Ex-Jehovah's Witness 'fixes' the cult's vile anti-gay video

Ex-Jehovah's Witness 'fixes' the cult's vile anti-gay video May 13, 2016

The latest in a series of creepy Jehovah’s Witness videos, aimed primarily at children, attacks same-sex parenting – but it’s been comprehensively buggered up by a joker who turned the despicable message on its head.
The video, below, fixed by “Trixie Firecarcker TV” – a former member of the cult – describes loving gay parents as “awesome”. It has notched up over 190,000 views and received just 28 down votes.

You can see the original here, which has been seen by 857,000 people and got almost 11,000 down votes.
In a delicious hatchet-job, Lloyd Evans, of JWSurvey, explained earlier this month that it was in the of summer 2012 that JWs around the world were first introduced to Caleb and Sophia, the Governing Body’s freshly-minted animated poster kids.

Since they first burst on to our screens, Caleb and Sophia have been taught by their troubled parents that Jehovah is pedantic enough to hate certain kinds of plastic action figures, that he wants kids to give their ice cream money to Watchtower, and that failing to pay sufficient attention at kingdom hall meetings can carry the death penalty.
But Watchtower apparently isn’t done with stripping JW kids of all innocence and individuality. Now the Governing Body wants them to challenge any classmates with gay or lesbian parents, and remind them that if mommy and mommy (or daddy and daddy) don’t change their ways they will lose their tickets to paradise.

Evans added:

It’s hard to know where to start in verbalizing one’s revulsion at the proud ignorance and homophobia on open display in this CGI monstrosity, but I will do my best.
Firstly, Sophia’s bewilderingly-orange mother manipulates her daughter with a metaphor that entirely misrepresents both homosexuality and Watchtower’s views regarding it. Sophia is asked to picture a man traveling with a bag, the contents of which trigger the airport security systems because he is carrying a prohibited item.


Homosexuality is explained as being the forbidden item the man must surrender before being allowed to travel on to his desired destination: paradise earth.

The video presents a misleading metaphor that misrepresents both homosexuality and Watchtower’s teachings about what awaits homosexuals
Anybody remotely in tune with reality understands that homosexuality is not a ‘choice’,  as so often portrayed by Christian fundamentalists. Straight people are born straight, and gay people are born gay …
Secondly, the metaphor implies that if the traveller chooses against surrendering the forbidden item, the worst that will happen is that his ticket will be cancelled and he will be forced to browse the duty free before hailing a cab and making his way back to the hotel. But that is not how it works according to Jehovah’s Witness teachings.
If the metaphor were accurately and fully followed through, we would see the traveller being bundled away by security and thrown into a 1940s cattle cart, along with all others deemed undesirable by the Governing Body, before being dispatched to the great extermination camp of Armageddon.
This is not a case of “follow us, or don’t fly,” this is a case of “follow us, or die.”
But this doomsday aspect of Jehovah’s Witness theology is so repugnant to most ordinary people that Watchtower must do its best to obfuscate it wherever possible.
Even most JWs you may encounter on the street, if pressed on the matter, will deny that literally billions of people, including children, are in line for mass slaughter if their hopes and expectations come to fruition. Their continued state of subservience to their religion depends on them not thinking things through to their fullest, most grisly conclusion.
All that deception and mischaracterization aside, arguably the most repugnant and disturbing aspect of this vile cartoon is that it sets out to recruit JW children to impose the organization’s homophobic bigotry on any classmates who happen to have gay or lesbian parents.
When I was growing up as a JW I recall being indoctrinated into believing that homosexuality was to be condemned. But I don’t remember once being told to actively seek out homosexuals, or children of homosexuals, to badger them with my beliefs. All that, apparently, has now changed. Watchtower has thrown its hat in with all the other sickly Christian evangelicals whose crusade is to stamp out homosexuality wherever it surfaces.

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  • AgentCormac

    These days I regularly see immacualted groomed JWs standing on street corners here in the UK, copies of The Watchtower in hand, always with an equally well-turned-out child at their side and a ridiculous, plastic smile plastered all over their stupid faces. It’s just like something out of The Stepford Wives (see link below). What I have never yet seen is anyone (not one single person) talking to them or walking away with one of their loathsome rags bearing headlines such as ‘What happens when a loved one dies?’, ‘Armageddon. What is it? When will it come?’and ‘God will end all suffering’. It would seem to me that members of this particular cult are, thankfully, seen by most people as pariahs. It’s just a pity that those from the more ‘mainstream’ religions aren’t seen for what they are and regarded in exactly the same light.

  • AgentCormac

    That should of course have read ‘…immacualtely groomed JWs…’

  • Smokey

    Wow. That’s some CGI.
    Creepy or just uncanny valley?
    Why not both?

  • L.Long

    Talk about sorry-ass law!!!! The isLame have nothing on the bigoted xtians. In fact the years of privilege they have had allows them to push their xtian sorry-ass BS onto everyone.

  • Robster

    Our local shopping centre had a JW display promising to outline the perfect family simply by taking one of the “free” publications on hand and following its simple if convoluted instructions. I printed up little stickers that say “JW=BS”. Sadly after attaching a few of these on the nonsense publications, the whole display has magically vanished! Bit like god.

  • Angela_K

    I watched the original JW cartoon a few days ago and wasn’t surprised by the bigoted message and dishonest content – good to see somebody has “cleaned up” the original.
    Sorry if I mentioned this before but I noticed some of those Watchtower magazines in my Doctor’s waiting room, obviously placed their by some religious nut. That was back when the Freethinker was in print so I left some copies for other patients to read.

  • tonye

    As we know on this site fun can be had when using their own doctrines against them. Whenever they come to my door I always ask them the same question.
    ‘I believe that you are one of the growing branches of Christianity ?’
    Cue reply ‘We are around 20 million strong.’
    ‘However, your doctrines state that only 144,000 of you will go to heaven, could you please explain the bad maths?’
    Despite me asking this question a few times over the years I’m still waiting for a coherent answer.

  • Lucy1

    The original video is one of the nastiest I have seen in a while.

  • barriejohn

    Angela: We have an excellent community centre here, and they have donated books and magazines on sale, so all my Freethinkers were left there, as the local churches promote themselves with a vengeance in the town. I hope they did some good!

  • barriejohn

    @tonye: You’ll never get an answer, either. One of the criticisms that conventional Christians make with regard to Russelism/Watchtowerism adherents is that they have NO certainty as to what will happen to them in the future. Take a look at this lot, from their official site, and you’ll see what I mean:
    [E}ven if someone has received the heavenly calling, that person has received only an invitation, not a final confirmation of the reward.
    [I]t is not possible to know with certainty the names of all spiritual Israelites on earth today.
    “Jehovah knows those who belong to him.”

    Wonderful isn’t it? But then if you’re seriously deluded you can always convince yourself that YOU are one of the “anointed ones”, as no one can contradict you!

  • Angela_K

    Barriejohn. I still take in old copies of the NSS magazine, you never know, it may make somebody stop and think about what they believe.

  • barriejohn

    @tonye: Further to my remarks above, the Russellites do believe that the New Earth will be able to accommodate an unlimited number of people. This is how they envisage it:
    This raises more unanswerable questions. Who are going to be the children, and who the adults? If there are signs of ageing, then there must be death as well. If there is no pain and someone goes near a naked flame, how will he be prevented from burning himself? If there is no sorrow, how can there be happiness? And notice that I haven’t raised the question of sewage disposal yet! Is all this completely bonkers?

  • tonye

    Thanks for taking the time to look all that information up.
    To say that it is completely bonkers is generous!

  • barriejohn

    @tonye: You’re welcome. Have fun when the lunatics come knocking again!

  • Grace Cowie Wilson

    The easiest way to hurt this cult financially is to take several of their publications , rip them and put them in the nearest rubbish bin, preferably in sight of the person with the cart. They have to pay for the stuff that they give away free. If you got a group of friends together to all do this you could pretty well strip the cart bare. I have often made off with several copies of something from the cart and they really hate it. A campaign against the carts would probably discourage them from lurking in public places peddling poison , platitudes and paradise.

  • Cali Ron

    When I was a young man my friend down the street and I would warn each other when the J hole witnesses or morons were coming. I’d let my very long hair down, put on a big baphomet medallion and answer the door cleaning my finger nails with a 9 inch skinning knife. Funny, they never accepted my offer to come in and talk about god.