Wizard in frock slams America over gays and transsexuals

Wizard in frock slams America over gays and transsexuals May 19, 2016

Cardinal Robert Sarah, who has the exalted title of Prefect for the Congregation of Divine Worship and the Sacraments, attacked gender ideology, same-sex marriage, and transgender toilet policies when he addressed the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC  on Tuesday, which ironically happened to be International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

He described them all as “demonic attacks” on humanity, according to this report.
Sarah said:

The battle to preserve the roots of mankind is perhaps the greatest challenge our world has faced since its origins.

Sarah blasted gender ideology as “ideological colonisation” and lamented the “insidious” dismantling of religious freedom in the United States.

Sadly, the advent of artificial reproductive technologies, surrogacy, so-called homosexual ‘marriage;, and other evils of gender ideology, will inflict even more wounds in the midst of generations we live with.
This is why it is so important to fight to protect the family, the first cell of the life of the Church and every society.  It is not about abstract ideas.  It is not an ideological war between competing ideas.  This is about defending ourselves, children, and future generations from a demonic ideology that says children do not need mothers and fathers.  It denies human nature and wants to cut off entire generations from God.

IN a historic moment for Queensland Police, the LGBTI Rainbow flag has been raised above police headquarters on Roma Street for the first time. Transgender Constable Mairead Devlin raised the flag this morning to mark the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT).
Eeek! Transgender folk are even infiltrating the police! In a historic moment for Queensland Police, the LGBTI Rainbow flag was raised above police headquarters on Roma Street for the first time by  transgender Constable Mairead Devlin to mark the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT). AAP Image/Dave Hunt
Sarah warned that:

Today we are witnessing the next stage and the consummation of the efforts to build a utopian paradise on earth without God … All manner of immorality is not only accepted and tolerated today in advanced societies, but even promoted as a social good. The result is hostility to Christians, and, increasingly, religious persecution. 
Nowhere is [this] clearer than in the threat that societies are visiting on the family through a demonic ‘gender ideology’, a deadly impulse that is being experienced in a world increasingly cut off from God through ideological colonialism.

And he asked:

Do we not see signs of this insidious war in this great nation of the United States?. In the name of ‘tolerance’, the Church’s teachings on marriage, sexuality, and the human person are dismantled.  The legalisation of same-sex marriage, the obligation to accept contraception within healthcare programs, and even ‘bathroom bills’ that allow men to use the women’s restroom and locker rooms.  Should not a biological man use the men’s restroom?  How simpler can that concept be?
Advanced societies, including, I regret, this nation, have done and continue to do everything possible to legalise such situations.

Sarah offered the faithful three suggestions: be prophetic, be faithful, and pray.

I am confident that your efforts will no doubt contribute to protecting human life, strengthening the family, and safeguarding religious freedom not only here in these United States, but everywhere in the world. For in the end it is ‘God or nothing’.

If this doesn’t convince you that religion is full of shit, hop across to the the Friendly Atheist for a report that says a Florida mum was so ecstatic to find to a cross-shaped poo mark on her kid’s diaper that she posted a picture of it on Facebook, saying:

I believe all things are possible with God.

Hat tip: Trevor Blake, Angela _K and Barriejohn (Friendly Atheist report)

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  • L.Long

    “protect the roots of mankind”
    What are they?? Cuz in history our roots come from primitive savages huddling in fear of the MANY gawds outside his dark cave. Why are dimwits so dim?? This guy and his brothers prove the meme…..If gawd wanted us to be atheists, he would have made us smarter!!!

  • Smokey

    It’s all about falling into pre-defined roles, toeing the line of gender (and other) stereotypes. They don’t know how to deal with long-haired males, or trouser-wearing females. It matters so very much that people behave in the one and only way that god has decided.
    And it’s ubiquitous. Are there any government forms that doesn’t have F/M boxes to tick? Any country at all?
    My passport says that I’m a male. That’s apparently very important information. But who’s going to check that? Perhaps the TSA? They’re very fond of groping people’s genitals, whatever age or gender.
    The “sex/gender” tick boxes are obsolete, just as the “race” tick boxes are. Or should be. Some countries are a bit behind.

  • caskeptic2013

    Sez the guy with the bedazzled hook and the two gayboys standing right behind him. (I’ll bet he didn’t think we’d notice!)

  • Club Secretary

    @caskeptic2013 says:
    Thu 19 May at 2:09 pm
    Not to mention his snazzy dress and pointy hat.

  • Daz

    I wonder how many meals for poor people could be purchased by selling that ridiculous staff.

  • Jumpy

    ‘It is not about abstract ideas. It is not an ideological war between competing ideas. This is about defending ourselves … and our international money making scams and money laundering business from a demonic ideology. It denies human nature and wants to cut off entire generations chidren so we priests cannot rape them, grope them, have them perform fellatio on us and generally abuse them for our amusement. That’s removing the big attraction of our job. How are we going to attract new priests to our orders if there are no kids for them to molest?. Its an outrageous intrusion upon the rights of the roman catholic church”.
    Sorry but I just translated what he said into truthful language.

  • Har Davids

    Sarah, Queen of the Vatican, looks quite flamboyant to me. And for her information, countries where people don’t make too much of a fuss about sexuality seem to do much better than those where religion rules.

  • Broga

    These buffoons, favouring us with their profundities (as they see them), are everywhere in religion. This smug man in his fancy dress is a particularly ripe example.

  • Broga

    So a Florida mum thinks God sent her a sign in her child’s shit that everything will be well, did he? The same God sent my wife a sign. She is a bird enthusiast and has a camera fixed up in a blue tit box on the side of the house. The pictures are can be seen on the TV.
    Five eggs were hatched during a particularly cold spell. We watched the bird trying to keep the chicks warm while hunting unsuccessfully for enough insects to feed them. They all died over two days. Is this the same God who is concerned about every sparrow that falls? Or was he too busy drawing signs in baby poo to bother with the blue tits?

  • Picking on people who do no harm and won’t fight back (gays) and ignoring people who do cause harm and will fight back (Muslims) – that is the work of a coward and a bully. Christians are dying in Muslim nations and this escapee from a Harry Potter novel can only mewl about gay people. But he’s not the main problem. The main problem are the billions of ‘good christians’ who foot the bill for social parasites like him and the billions of ‘good muslims’ who ignore and excuse the murderers among them.

  • AgentCormac

    Well said Trevor Blake. Spot on.

  • Robster

    The overdressed twit in the pic should be punished for over consumption of fabric. Sustainability you fool.

  • Ate Berga

    Speaking about colonisation, dressed like that? He represent a church that prolong suffering among Africans. As an African, I frequently wonder why we flock to a religion that cause divisiveness and intolerance, in my case Apartheid – as divinely instructed and ordained. Surely, remembering your ancestors (default setting) is good and, is based on reality.