Brexit could reclaim Britain for Jesus, says Andrea Williams

Brexit could reclaim Britain for Jesus, says Andrea Williams July 8, 2016

Christian Concern’s demented Williams, above, apparently believes the Brexit vote could give Britain the green light to turn back the clock regarding human rights.
According to this report, Williams and Christian Concern’s co-founder Pastor Ade Omooba said in a joint message to their supporters:

Last year, on May 5 when David Cameron stood in front of 10 Downing Street having won an overall majority (albeit slim) for his government we felt peculiarly subdued at Christian Concern.
As far as we could tell, he who had presided over the dismantling, in law, of God’s first building block of society by introducing same-sex ‘marriage’, had ‘got away with it’ and suffered no consequences for such devastating action.
The coalition government had been the last in a succession of administrations that had consistently departed from God’s Truth in governing the nation – whether with regard to the protection of life, fairness to the poor, fairness in education, upholding marriage and family, or the privileging of Islam and other religions and philosophies over Christianity. But the people had not felt strongly enough to register protest.

Pastor Ade Omooba
Pastor Ade Omooba
They added:

The vote for Brexit  on 23 June was a protest vote. Some parts ugly no doubt, many parts good … Brexit was a moment when, whatever you think of the outcome, the people said ‘we can’t go on like this.’
This was a vote for change. At best, the vote to leave was a vote to reassert our foundational principle of democratic accountability.

The message continued:

In 2007 the EU deliberately and defiantly avoided any reference to God or Christianity in the Lisbon treaty. The project ended up undermining democracy and imposing enlightenment philosophy – humanism – onto European countries …

Let’s not kid ourselves however. Whilst the EU has been the driving force for much of the Equalities legislation that has been used to silence Christian voices and discriminate against Christian witness, it is WE in the United Kingdom who have been the keenest in pursuing it; we have been the leading liberalising nation in Europe. And our courts, our elites, even church elites have not protected those that would seek to speak truth into the vacuum.
Too often it has fallen to an agency like us at Christian Concern through our Christian Legal Centre, to defend harassed Christians in the Courts in the face of hostile legislation, or legislation that is interpreted in a hostile way. Ironically it has been the European Court of Human Rights that has delivered justice; delivered Christian freedom where our national courts have refused to do so; such is their blindness, so steeped in political correctness and fear.

The two blathered on:

The referendum has exposed a deeply divided nation with elements of racism, hatred and anger. God longs to bless our nation. But this will not happen without repentance. And true repentance requires action.
We need boldness to proclaim the gospel. There are reports of increased openness to God on the streets of our cities where Christians are boldly taking to the streets and offering to pray for people. We long to see more of this.
Only Christianity can provide a safe and secure moral foundation for our nation. It is Jesus who has the power to transform lives and change nations. Radical obedience to His commands will lead the nation forwards. It is Jesus who has the power to transform lives and change nations. Radical obedience to His commands will lead the nation forwards. We pray that God will call and use you in his sovereign plans and purposes for establishing his kingdom here on earth. Pray for God’s will to prevail in all the turmoil and chaos. He is working. His plans will prevail.

He is turning the political world upside down. He will raise up new people. Let us pray for Godly leaders to be raised up across all the political parties – and in all spheres of society – who can help to turn this nation back to Him.

Hat tip: AgentCormac

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  • barriejohn
  • barriejohn

    Pastor Ade Omooba = Oops! A taboo dream.

  • Andy

    Unfortunately she may be right !! It seems that both of the remaining candidates for leader of the Con party are religiously infected.and these unfortunate delusional people feel duty bound to foist their myth and magic on the rest of us, or at least they state, with worrying pride, that their faith informs their decision making.
    Thank God for atheists.

  • RussellW

    Some people seem to have an almost religious faith in Brexit. They’re going to be disappointed when the project fizzles out and the UK stays in the EU.

  • Robster

    Oh goody, Jesus! Go grab the ol’ thing Andrea and we’ll get to work. I just won’t hold my breath waiting….

  • Broga

    She needs to reclaim devout Christian and enthusiastic family man Steven Crabb who had ambitions to be PM. Crabb has been sex texting a young woman saying he wanted to “kiss her everywhere.”
    “Everywhere?” That must include ……….. Oh, never mind.

  • Laura Roberts

    She may have a point: according to a recent article, violence against immigrants is up significantly since the Brexit vote (frustratingly, can’t locate the link). Christian love doing its thing yet again.
    @RusselW: that was my impression as well. As an outsider, I was really dismayed by the lack of thoughtful discourse on the issue. When I see that level of emotion surrounding an issue, I suspect the people doing the shouting don’t understand what they’re talking about; people who have the facts on their side don’t need to throw tantrums.
    Running completely OT, why do you think Brexit is going to fizzle?

  • barriejohn

    Laura: There has been a sharp rise in reported hate crime since the vote.
    How encouraging – and that rat Farage has said that he now wants to spread his xenophobic poison throughout Europe. We’re heading back to the Thirties!

  • barriejohn

    Broga: That story seems only to appear in a couple of tabloids. I wonder what the source was? Maybe that was what prompted his withdrawal from the race.
    Incidentally, it appears that the saintly Chris Evans is under investigation over allegations of sexual harassment, so maybe there was more to HIS resignation than people first thought!

  • barndoor

    Sorry OT but this is a a good story illustrating the:-
    A) Gargantuan arrogance and mysogengy of muslim men.
    B) Colossal greed of spoiled gold digger women
    And she forgot to include the £10,000,000 she will be needing for the 24/7 armed protection detail.

  • barndoor

    Two horrors of humanity in one story … The Pious Smug Dishonest Rich Boy Muslim and the Preening Greedy Overbearing Whore.

  • RussellW

    As an Australian, I’m an outsider as well, and I certainly don’t claim to have any special insights, however there are two facts that seem to have escaped the partisans for both sides of the vote.
    (1) The UK is so entangled with the EU it seems unrealistic to assume that the country will ever return to its splendid isolation. Some conservative English people think that the Commonwealth is out there somewhere waiting for Mother to come back, it isn’t. I’m sure there are many reasons why people voted for Brexit. It’s obvious that many voters consider themselves losers in the marvellous EU paradise, sneering at them as ignorant xenophobes is very easy, but counterproductive.
    (2) The term ‘referendum’ for the Brexit vote is misleading, it’s really a plebiscite, it’s not binding on the government (as in Australia) . The country’s political elites will ensure that some compromise is reached, regardless of all the posturing.

  • Broga

    @barriejohn: If the report about Steven Crabb is untrue then he must sue. He certainly can’t just leave it and hope it will go away.

  • Laura Roberts

    @RusselW: thanks for clearing that up. A FB friend made reference to the vote being nonbinding, but I thought it may have been wishful thinking on her part. Sounds like she was right. I’ll be interested to see what compromise they do reach.

  • Paul

    1. Why would we need this from a nonexistent fiction of peoples’ imagination?
    “Radical obedience to His commands will lead the nation forwards. ”
    2. And how is the ‘plan’ working ?
    “Pray for God’s will to prevail in all the turmoil and chaos. He is working. His plans will prevail.”
    Not in thousands of years has anyone seen anything resembling peace, lack of chaos or turmoil (however those terms are used or interpreted), or war or aggression etc.
    Pretty much devoid of any plan or existence of the sky fairy.
    If either mice or goldfish were sentient, I am reasonably sure if they invented a god, he/she/it would look like a mouse or a goldfish.

  • Broga

    @barriejohn: I see the Mail Online now has the Crabb story about his alleged sexual texts. Seems to be everything is made far more potent and damaging when the allegations are against those who proclaim their “Christian values” and urge them on others.
    Devout Christians often behave so badly and blatantly that it is as if they wanted to be exposed.
    I feel sorry for Crabb’s wife who is inevitably entangled in the imbroglio.

  • barriejohn

    RussellW: Most British people think that Australia is stuck in a time warp and is the country that they knew in the Fifties, (many of them even think that of Great Britain, of course!), and don’t realize just how much things have changed since those days. But are you seriously suggesting that Nigel Farage and his followers aren’t xenophobic?
    Andrea Leadweight is now in hot water, and is “disgusted” by remarks that she made (!):
    That sounds like the old barrister’s trick to me: say something in court that the jury are told to dismiss from their minds, knowing perfectly well that the seed has now been sown. Tory party members are going to love her – Thatcher Mark II, riding to the rescue like a latter-day Boudicca!

  • remigius

    Mussolini’s middle name was Andrea. He was also a fascist who didn’t like gays. Coincidence?

  • Great Satan
  • barriejohn

    Great Satan: Sadly, it’s Pat Condell that I don’t take seriously any more!

  • RussellW

    No, I’m not making any suggestions about individual Brexiteers, I don’t have the detailed knowledge of their poltical opinions. My eldest nephew lived in the UK in the 1990s he mentioned that even that long ago, some people in working class areas felt that they were being ‘priced out’ by immigrants who were prepared to work for lower wages. It seems plausible to me that immigrants would be scapegoated for economic decline.
    Since you’ve already mentioned the 1950s fantasy and we’re already way OT, I have to express my resentment at the way Australia was portrayed by both sides of the Brexit campaign. It certainly has its flaws, but it’s not ‘hostile to immigrants’, over a quarter of the population was born overseas and two of the main sources of immigrants are India and China. Some British visitors are surprised and (shocked, perhaps) at how ‘Asian’the country is.
    One result of the Brexit vote is that the English will find it harder to assume the moral high ground, for a while anyway.

  • barriejohn

    Yes, I was tempted to say that Australia is almost an Asian country now (and not just due to its ethnicity), and the fact is that the country welcomes far more immigrants than the Brexiters were fondly imagining. The fabled “points system” was supposed to be the answer to all our problems!

  • AgentCormac

    ‘ There are reports of increased openness to God on the streets of our cities where Christians are boldly taking to the streets and offering to pray for people.’
    They do live in a deluded little world all of their own, don’t they? As well as the gormless, constantly smiling JWs, I often see other loons holding up placards proclaiming what a great guy god is, or ranting for all they’re worth about what a wonderful book the bible is while a ‘minder’ looks on. What I never, ever see however is anybody taking the slightest bit of notice of them.

  • L.Long

    Sorry you no can do!!! Jesus is owned by the TSA!! The Theocratic States of America, so Britain can’t have him!!

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Paul: “If either mice or goldfish were sentient
    What makes you think they’re not sentient?
    Sentience is the ability to perceive or feel things.
    Unless I’m much mistaken, both mice and goldfish can feel.

  • Cali Ron

    Actually, it’s the ability to feel and perceive “subjectively”. Feel (subjectively) free to debate.

  • barriejohn

    Cali Ron & co: Wot about “plant rights”, then?

  • Graeme Kemp

    Yes, how dare UK governments depart from the ‘truth’ and not stone people who gather sticks on the Sabbath !