Actor Gene Wilder, chocolate – and the eternal flames of hell

Actor Gene Wilder, chocolate – and the eternal flames of hell August 30, 2016

Yesterday, the world lost a great entertainer. Gene Wilder, best known for his role in the original 1971 version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, died aged 83.

And if we are to believe Christian blogger David J Stewart, Wilder is today being consumed by the flames of hell, and missing out on God’s Great Chocolate Factory.

Heaven is a real place far greater than Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. The Bible’s description of Heaven in Revelation 21 far exceeds the fictitious movie …  Heaven has gates of pearl and streets of gold (Revelation 21:21). Do you really think that God doesn’t have chocolate in Heaven? … I know that there will be edible things all around us, if that’s what you want, just as in the Willie Wonka factory.

In 2014, Stewart, a dedicated fan of Wilder, discovered to his horror that the actor had described himself as  a “Jewish-Buddhist-Atheist”.

Sadly Gene Wilder is a professed atheist. This just goes to prove that there are many moral people, good and decent souls, who are still unsaved in their sins and bound for the Lake of Fire for all eternity without Jesus Christ. It is tragic! Gene Wilder is living in the 59th minute of the 11th hour before midnight, and the smell of the Bottomless Pit surrounds him. I do not say this to be unkind, but truthful.
The Holy Bible is God’s inspired Word. Mr Wilder denies Jesus as His Savior. The Bible warns in 1st John 2:22-23, “Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: (but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also.”
Being Jewish does not entitled (sic) anyone to eternal life. Buddhism is a satanic false religion. Jesus plainly said in John 3:5-7, “YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN”!

His mention of Buddhism bring me round to a new highly-praised animated move called Kubo and the Two Strings.
Highly praised by all except Abbie DeHaas, who writes for the Christian site Movieguide.  Under the headline “Are Children Being Fed Humanism”, DeHaas says:

Individuality rules our culture. It’s assumed that you will know your own destiny and follow it accordingly. This is a dangerous philosophy for anyone, especially children, since we know that God holds our future, and we need not worry about being in control.
Sadly, this humanistic thought is one of the strong themes and messages of the animated movie Kubo and the Two Strings from Laika animation studios.

Director Travis Knight, CEO of Laika animation studios, said his mission is to make movies that matter, and to:

Tell stories that were rich, evocative, thematically challenging, and have something meaningful to say about what it means to be human.

Said DeHaas

Those ‘aspects of the human condition’, as shown in Kubo are the importance of family and appreciation for the pain and suffering that comes along with being human. Sadly, though, these somewhat positive qualities are coupled with an anti-Christian message that we should simply accept the pain of this world without striving toward eternity. Perfection is portrayed as something cold and evil, as opposed to the joyous gift we are promised through Christ’s saving grace.

MovieGuide’s review of the movie warns that it is:

A dangerous intro to Buddhism and atheist thinking.

And it concludes:

The movie’s frightening and dark moments are enough to warrant caution for children. Even worse, however, is the movie’s blatant Buddhism as well as a secondary message against eternal life. Thankfully, Kub has some moral, redemptive elements, but media-wise families should avoid the movie’s false non-Christian worldview and messages.

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  • Laura Roberts

    I didn’t know Wilder was an atheist, but I admit I had a sneaking suspicion. But it didn’t really matter to me. In his acting, his writing and his interviews he always struck me as intelligent, good-natured, kind and gentle. If he was an atheist, what a lovely example. If not, that would have been cool too. As far as I could tell, he was simply a fine human being. If a few grotesque Christians can’t recognise that, it’s their loss.
    There are very, very few entertainers I care anything about, but he was one of them. I felt sad when Gilda Radner passed away. I feel the loss today. We will continue to watch his movies, and laugh and remember. I can’t think of a more appropriate legacy.

  • barriejohn

    Sad news, indeed; The Producers remains one of my favourite films. I knew people like Stewart very well – all so sadly predictable. I did wonder whether everyone’s favourite blogger, Bob Hutton, had posted anything in a similar vein, but his latest offering is this little gem:
    Personally, I find it difficult to be swept up in the mob-hysteria surrounding this man, and the hatred for him that the press seem to be encouraging. As I think of Anjem Choudary, I do not think of an Islamist who incited violence, but rather of a poor, deluded creature who desperately needs Jesus in his life.
    It is my fervent prayer that someone will give him a Bible, or at least a New Testament, and that he will read it. Having read it may the Lord be pleased to open his eyes and implant the gift of faith, granting him repentance unto life. The power of the Gospel is such that even a man full of such vile hatred can be transformed by the work of the Holy Spirit in his life.

    “Cuckoo! Cuckoo!”

  • CoastalMaineBird

    It feels like the Christ-o-holics actually cheer with their pronouncements that so-and-so, who recently died, is now in hell.
    Call them on it, and they’ll tell you no, they only want to “warn” the rest of the sinners, but they bring it up every time, with what seems to me like glee.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    From the Hutton Chronicles:
    “how God converted the Jap pilot who led the attack on Pearl Harbor”
    It’s amazing, absolutely ASTOUNDING to me, that these people think that the pilot who started a war with millions dead is in heaven, and Gene Wilder, who left millions laughing and smiling, is in hell.
    Alright, he didn’t exactly start the war himself, but still…

  • L.Long

    David J Stewart is a religidiot of the 1st order. It is amazing how they think a bunch of stone age fairy tales noted by bad writers is the word of gawd! He has NO idea about heaven or hell. But if Gene is going to hell he will have at the least a lot of interesting people to be with, only dull boring people are in heaven!

  • paul

    That’s interesting the babble is the inspired works and words of god.
    I don’t believe there are any Christian theologians worth their salt, who do not accept the babble was written by several men over a considerable period of time and that it was the one they know as R, the Redactor, who cobbled all the shit together.

  • Barry Duke

    @ Laura Roberts. I can confirm that Wilder was indeed “an intelligent, good-natured, kind and gentle man”. Shortly after the release of his brilliant spoof western, Blazing Saddles, I bumped into him in central London. Literally. I had just just rounded a corner, and he was walking from the other direction and we collided on the sidewalk.
    All I could say was “Wow! Gene Wilder!”. He patiently allowed me babble on about what a great actor I thought he was ,then asked if I knew a good place nearby to have coffee. I led him to one of my favourite haunts where I enjoyed 15 minutes of his company. Sadly, 20 years later I lost the menu this wonderful man autographed for me.

  • Broga

    Stewart is a sicko. Gene Wilder made millions laugh and left them feeling better after seeing him.
    Let us assume the Christian God exists and has the attributes the Christians say he has. Would that God send a hate filled nasty like Stewart to heaven?. Or would that God send a man with the vile opinions of Stewart to hell. On their own Christian criteria Gene Wilder is a safe bet for heaven; and Stewart for hell.
    I recall Gene Wilder with nothing but pleasure as I am sure most people, not unbalanced by religion, do.

  • Renee

    I love that his favorite song sung by his favorite singer was playing when he passed away. I don’t think he has gone to hell if God took him like that…just saying.

  • barriejohn

    L.Long: Interesting point. This is how the writer of one of the Old Testament books looked upon death and the grave:
    “Before I go whence I shall not return, even to the land of darkness and the shadow of death; A land of darkness, as darkness itself; and of the shadow of death, without any order, and where the light is as darkness.” (Job 10:21-22)
    No golden streets and harps there, then!

  • AgentCormac

    ‘Heaven is a real place far greater than Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.’
    FFS. Really? I rather think that both places are figments of the human imagination, otherwise we’d have proof that they existed. Wouldn’t we? And if you gave me a choice between the two, I’d take Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory over heaven every time. At least I could enjoy endless amounts of guilt-free Cadbury’s Dairy Milk or Yorkie bars, while up in heaven you can bet there’d be this tiresome, beareded, weight-watchers tyrant wagging his invisible finger at me for ignoring his rules and eating something he designed me to crave. Bastard.

  • Eric Karl Engesser

    YOU atheists are all wrong. I was atheist for 30 years and now am a Christian. and your crap about Christianity being a fairy tale. well I got news for you immature punks – it says in the bible to “not be of this world” and that means no cable tv and no main stream popular books from long ago or today INCLUDING fairy tale books. Now why would God warn parents to stay away from such fairy tale books? Cause if u raise kids with this junk and other fake shit like Halloween and easter bunny many will grow up and grow out of Jesus. The bible is real and Gene Wilder is in hell. stupid how u atheists keep saying our religion is fake and we are scaring you into our religion. u wont say that when u wake up in hell. and that guy who posted that fake crap about hitler in heaven. I never heard that! I bet he has not either! those are the lukewarm or fake Christians who say hitler is in heaven. We real ones know Hitler had no chance at all in going to heaven. He started a world war = murder, he lied, he committed suicide. duh! and u atheists always need to bring that fake issue up ‘well if your god allows hitler in heaven then I don’t want no part”. yea right. and that other guy who said the other day that there are more interesting people in hell. duh. untrue. they are all burning. how the hell can they be interesting? atheists love greed, nudity, gossip, worship Bran Jo Lina. and there is no good without God. deal with it.

  • Eric Karl Engesser

    Barry Duke, you are a fraud and of idolatry. Keep going with your George Carlin worshipping atheism and you too will end up in hell with Carlin. Carlin was a punk. I loved him as a celebrity and comedian, but he almost sent me to hell too with his Bible bashing. That is why God says no tv and no radio, etc (BE NOT OF THIS WORLD). I love my God because he warned me, whereas you atheists and George Carlin are pure evil. ATHEISM is pure evil and I finally connected the bible’s warning that we are all born sinners and are bad. I have 3 nice dead grandparents (in USA and Germany) who are in hell. They never got arrested and were very good humans. Now why were they 3 sent to hell? Cause they forgot Jesus Christ who would forgive their sins! And since they had no Jesus both parents of mine had no Jesus (atheism) and thus we kids were raised in an atheist environment. Do you see the chain of evil, the repeated factor? And atheists always ask “why would God allow a killer into heaven”. I got that answer too: a nice parent who raises their kids in this world w/o being saved from the bible (Jesus Christ) not only sends themselves to hell, but also all of their kids, and some of their grandkids! Yet, you atheists keep asking these boring fake “age old” questions. Atheism is pure evil, worse than Hitler and worse than any world war. Atheism also supports more sin like gay sex, gay marriage, transgender body swapping, and trans bathroom rights. WTH?
    And finally – when an atheist celebrity dies it is the Christian’s right to warn atheists and people of fake religions like Islam and Judaism about the dangers of not believing and the reality of hell.

  • Gill Kerry

    So let’s assume this is true about the lake of fire. (Sic). What about all the folk who died prior to 2016 years ago or thereabouts, say in the ice age. Are these people in the lake of fire, surely an impossibility in itself. Hardly their fault if they hadn’t heard of big J. The man’s an idiot

  • Marcus

    Whoops! Someone forgot to lock the gates of the nuthouse and Eric Karl Engesser is on the rampage!

  • Eric Karl Engesser

    yea yea markus shut the EFF up. where is your fairy tale of man from ape? that is even more ridiculous. and marcus is a little weird shy anti social boy who cant get any. he is atheist = from the nut house. ya stupid nut cracker. man-ape is your golden god. lol.

  • Eric Karl Engesser

    the mans an idiot. lol, loser. like you really give a shit about a few people from long ago if they made it to heaven or not. u don’t care. why not worry about yourself and today. lol

  • Eric Karl Engesser

    @ gil Kerry. I love how u use the (SIC). what the heck was that for? lol. not needed and useless and stupid. trying to impress your fellow stupid atheists. they are not smart, they think man came from ape when ape is still here today along with man. and that awful gullible Richard Dawkins actually showed a diagram about men and ape BOTH descending from a super man-ape long long ago? WTF? I never heard of such garbage and nonsense. I simply thought it was man who evolved from ape alone. lol.
    even the bible says the smart are dumb. yet u people will never pick up on it. It comes down to pride and gullibility and there is a shitload of ATHEISTS that are down under burning in hell forever. and for the atheist activist leaders their punishment is even worse in hell. look at all of the atheist activist leaders today from regional area like in Texas and the president.
    They are ALL very arrogant. I don’t care what anyone says. and isn’t it ironic that their attitude matches up with the bible’s warning of that cocky behavior?
    I got a new Poster board sign that I am gonna protest next week downtown at the most busy intersection which says: “ATHEISM IS PURE EVIL”.

  • Eric Karl Engesser

    @ Renee, Gene Wilder is in hell according to the bible. who are you to act like a god and give your own stupid result of Wilder. and don’t come saying that I did the same thing. cause I did not. I follow the bible.

  • Daz

    Sez EKE:

    and that other guy who said the other day that there are more interesting people in hell. duh. untrue. they are all burning. how the hell can they be interesting?

    Well since Dante will obviously be too lightweight for such a vastly intelligent person as yourself, might I suggest that Andy Hamilton could offer some light on the question of satanic interestingness?

  • Eric Karl Engesser

    @ DAZ, whatever the hell that BS is supposed to mean….lol andy hamilson sucks, just another boring predictable funny guy who mocks the Man who made him. there are lots of Christian bashers in hell who used to be funny but no longer are – George Carlin, Robin Williams, Andy Roony, and Johnny Carson. do u see the pattern? people who think life is just 80 years and that’s it are liars. they can live life whatever way they want to – like that sinful atheist fashion designer who killed himself in England. he was gay. he just gave up despite being rich and famous. WTH? he was in for a surprise when he woke up in hell fire. life is no joke. We Christians have ALL the answers whereas you atheists have none at all! ya see the difference mate?

  • Angela_K

    Oh dear, we seem to have an ignorant troll from the USA – one with poor grammatical skills too. EKE, you were never an atheist, your mental illness of religious belief is too strong for you to understand logic, reason and the scientific method. Go away and talk to your hands or what ever else nonsense you types get up to.

  • Barry Duke

    I think we’ve all had enough of this crackpot called Eric Karl Engesser. This clown has trolled this site beyond my endurance and is now barred.

  • Daz

    lol andy hamilson sucks

    Well then; that’s me told. EKE’s sparkling wit and genius-level argumentation, not to mention the mountainous pile of evidence he has placed before me, have forced me to see the error of my sinful, godless, ways.
    Yes folks, I am now a believer. I shall dedicate my life to worship! I just need to choose between Ra and Quetzalcoatl…

  • tonye

    Eric KE,
    I can only assume that you are joking with your poorly written post.
    However, if you are yet another boring little twat telling us atheists how bad we are may I point out your opening words – it says in the bible to “not be of this world”- so why are you using the internet?
    Go back to finger-painting please.

  • barriejohn

    Daz: I agree. ATHEISM IS PURE EVIL. The faultless logic and force of that argument has won me over completely. How could anyone possibly continue in their unbelief? Some stubborn, hell-bound sinners will, of course:

  • lonbo

    “And if we are to believe Christian blogger David J Stewart,”
    No, there is never any reason to believe a Christian blogger, or a Christian anything. A Christian only resorts to the truth when they’ve run out of options, and then they aren’t likely to recognize the truth if it bit them on the ass. But they mean well, occasionally.

  • paul

    Atheists are not so much evil as we don’t usually kill maim or rape children cause floods and destroy everything or sacrifice our loved ones based on fairy stories. And we are better as we have Chariots of Iron and god of the babble is such a weak useless non existent twat we can defeat his puny attempts to kill us all.

  • Gill Kerry

    Well EKE, or should that be Eeek, that’s us told then. I did laugh out loud at Barry’s comment about trolling.

  • 1859

    ‘Engesser’ could be composed of two German words ‘Eng’ meaning ‘narrow’ and ‘esser’ meaning ‘eater’. So we have MR. ‘narrow-eater’ – which I think is somehow quite apt. Phew! What a first-class fruitcake – nuts and all!

  • Newspaniard

    The organization which converted EKE back to christianity must be really good given that he has moved from Darwin to Dark Ages.
    No! Wait! His new fiancee is a born-again and has great big tits and a whip! Silly me, I should have guessed.

  • barriejohn

    Eric Karl Engesser: Large, sick sneerer
    Was he for real? Maybe we’ll never know; and who claimed that Hitler was in heaven? However, I notice that he didn’t comment on my quotation from the Book of Job. When faced with facts these verbose keyboard warriors suddenly run out of words. The ancient Jews, and many today, have no concept of an “afterlife”. The usual way around this anomaly is to claim that certain passages of the Bible are “poetic”, yet the Book of Revelation, which is the source of most of the nonsense about the “Lake of Fire”, is so obviously allegorical (like Pilgrim’s Progress) that you have to wonder about the mentality of anyone who could take it all literally.

  • Dave

    “Being Jewish does not entitled (sic) anyone to eternal life.”
    Presumably that would include the world’s most famous Jew, Mr J. Christ.

  • Gill Kerry

    Check his FB page. What a hoot

  • Angela_K

    Gill Kerry. I’ve just looked at the some of the posts EKE has made on other FB pages and he is without doubt a disturbed person and grade one tosser; incapable of rational debate he does the usual copy and paste rants peppered with bits of his bible.

  • barriejohn

    STOP PRESS: The Engesser has found Jesus!—my-nde–holy-vision.html
    He has also met Satan:
    That drugged up moment in the ER was not “just my mind playing games with me” nor was it simply side effects of a drug overdose. It was the evil dark angel, Satan, trying to take me down into hell forever!
    Unblock him at once, Barry; this is the best fun I’ve had in ages!

  • Broga

    @Eric Karl Engesser : He should never have stopped taking the pills. And his carer needs to keep a strait jacket at the ready. He is a frothing at the mouth nutter. Quite funny in his perverted way.

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    I know EKE has now been barred but I couldn’t help wondering, he says that to avoid evil means having no tv & no radio etc. Why are computers & the internet allowed then? 🙂

  • barriejohn

    Just like Bonkers Haram: Education is evil, but they use modern weapons, mobile phones and the internet. There’s no logic to it.

  • AgentCormac

    Damn it – looks like I missed all the troll-bating fun. Let him back in, Barry!

  • Jonhy B. Bad

    Do you lose your precious time with stupid people as that loonie Christian? At least he is not killing “infidels” anyway.

  • Cali Ron

    EKE! Sorry, a little, squeaky mouse just ran by spouting religious nonsense.

  • 1859

    Mr EKE does touch upon an important point. It is sometimes so easy when we are solely in the company of like-minded people, to drift into the cosy belief that we are surrounded by a fundamentally rational humanity and that given time and the powers of argument and persuasion, we can show that reason will finally prevail. What EKE and his ilk do is remind me at least of the raw reality, the raw prejudice, the raw insanity which exists out there on the streets against which no amount of time or persuasion will win.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    “there are lots of Christian bashers in hell “
    I wonder how EKE knows this…
    Like I said earlier – they show up and CHEER that so-and-so is now in hell.