone we should deport, along with his partner in delusion, Ken Ham. They are from New Zealand and Australia respectively. Apparently they knew where most of the the gullible people in the world are located. The US is 71% Christian according to a recent Pew poll although that number is in decline…used to be 78%
    Maybe there’s hope for us.

  • Edwin Salter

    How sweet of him to support us with food and enable us to engage with Christians (who normally run a mile rather than risk a dialogue that might unsettle). We should certainly reciprocate.

  • Newspaniard

    @barriejohn. I use the same “We” as you when you pontificate on matters which concern you. Neither of us were “elected” but both of us reflect the views of many.
    @David Anderson. Most islamists are nice to their neighbours until they become the majority (say) in a street. Then watch out, especially if you are disabled or old and frail. Luton, for example were full of “nice friendly” muslims but now it is high on the list of “no-go” areas where all the indigenous population, who could afford it, have left.
    Having seen at least 10 years of corrupt government in the USA, where the democrats are promising more of the same, and there being no other choice, then I have absolutely no problem rooting for Trump. Someone has got to bring back democracy from the government run by pressure groups with fat wallets. Trump, with all his failings, does not have to think of who is bribing the most before he takes a decision, which will be totally refreshing. I think that you will discover that a majority will agree with me at election time.

  • Cali Ron

    Newspaniard: You should stick to British politics because you don ‘t know shite about American politics. American politics has been corrupted by several things, but the primary one is money from the very rich. His Orangeness is part of the problem, not the solution. His whole campaign and all of his appeal is based on racism, sexism, homophobia, in other words appealing to people’s most base feelings of hatred.
    His a megalomaniac and serial liar (PolitiFact found that 3 out of 4 things he says are lies). He’s such a lousy business man he’s filed bankruptcy multiple times despite starting out with a million dollars from his rich daddy, which is why he did a TV show, to help develop his “brand”, which is his business today. He doesn’t make that much money from real estate, he makes most of it it by licensing his name to others who put it on things like steaks and wine. Unfortunately these items never sell well and have led to dozens of law suits, which he usually pays out on to keep the embarrassing details secret. His average unapproval rating is currently 58% with one poll showing 70 %. His only hope is that Hilary somehow gets even less popular than him (sadly, she seems to be trying).
    The notion that this man of marginal intelligence at best would “bring back democracy ” is laughable. If somehow, over half of the voters choose him for president it would indicate that the problem with America is not the government, but the people who would vote assholes like Trump into office.

  • Robster

    What is it with New Zealand? One of the world’s most peaceful places, I’d suggest that is because their religious idiots have fled for greener fields. Another infamous Kiwi is a bloke called Brian Houston, he and his chattel wife run a dodgy operation in Australia called the Hillsong Church. They admit to assimilating around 50 million dollars off their sucker followers every year, their record company is one of the country’s biggest, his father has been exposed as a child rapist and was allegedly protected by the Hillsong fraud and his son. A year or two ago, the Australian government enacted legislation enabling the deportation of dodgy New Zealanders back to their country of origin, disappointingly, thus far, the Houstons have escaped.