Pakistani model strangled in apparent 'honour' killing

Pakistani model strangled in apparent 'honour' killing July 16, 2016

Qandeel Baloch, above, died after she was strangled by her brother in what police in Multan have described as an ‘honour’ killing.
According to this report, the 25-year-old social media starlet’s parents, who have been taken into custody, confirmed she was strangled to death last night.
Her parents, who reportedly found her body this morning, said that her 30-year-old brother, Wasim, killed her following an argument.
Azhar Akram, a senior police official in Multan confirmed that officials suspected an honour killing.

The brother was also there last night and the family told us he strangled her to death.

Police ordered the immediate arrest of Qandeel’s brother, who is now on the run.
Qandeel Baloch – real name Fauzia Azeem – recently took the Internet by storm when she shared a couple of selfies and a video of herself with Mufti Qavi, above, a prominent Muslim cleric she had previously ridiculed on various TV channels.
She said the two of them enjoyed soft drinks and cigarettes together during the daylight hours in the”holy” month of Ramadan, when practicing Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. Their encounter outraged Muslim conservatives, but Qavi, who was suspended from duties, said he’d only met the model:

To discuss the teachings of Islam. 

She later fled to Multan but did not disclosed her location due to security threats, the official added.
Family sources said:

Qandeel’s brothers had asked her to quit modelling.

Following the Mufti Qawi scandal, the model claimed she was receiving death threats and had requested police protection.
However, following “no response” from the Interior Ministry for her security request, she planned to settle abroad. She said:

I know I will not be provided security and I am not feeling secure here so have decided to move abroad with my parents after Eidul Fitr.

Filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, whose documentary on the subject of “honour” killings –  A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness which  won an Oscar earlier this year –  said the murder would make women feel less safe.

I really feel that no woman is safe in this country, until we start making examples of people, until we start sending men who kill women to jail.

Obaid-Chinoy’s film was hailed by Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who in February vowed to push through anti-honour killing legislation.
No action has been taken since then, despite a fresh wave of attacks on women recently that have been roundly and loudly condemned by activists.
Though she was reviled by many and frequently subjected to misogynisticabuse online, Qandeel won praise from a segment of youth for her forthright attitude.
It is reported here that Qandeel Baloch drew international media attention earlier this year when she promised to strip on camera if the Pakistan Cricket team were to beat India in the T20 World Cup. Pakistan lost to India by six wickets.

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  • A brief interview process to prioritize the safety of those fleeing Islam, or no interview process at all? Nations all over Europe have made a surprising choice between the two. Can you guess what the outcome has been? In Nice in Rotherham, in so many cities, average citizens are free to enjoy the benefits of their leaders avoiding being called islamaphobes. Better women die and children be raped and men be beheaded than a political leader be called an islamaphobe.
    Atheism offers another way.

  • Broga

    @ Trevor Blake: Excellent post. Our political leaders are spineless and tread warily to avoid offending the Islamist brutes. A brave woman has been strangled and her cowardly brother is now cowering in hiding.

  • Newspaniard

    @Broga. Hmmmm… When you say, “Cowering in hiding”. Do you mean actually strutting around with his contemporaries without any fear of arrest? After all, he is not a non-muslim making a minor remark about death cults which would bring down the full force of the law and probably end with a death sentence. Qandeel’s brother is probably being treated as a hero, especially by the local police who regard honour killings as fully justified.

  • Trevor

    Are you a muslim ‘man’? Do you want to prove you are a good muslim ‘man’? Do you want to reserve your place in paradise alongside allah? Do you want to be a hero and role model to all the other ‘men’ in your neighborhood? Do you want to rape an abuse dozens of prepubescent virgin girls?
    Easy solution.
    Just kill your sister.
    No problem.
    Islam – the shitty skid mark in the underpants of the world.

  • barriejohn

    You’re all well wide of the mark here. This is largely a cultural, rather than a religious problem.

  • John C

    All religion is thought cancer, Islam is particularly malignant.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Qandeel’s brother, who is now on the run.
    I would have thought that, after an “honor killing”, he would have done the honorable thing…
    But no…

  • Trevor

    Check out the front page of the BBC News Website.
    Five different bad news stories all with islam at the core…
    Turkish Coup
    Islamist perpetrated atrocity in Nice
    Murder (honour killing) of Pakistani model
    Female Genital Mutilation
    Syrian refugees
    Islam – nothing but trouble. The death cult. Defiler of civilised society.

  • Trevor

    bj – wrong again.

  • Trevor

    bj … Is killing 84 people by crushing them with a truck so that their guts and brains are splattered all over the road cultural too?

  • Angela_K

    It is worth watching Obaid-Chinoy’s film, “A girl in the river” Upsetting, showing scenes of the usual religiously inspired intolerance.

  • Trevor

    Erdogen …this nasty islamist fundamentalist is the next Saddam in the making. Beware anyone who terrorises journalists into submission? Farewell secular Turkey. Hello the detonator for WW3.

  • AgentCormac

    Sorry to go OT again – but upon being appointed as Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence today said: ‘I come to this moment deeply humbled but with a grateful heart, grateful to God for his amazing grace.’
    For all her faults, please let the next US President be Hilary Clinton. Please! Trump and Pence would make GW Bush look like a liberal agnostic!

  • RussellW

    Point. Perhaps the repugnant practice is pre-Islamic, Hindu India also has an appalling record of lethal misogyny.

  • barriejohn

    Her brother has been arrested now. The more publicity given to this case the better, just to ensure that he doesn’t escape with a slapped wrist – or perhaps two slapped wrists as it was such a serious crime.

  • Broga

    @barriejohn: ” he drugged and strangled her “for dishonouring the Baloch name”.”
    Interesting. Amidst the tragedy of this woman’s murder the above is richly ironic. He thinks strangling his drugged sister is admirable whereas to any civilised observers the utter dishonour to his name comes from him being a strangler.

  • Trike

    “for dishonouring the Baloch name”.” What a load of Balochs.
    Can you image being a muslim woman under the constant threat of murder by your own brother father or some other male relative for following the most basic natural impulse.

  • Trike

    And here you can see the real victims of the Nice Atrocity … muslims who say that things are getting bad for them now …yes thats right … they are the real victims …
    Oh Didums … so sorry that you are the real fucking victims … you that still speak in your very unattractive grating arabic … you who have not integrated … you that cannot be arsed to to speak in the beautiful french language. A massed public apology by every muslim in Nice denouncing the acts of islamic terrorism inflicted on France might go some way of persauding the French people that you are sincere in your condemnation. Sitting in your mosques crying victim and whinging that you have been in France for decades and are now treated with suspicion is exactly why people are avoiding you. You have had the chances to thrive in France but you whinge and gripe and moan about your situation which is in fact a result of your own laziness, self pity and self loathing and religion. What about the real victims … the 84 dead people, the crically ill and the maimed in hospital and their greiving families? No its the whining deadbeat wastrel fucking muslims who are the real victims. Makes me sick. Integrate or fucking emigrate back to some fly blown rubble strewn islamic failed state where you can fit right in with thousands of other good for nothing bigots. Or get of your sorry arses and put something good back into France starting with a massed muslim demonstration of contrition and rejection of jihadist terrorism.

  • Cali Ron

    I watched the video from your link and your comments and I’m wondering if you watched the video? The makers of the video were documenting how the attacks have affected other Muslims and they responded. They commenters didn’t initiate the comments so to say they are crying victim and whinging is to misrepresent their comments. So you think every one of the 1.2 billion Muslims of the world need to constantly publicly apologize for the violent actions of others in their religion. Do you also demand that all Christians make public apologies every time a christian does a violent or terrorist attack? Religions are all terrible and lead to violence, but to condemn every member of every religion for their religions problems seems a bit over the top.
    Seems to me the person doing the whinging is you, with the standard Islamophobic rant. With the many real problems that you could have complained about with the Muslim religion you have decided instead to attack Muslims who had nothing to do with the attack and were powerless to stop it. Some of your statements are just plain racists, “you that still speak in your very unattractive grating arabic “. “You have had the chances to thrive in France but you whinge and gripe and moan about your situation which is in fact a result of your own laziness, self pity and self loathing and religion.” They complained that the act of a non practicing Muslim has made people suspect them and stop being friends with them, treating them differently. What would that have to do with laziness, self pity or self loathing.
    I hate Islam and all religions, but I don’t hate any person for being a member of that religion. Without knowing their life story and why they are religious it is impossible to judge them for it. To hate all religious people is to hate the majority of human beings. You need to focus your anger and make rational arguments.