NY's Child Victim Act was an attempt to 'rape' the RCC

NY's Child Victim Act was an attempt to 'rape' the RCC June 21, 2016

A bill that would have made it easier for child sex abuse victims to seek justice was defeated in New York at the weekend – much to the delight of  Catholic League President Bill Donohue.
According to this report, a “gloating” Donohue yesterday celebrated the defeat of the Child Victims Act in a vitriolic message emailed to his supporters.
He said:

The bill was sold as justice for the victims of sexual abuse, when, in fact, it was a sham.

And he blasted the legislation as:

A vindictive bill pushed by lawyers and activists out to rape the Catholic Church.

He described bill’s sponsor, Assemblywoman Margaret Markey, above, as:

The principal enemy of the Church.

Markey’s bill would have extended the timeframe in which a victim could bring a case by five years, opened a six-month window to revive old cases,
Said Donohue:

If the statute of limitations were lifted on offences involving the sexual abuse of minors, the only winners would be greedy and bigoted lawyers out to line their pockets in a rash of settlements. The big losers would be the poor, about whom the attorneys and activists care little: When money is funneled from parishioners to lawyers, services to the needy suffer.

He added that:

The Catholic League is proud of its role in this victory.

The ferocity of his statements, particularly his contention that advocates were out to “rape” the Church shocked sex abuse survivors and even had the group representing Timothy Cardinal Dolan and the state’s Catholic bishops distancing itself from Donohue.
Said Catholic Conference spokesman Dennis Poust.

As Dr. Donohue often reminds us, the Catholic League is an independent organisation and does not speak for the Bishops of New York State.

Kathryn Robb, an advocate and child sex abuse survivor, called Donohue’s comments “poisonous”.

To call victims who have already been raped rapists is outlandish. This is completely contrary to the compassionate heart of Christ. Shame on them.

Melanie Blow, of the Stop Abuse Campaign, called Donohue’s use of the word “rape”:

Very offensive, but not surprising. Abusers tend to be very good at portraying themselves as victims. Sex offenders will say their victim ‘ruined their life’ by going to the police.

She also argued that the “victims’ lobby” Donohue referred to is:

Really the children’s lobby. Most victims of sexual abuse aren’t interested in large sums of money, nor could they possibly receive it from suing a relative, family friend, etc. Victims want to protect children by holding abusers accountable, and (statute of limitations reform) with a lookback window is the only way to accomplish that.

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  • Broga

    “Enemy of the church?” Include me in that.

  • David Anderson

    Me too!

  • AgentCormac

    A new low from a man who has spent his life plumbing the depths of what is decent, compassionate and humane. I am also more than happy to count myself as an enemy of his vile church.

  • Laura Roberts

    Me too, please!
    And what kind of brutal contortions must one go through to come up with this: ” The big losers would be the poor, about whom the attorneys and activists care little: When money is funneled from parishioners to lawyers, services to the needy suffer.”
    Well, really, he’s almost got that last part right: replace the word “lawyers” with “the RCC” and it would be a rare point of agreement between us.

  • Steve

    Enemies Of The Church.
    Sounds like a good name for a charitable non-profit organization.

  • Paul

    It never ceases to amaze me how the thinking is so twisted of these religious people when they are found out and a legal balance is necessary to rectify the awful crimes committed. How truly unrepentant he is and I would hazard a guess he considers the rcc to be beyond reproach and the victims of all this abuse money grabbing opportunists.
    It defies any form of logic.

  • tonye

    Even by his (Donohue) low standards, this is disgusting.

  • Broga

    Donohue, an unfortunate specimen of humanity, uses the words “enemy of the church” as if the phrase was enough in itself for the views of these enemies to be condemned. In the context of both the history and current practices of his church an enemy of the church deserves commendation.
    The example he provides in himself explains why the enemies should be supported.

  • Cali Ron

    “Out to rape the church. ” Interesting choice of words since the bill was seeking justice for children who were literally raped by the church. Clearly he thinks only the church should get to do any raping. He is a vile and despicable man, evil to the bone.

  • Cali Ron

    Almost forgot, please sign me up for “enemy of the church “, a most worthy cause.

  • John the Drunkard

    For those who might not know:
    ‘Catholic League President Bill Donohue’
    ‘Catholic League’s total membership.’
    Appear to be identical.

  • barriejohn

    Donohue knew what he was saying. He chose his words carefully to cause as much upset to the victims as he possibly could. However, he has form in this respect:
    What were the victims of abuse supposed to make of THAT lot?

  • Robster

    Did anybody nearby ask for evidence from the bigot of the poor the NY Vatican outpost actually helps? The page I suggest would be blank.

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    Enemy of the rcc? Where do I sign up?

  • AgentCormac

    We should set up an ‘Enemies of the Church’ society. I have a feeling it might be rather popular.

  • Broga

    @AgentCormac: Include me in. Shortened perhaps to ECS.

  • Peterat

    What a despicable excuse for a human being!