Catholic priest arrested for possessing child pornography

Catholic priest arrested for possessing child pornography July 28, 2016

Father Felix David Broussard, above, a priest at St Bernard Roman Catholic Church in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, was arrested yesterday and booked into St Martin Parish jail on 500 counts of pornography involving juveniles.
According to this report, Broussard was released on a $25,000 bond.
Bishop J Douglas Deshotel of the Diocese of Lafayette said Broussard was “immediately” placed on administrative leave.
Brooks David,  of the State Police’s Special Victims Unit, said a complaint had been received earlier this month alleging that a computer that Father Felix David Broussard had primary access to, contained images indicative of child pornography.
During the course of the investigation, over 500 images of child pornography were identified on the computer, according to David.
In a statement, the Diocese said it:

Takes these allegations very seriously and is cooperating fully in every way possible with the investigation.

The Diocese also said:

Bishop Deshotel and staff are providing pastoral care to the congregation of Saint Bernard Parish in Breaux Bridge, and will preach at all Masses at Saint Bernard Parish this weekend. The prayers of the diocesan community are requested.

The Lafayette Diocese is no stranger to abuse scandals. It came under fire and garnered national headlines in 1984 when former priest Gilbert Gauthe became the first in a string of priest sex abuse cases, accused of molesting at least 37 boys in four different parishes.
Gauthe pleaded guilty to 11 counts of child molestation and was sentenced to 20 years in 1986. He was released from prison in September 1995, 11 years early.
Former Bishop Michael Jarrell acknowledged in 2004 that the diocese and its insurers paid out $26 million in settlements to the victims of 15 priests. Calls by the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests to release the names of the priests was refused by Jarrell in 2014.
SNAP, which was founded in 1988 and is the world’s oldest and largest support group for clergy abuse victims, issued a statement yesterday in response the the child pornography charges against Broussard.
David Clohessy, Director of SNAP, said:

A Lafayette priest has been arrested on child porn charges. Now, it’s up to his Catholic supervisors and colleagues to aggressively seek out anyone with suspicions or knowledge of any crimes by him and beg them to call law enforcement.
It’s not enough for church employees to claim they’re ‘cooperating with authorities.’ (In our experience, that usually means they’re doing the bare minimum to avoid being charged with obstruction of justice.) Catholic officials gave this volunteer access to kids. So they owe it to parents, parishioners, police, prosecutors and the public to use their vast resources to actively help law enforcement solve this case and to find and help others who may have been hurt by this volunteer.

Broussard was ordained to the Diocese of Lafayette on June 12, 1993, according to St Bernard’s website.
Hat tip: Trevor Blake

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  • AgentCormac

    I guarantee you not one single catholic will turn their back on the church because of this latest scandal. And that in itself is scandalous.

  • Broga

    ” The prayers of the diocesan community are requested.”
    That will do the trick. You might wonder why an omniscient and omnipotent God didn’t step in earlier.

  • Imagine the outcry if this were a regular event. Just think about how the Catholic Church would suffer if it was a regular event that their clergy were raping children and viewing child pornography. If that were happening and if people knew it they would be upset and stop donating.
    Nah. No amount of child sacrifice is too much for the maintenance of one’s superstition.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Wonder if parishioner kids were among the “models”.

  • Leonard Ostrander

    Well, don’t you know,Jesus loved the little children too!

  • Cole Davis

    While disgusted, are we really saying that there aren’t atheist abusers? That is implied when we flag up clerics up to no good.

  • Alan Crowe

    Cole Davis ,
    Nobody is saying that there aren’t atheist abusers, the thing is, the ratio of ‘religionists’ compared to the population at large who are abusers.
    It’s pretty much the same when you look at the prison population,
    the ‘religious’ in prison far outnumber the sane folk in prison by a large majority.

  • I feel sick.

    Cole … Yes this perversion is not the sole preserve of the godly … But the godly are the ones who have easy access to and the trust and the authority over kids. Moreover the godly are the ones telling us that even adult sex is dirty and sinful. They are the ones claiming the moral high ground over weak sinners like you and me so they should be the ones with unblemished and pure character. Also the motive to be a priest or similar is often just to get easy and unsupervised access to children for the sole purpose of sexual exploitation. So as bad as child rape and pornography is, it’s somehow worse when the godly are involved. Catholic priests are worse because they have the pressures of celibacy and because according to some literature I have read including the one by the Geoffrey Robertson there is an unwritten understanding in the rcc that sex with children is an entitlement for their clergy to make up for their poverty humility and celibacy. It’s almost like the company car and expense account is to a sales rep.

  • Cole Davis: if you can identify an international ring of atheists who rape children and other atheists who shelter them, having carried out this practice for decades, having been documented for having done so time and again, I will gladly make a donation to the charitable organization of your choice. I think there is no secular equivalent to the Roman Catholic “Crimen sollicitationis.” Not now and not ever. Only religion practices such child sacrifice.