UN votes to protect LGBT rights despite mainly Muslim protests

UN votes to protect LGBT rights despite mainly Muslim protests July 2, 2016

Faisal Trad, above, the permanent representative of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations in Geneva, is not a happy Muslim, following a decision this week by the UN Human Rights Council to appoint an independent investigator to help protect LGBT people worldwide from violence and discrimination.
Trad, according to this report, argued against what he called “the imposition of certain ideas” and said the new post would open up:

A Pandora’s box … We will not barter man-made legislation against divine laws.

After a heated debate lasting almost four hours, the 47-member state forum overcame strong objections by Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries to adopt a Western-backed resolution by a vote of 23 states in favor and 18 against with six abstentions.
The United Nations expert, still to be named, will have a three-year mandate.
Mexico, which led Latin American states that were the main sponsors of the text, said that thousands of people are exposed to violence and discrimination due to their sexual orientation and gender identity.
Referring to the massacre of 49 people at a gay club in Florida on June 12, Mexican Ambassador Jorge Lomónaco told delegates:

Remember Orlando. Let us give hope to millions.

The United States and major European countries backed the resolution, while China, Russia and 16 African and predominantly Muslim states rejected it. India, South Africa and the Philippines were among the abstainers.
British Ambassador Julian Braithwaite said in debate.

This Council regularly – and rightly – passes resolutions on racism, women and children. Yet, on this issue, we often hear of culture and tradition as reasons to justify violence against individuals based on their sexual orientation and gender identity.
This affects people in this room, and people in my team who are LGBT. Are you saying it is okay to discriminate against them based on their sexual orientation and gender identity? To hit, torture, or possibly kill them? Because that is what you are supporting, if you vote against this resolution.

Nigeria called the resolution “divisive” and said that the sponsors also wanted to promote same-sex adoptions.
Pakistan – speaking on behalf of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) of 57 states – slammed:

The promoting of certain notions, concepts and lifestyles on which there is no consensus.

In 2011, the UN rights body declared there should be no discrimination or violence against people based on their sexual orientation. At the time, Western countries called the vote historic but Islamic states firmly rejected it.

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  • barriejohn

    The promoting of certain notions, concepts and lifestyles on which there is no consensus.
    “Opinion is divided on the subject… All the other captains say it is; I say it isn’t.” (Captain Redbeard Rum)
    (I couldn’t find a clip of it, but it was the mad Captain’s response to Blackadder’s reference to the necessity of having a crew, for those unfamiliar with the series!)

  • PerUnitVolume

    How ironic.
    The UN has no teeth, no consensus on even the most basic of human rights, and contains members who refuse any and all outside laws or agreements at the drop of a hat.
    Mental illness causes this, nothing else.
    There is no rule of law in their countries and they like it that way.
    They prefer to interpret their own lawlessness as they like, murdering and lying at whim, no better than the vicious thugs they worship.
    It was stupid to ask them to feel empathy or sympathy for other human beings by way of seeking consensus with them.
    The muslim brainwashing is very strong, using severe harm and terrorizing everyone with gratuitous and whimsy murder to enslave everyone in the cult.
    Leave the cult and you can be openly murdered.
    Even jews and christians still do this – murder apostates, those who oppose their will, those who are outside of their cult or criminal conspiracy, and they do it easily, being old hands at this game.
    Any proposed solution that does not intelligently address the mental health issues will be worthless and unsustainable.
    There are solutions. Rational ones that don’t include murdering anyone or harming them unduly.
    When everyone is serious about doing things intelligently and humanely, you’ll see an end to these appeasements and other farcical nostrums.
    It’s ironic that in seeking to walk down a dark alley together, one psychotic asks the other one to agree to be psychotic in a different way, and predictably becomes confused as to why this does not work in either direction.
    Then they stop for lunch and to stab random passersby in a spirit of free market capitalism.

  • L.Long

    “…India, South Africa and the Philippines were among the abstainers….”
    So at least 3 countries with no balls!!! Scared to go one way because they know the normal muslins will start killing, and afraid to loose the money support of the other groups!!!! 3 good reason to never visit those or any other muslin controlled country.

  • Broga

    “A Pandora’s box … We will not barter man-made legislation against divine laws.”
    The usual self righteous, smug nonsense giving authority to a God who doesn’t exist. There are no divine laws.

  • 1859

    “A Pandora’s box … We will not barter man-made legislation against divine laws.”
    The amount of blind, narrow-minded arrogance this statement betrays is staggering. The ‘we will not…’ really means ‘our minds are closed, there can be, and will be, no reasoned discussion; there will be no modern, open-minded appraisal of the human condition. As it was written 1400 years ago, so shall it be today. We can not and will not be moved!’
    ‘Divine laws’ – this dip-shit is so brainwashed he cannot see that even his so-called ‘divine laws’ and man-made. But then of course he probably still believes in flying horses, virgin births and fucking corpses to revitalise them. I give up.

  • remigius

    Farcical Turd and all his cronies should be relentlessly, and mercilessly, ridiculed every time they spout their gobshite god shite at the UN – or any other forum.
    If only Ambassador Braithwaite, and others, could use a little less diplomacy and a little more discipline towards these petulant, puerile pricks.
    They could tell them that their superstitious hate filled bigotry is deeply offensive and has absolutely no place in a civilised society.
    But I’m not holding my breath.

  • Stephen Mynett

    “The usual self righteous, smug nonsense giving authority to a God who doesn’t exist. There are no divine laws.”
    Broga, this is one of the reasons blasphemy laws are so important to the religious, when your arguments are as easily knocked down as a Walrus is off a bicycle you need to find a way of stopping people using reasonable and logical arguments and one of the simplest ways is to ban those arguments on the grounds they are blasphemous.

  • Paul

    “A Pandora’s box … We will not barter man-made legislation against divine laws.”
    This is very good.
    Man made legislation. Yes we need this.
    Against ‘divine laws’? No we don’t ‘need’ this because they don’t exist. They are man made. Written down by men from alleged prophets in oral tradition, full of errors, and that really need to be confined to where they belong – the past.
    Logic, reason, tolerance, understanding and the ability to live ones life as others wish to live theirs, without harming each other- that is the legislation we need and no ‘divine’ law has ever given us any of those things. All have given hatred, hurt, intolerance, war, murder, rape, bigotry, slavery.

  • barndoor

    India – cowardly and afraid of the very real threat of islamic backlash assasinations, lynchings and hackings.
    South Africa – Duuuuuhhh why – because 80% christians mixed up with primitive syncretic superstitions (60% seek healthcare from witch doctors and other assorted woo merchant charlatans).
    Philippines – 80% catholic and 5% fissile muslims lurking to make trouble.
    Pakistan – need you ask why. Look up Christopher Hitchens analysis and weep.
    Russia – Putin’s poisonous alliance with coptic christian fundamentalists.
    All countries befouled with islam – the oxygen of islam is a continuous stream of brutal atrocities for which it needs a supply of easily identifiable outsiders and misfits to hate and murder. Gays fulfil that requirement rather well. The only way islam survives is because most of those who are caught up in it are mortally scared of stepping out of line because their own family members will kill them to save their own skins.A father will kill his own daughter to show his “devotion” to allah. Devotion = Terror.
    I think we should do to muslims what muslims do to their women … the witness of a woman is worth only half the witness of a man. So a UN muslim vote should be worth only half that of a kuffar vote.That should fix it.

  • barndoor

    Is there such a thing as a happy muslim lest it be one just about to detonate his suicide belt to shred innocents into a blizzard of body parts and gore thereby despatching himself to paradise.

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