Cleric claims a girl aged six was 'a religious offering' to him

Cleric claims a girl aged six was 'a religious offering' to him July 31, 2016

Afghan Muslim cleric Mohammad Karim has been arrested after marrying a six-year-old girl.
According to this report, Karim – thought to be in his sixties – defended the marriage, saying she was a “religious offering” to him.
However, her parents claim she was abducted without their consent from the Herat province.
He is being held by authorities in the central Ghor province, while investigations are underway.
Head of the Women Affairs Department in Ghor, Masoom Anwari, said:

This girl does not speak, but only repeats one thing: ‘I am afraid of this man’.

The legal age for marriage in Afghanistan is 16 for women and 18 for men. However, child marriages continue to be common, particularly in rural areas.
According to Afghan Ministry of Public Health research, among women aged 25-49 in Afghanistan, 53 per cent were married before the age of 18.
It is believed child marriage is partly responsible for the country’s unusually high maternal death rates, as young girls can die in childbirth if their bodies are not sufficiently developed to withstand labour. According to Human Rights Watch:

Child marriages expose girls to early pregnancy and childbirth, which entail significant risk of damaging consequences for girls and their children.
Women and girls in rural areas who do not have access to timely emergency obstetrics services are at particular risk of developing fistula… a hole in a woman or girl’s birth canal caused by labour that is prolonged.

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  • Broga

    The horror inflicted on this six year old is monstrous. But we must add to that the belief of this brute that he is entitled to behave like this. Religion is a plague on humanity.

  • John the Drunkard

    Mohammed contracted his ‘marriage’ to Aisha when she was six, and ‘consummated the marriage’ (i.e. raped her) when she was nine.
    Even in Islamist shit-holes like Iran, the marriage age is proposed at nine, on this authority. Note that ‘consent’ does not even enter the picture. Property does not have to consent to anything. And what would the consent of a nine year old actually MEAN?

  • Tony

    Need anymore proof that Islamic countries are primitive and barbaric run by totally unsophisticated men for the benefit and pleasure of men? Men who are too weak and backward to form meaningful two way and equal relationships with women. Women, who after all, can be sensuous loving caring generous and demanding lovers. No onanistic mysogenistic insecure sexually repressed virgin tosspot muslim man has any notion of how wonderful the full blossom womanhood can be when it is draped over the man who understands how things really can work.

  • Did you read about the atheist who bought a six year old to rape?
    No, you never did. It’s because we lack a moral foundation and don’t know that raping children is a good thing – something every religion seems to excel at.

  • Paul

    How in anyone’s mind can a 60 year old think it is acceptable human behaviour to ‘take’ a 6 year old.
    Married ? This is just obscene.

  • AgentCormac

    Religion exposed for what it really is yet again – the legitimising of depraivty.

  • Kathryn Kemp

    It appears that this culture produces men who do not perceive female human beings as having any significant wants or needs. Before one rejects child marriage it is necessary to understand that a child has feelings as authentic as one’s own.

  • Don’t forget that Islam believes in divine command. That means that murder is not wrong or a sin when it is commanded by God but is in fact love. It is not rational but Islam does not believe in objective morality. Neither do a lot of Christians. Many think they do believe in objective morality. A scratch to the surface shows what they really think. Islam and those Christians are thus inherently extremist. You dont have to be violent to be an extremist. But the risk is always around the corner. One example of extremism is perverts thinking they have the right to abuse children with God’s blessing.