Priest on trial for sexually assaulting boy, 9, in church

Priest on trial for sexually assaulting boy, 9, in church May 23, 2016

Irish Catholic priest canon Mortimer Stanley allegedly sedated a schoolboy before sexually assaulting him at a church, a court has heard.
The 84-year-old is accused of 19 counts of indecent assault over four decades while he was working at St Vincent de Paul Church in Norden, Greater Manchester.
A jury at Minshull Street Crown Court heard last week how one of the alleged victims, who was nine at the time, claimed Stanley, who was born in Limerick, came up behind him while he was getting changed.
He allegedly covered his mouth and nose with a handkerchief soaked in a “chloroform-type” substance.
Chloroform is a volatile liquid once used as an anaesthetic.
The alleged victim says he then passed out, slumped over a shelf.
He told the court when he woke up he was partially dressed and Stanley – still partially wearing his church robes – was sexually assaulting him.
The witness, who can not be named, said:

I started coming round and lifting my head. That’s when I remember the arm coming around again, he still had the tissue and tried to put it in my face again, but I managed to lock my arm out.

He added:

I’m pretty sure I was going through the motions of sex, but at my age I didn’t know. Everything was drugged, my body was numb.

He added that Stanley – who is now living in Ballybunion in Kerry – quickly dressed then returned with smelling salts stating that he had fainted.
The boy fell ill before going to bed, still dazed with a “banging headache”.
The court also heard statements from two priests who worked with Stanley around the time the alleged offences took place.
Priest Bernard Kealey, who began working at St Vincent’s in 1984, said:

The girls would sometimes be sat on his knee.I noticed they would be rather familiar with him.

Former priest James Sweeney, who lived with Stanley at the presbytery between 1988 and 1989, added:

I had noticed that Father Stanley had a lot of primary school children in the presbytery. Father Stanley would often have the girls sitting on his knee or be tickling them.

Stanley denies all charges.
Hat tip: Peter Sykes

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  • Innocent until proven guilty.
    Guilty as in ‘the Roman Catholic Church has systematically sheltered rapist clergy for generations’ guilty. There is no question about that guilt. The accused in this case does not have that level of unquestionable guilt.

  • AgentCormac

    Another story Bill Donohue won’t be mentioning. Unless, of course, it’s to claim that accusing catholic priests of any misdemeanors whatsoever is in itself a heinous crime.

  • Broga

    The flesh crawls just reading about this. I suppose he wasn’t a true Catholic.

  • barriejohn

    Yes – he does deny all charges, so we will have to withhold judgment for now. I wondered myself what Donoghue might make of yet another alleged case of clerical abuse, and he comes up trumps yet again:
    I’m so relieved to know that.
    … it is still the gay priests who are doing the molesting. This was never a crime of opportunity. That’s pure propaganda.

  • Robster

    A priest canon? Is that shorthand for child raping clergy liar?

  • Smokey

    Not just abusing underage children, but drugging them first? Is he trying to cross ALL THE LINES?
    Also, “Ballybunion”? Sounds uncomfortable. He can probably never wear shorts.

  • Allsort

    Anyone who chooses a life of celibacy really does need to have their mental health checked out.
    The rcc really must change its policy to only have priests who have a very healthy sex life with another normal grown up person. Grown up means … adult and without any inclination to deviancy such as pedophilia, rape, drugging people for the puposes of sexual interference, bestiality …..etc. And before the gay lobby complains I include gays and lesbians as normal.

  • Raul Miller

    Can you imagine what would have happened if he had caught the poor lad in a Target bathroom? What a sicko.