Deluded Pope in denial over religion's role in terrorism

Deluded Pope in denial over religion's role in terrorism July 27, 2016

Speaking today in the wake of yesterday’s killing of an elderly priest in France by Muslim terrorists, Pope Francis  claimed that the world was at war, but – get this – religion had nothing to do with it.

All religions want peace, it’s the others who want war.

So, who are the “others”?
He didn’t elaborate, except to say that, while he believed the world was “at war”, he did not mean a war of religions.

He is reported in the Wall Street Journal as saying:

There is war for money. There is war for natural resources. There is war for the domination of peoples.

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  • Eric Martin

    “Deluded pope” — a tautology, surely?

  • Broga

    Papa is making himself more ridiculous than he seemed already. And that is quite a trick.

  • Paul

    Well he is correct to a fashion. I’m sure the other religious big wigs he has afternoon tea and cake with aren’t at war with Catholicism in the military sense, but they are for the hearts and minds of the few adherents they can capture and indoctrinate. And each wants to win that war.
    As to religions’ involvement in war – this is very clear, islams jihad means exactly that, and we are witnessing this in Islamic state, it is very real, it isn’t a non-state Disney world, it is real, they operate schools, military, police, hospitals, utilities – it’s a ‘State’.They are at war to control what they have taken by war.
    To say otherwise is rather meaningless.

  • Rob Andrews

    Lissan al-Arab Dictionary: Islam- From the root verb meaning ‘to submit’.’ to surrender’, ‘give in’. Another derivative is: Al-silm- meaning ‘peace’.
    So which is more important the first or second? If you’re going strictly by definition. Much debate is given over which and how much that submission is to non–believers.
    The behavior of some Muslims proves that this is contentious-at least.

  • Rob Andrews

    Sure it has nothing to do with his view of what that religion is, or what he thinks it SHOULD be.
    “Science flies you to the moon; religion flies you into buildings”.

  • AgentCormac

    When he says that ‘All religions want peace, it’s the others who want war’, this deceptively shrewd politician and self-effacing PR expert, dressed up as some kind of humble servant of the people, is being both devious and deceitful. All religions want peace if it means their particular brand of insanity has finally crushed all others underfoot. And by referring so nebulously to ‘others’ he is trying to deflect attention from the fact that by murdering one of his priests in cold blood, these IS barbarians have actually taken their war on civilisation to a new level. Like it or not, this has also become a war between two different theologies, not just between two different ideologies. And that’s an entirely different proposition which will draw in millions of deluded people beyond Europe and the Middle East. So wait now for revenge killings of imams in places like Africa and the Philippines. All I can say is thank goodness Trump isn’t president – yet! On which note, check out this article by Michael Moore and be very, very afraid

  • John the Drunkard

    When were money, resources, and domination NOT of interest to religions?

  • The left-wing press (especially The Guardian) will just luv the Pope for saying that Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with religion, as this is what they themselves believe–or at least pretend to believe.

  • Robster

    Still waiting for the ol’ Frank to offer some meaningless platitude over the latest revelations regards Australia’s former senior Catholic, the rather crook George Pell or any of the multitude of other Catholic (and other flavours) clergy and their sick behaviour around children. Frank’s silence has been deafening.

  • 1859

    It’s a bit like saying ‘rain has nothing to do with water’. I think god’s representative on earth lost his marbles a long, log time ago. More people have probably died in wars with the name of their gods on their lips, than for any other reason.

  • Smokey

    I’m very impressed with the Pope.
    He’s very, very good at polishing the turd that is Christianity.

  • I feel sick.

    Can anyone really believe anything uttered by the unctuous flab jowelled godfather of the biggest crime syndicate in the world. He may be right that there is a major conflict going on but his assertion that it has nothing at all to do with religion is simply a lie. A damned lie from the organisation that has peddled lies for centuries and in doing so has sought to gain global political power and has made huge monetary profits by picking the pockets of the poor, laundering through illicit channels and stashing it behind impenetrable firewalls designed to keep it hidden from scrutiny. Oh yes and the celibate virgin priests have been raping children for centuries whilst categorising sexual activity of normal people as dirty and sinful. Go watch George Pell on his many you tube videos especially the one where he is on quanda with Richard Dawkins. Watch Pell and remember that he is a catholic child rapist too ….

  • Ron Cooper

    Following the terror of the killing of a priest, I was amused that the religious called for greater protection for Mosques, churches and synagogues – an open admission that their great daddy in the sky has no powers, quite contrary to their claims that those daddies are omnipotent, they seem to have turned out to be impotent.

  • I feel sick.

    Don’t believe anything this ponced up liar says. Just remember this man has your balls clamped tightly in one hand, his other hand picking the pockets of the poor, his foot crushing the throats of women into the ground, and his penis in the anuses of children.

  • I feel sick.

    Caption Competition.
    My entry for the photo at the head of this article … Francis sings …”Do you wanna be in my gang, my gang my gang I’m the man who put the bang in gang”.

  • Brian Jordan

    Give the man credit where it’s due: he’s right, the war IS about domination of peoples. By religion.

  • L.Long

    His precious (gollum voice) book o’BS makes a liar of his words! Just as the isLame book o’BS makes liars of the so-called moderates!
    I admit that most of the violence is caused by psychopathic aholes controlling mostly delusional slaves of gawd for secular (money/power) reasons. But their books o’BS are horrid enough to give them justifications and reasons.

  • Neil

    The pope goes down. Yaaaaaaaayy
    Pity he didn’t stay down with a minor injury such as a busted ankle or wrist to put a stop to his days dirty work lying to the youths.
    And I thought he was infallible. Maybe god had gone for a pee and was momentarily distracted.
    The pope is on another of his hyper expensive conversion and coercion trips.

  • So lets forget the Crusades, the 30 Year War, the pogroms and the witch hunts.

  • I am not happy with the pope saying all religions are peaceful for that is not true. And he knows it. If Islamic State is not truly Muslim it is still a religion for it honours a violent god. And we must remember that Catholicism through most of its history officially endorsed violence and killing witches.And Jesus had no problem saying the Bible was written by God despite all the violence and hate it commands in God’s name. Religion and moral relativism are the two biggest causes of trouble in the world. But we must not forget that Christianity is relativist though it condemns relativism. I mean if Jesus could make it right one year to stone adulteresses and make it wrong now that is relativism. If man makes religions the religions are not inherently peaceful and cannot be for man is not inherently peaceful. And if religion remedies human evil with prayers and rites and doctrines and sacraments that have no real power the religion is to blame for religious violence (even if it objects to it) in the same way a quack is to blame for his patient’s sickness.