Charlie Hebdo again sparks fury with bare Muslims cover

Charlie Hebdo again sparks fury with bare Muslims cover August 15, 2016

Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical magazine, unleashed a fresh wave of death threats last week with the publication of an edition showing two naked Muslims, along with the words ‘Musulmans … Dé-coin-cez-vous ! which loosely translates to ‘Muslims, free yourselves!’
According to this report, the Paris prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into threats against publication, which was the target of a sophisticated terror attack in 2015.
Office spokeswoman Agnes Thibault-Lecuivre said that the investigation for “written death threats” follows about a dozen postings in July and August on the paper’s Facebook page, which carried a cover cartoon mocking Muslims at the beach.
The investigation came after the newspaper filed a police complaint on Thursday, a shareholder said,
Eric Portheault said the threats began in mid-July but escalated last Tuesday after the magazine released its latest edition. The threats “do not stop,” Portheault said.
He added:

We cannot let threats, insults, racist statements come to pass. It’s unacceptable. Especially death threats. On August 10, we were told [there would be]’an attack in 20 days.

The threats began in July after the release of a drawing for the Euro 2016 championships depicting French footballer Antoine Griezmann as a vibrator with a message that translates to “stimulate us.”
In June, a separate complaint was opened for other written threats against the newspaper.
An attack on the Charlie Hebdo newsroom killed 12 people on January 7, 2015. Two brothers claiming to be members if al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula claimed responsibility, saying it was in retaliation for the newspaper’s depictions of the Prophet Mohammed.
The attack was part of a three-day assault waged by brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi and their accomplice Amedy Coulibaly who killed four Jewish men at a kosher supermarket in Paris after taking dozens hostage.
That attack, which Coulibaly claimed he carried out in the name of the Islamic State terror group, occurred two days after the magazine massacre and a day after Coulibaly shot dead a policewoman, also in the capital.
Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • Rob Andrews

    Viva Charlie Hebdo.
    MUslims better get used to this or they can alway leave Europe.(not a bad idea)The human body is beautiful. And comedy satire is part of free speech.
    We need to start pushing this bronze -age invasion back.
    Freedom of speech? Tee-hee
    Means I talk, listen only to me
    Freedom lovers spout their belief
    Allowed to promote only grief
    protected by freedom from blasphamy

  • Broga

    If Muslims think they can control what people think and say they can forget it. What needs to be challenged is their crazy intention of dominating the rest of us.
    Well done, Charlie Hebdo.

  • Neil

    “which was the target of a sophisticated terror attack in 2015”.
    There is nothing sophisticated about a trio of self appointed stupefied halfwit muslim thugs. There is nothing sophisticated about islam either. It is a primitive barbaric death cult.
    And if the muslims cannot accept the rules, the culture, the secular values, free speech, equality, democracy and all the advantages of living in a civilised country then I invite them, no urge them, to fuck off to some flea ridden sand pit shitehole and enjoy the all the wondrous delights of islam. Syria is probably a good place to go. Lots of instant mayhem and hardship to enjoy there.

  • Neil

    Anyone who issued death threats needs to be summarily deported back to their country of origin. Fuck them off … they don’t deserve any better treatment.

  • Newspapers do not print news about those who believe in Lord Jesus Christ, only those who believe in Jesus Christ. But newspapers regularly print news about those who believ on the Prophet Mohammed. Why the honorific only for them? Because of intimidation like Charlie Hebdo gets.
    I suggest ‘their Prophet Mohammed.’ Adds only two letters and clarifies both that it isn’t somebody else and it’s not the paper’s prophet.

  • Laura Roberts

    @TrevorBlake: really good suggestion! I expect nobody will do it, but I like the idea.

  • Great Satan

    So a couple of naked consenting adults is worth killing and rioting over, but the mass grooming and rape of up to 1 million young British girls (this does not count those over 18 yr old) – just about sums up their mindset perfectly, oh, and just to add insult to injury, future EU member Turkey has just abolished it’s child abuse clause ;

  • Peter Sykes

    Long quote, but worth repeating:
    “This is a translation of the editorial from the first Charlie Hebdo published since the Paris attacks. It is reproduced here in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo.
    For a week now, Charlie, an atheist magazine, has accomplished more miracles than all the saints and prophets together. That of which we are the most proud is that you have in your hands the magazine that we have always produced, in the company of those who have always produced it.
    What made us laugh the most, is that the bells of Notre Dame rang in our honor … for a week now, Charlie has been moving far more than mountains across the world. For a week now, as Willem has shown us so magnificently in his drawing, Charlie has many new friends. Some anonymous, and some global celebrities. Some humble and some affluent. Some miscreants and some religious leaders. Some sincere and some akin to jesuits. Some who will be with us for the rest of our lives, and some who are just passing by.
    We take them all on board today, we have neither the time nor the heart to separate them out. But that doesn’t mean that we are fooled. We wholeheartedly thank those in their millions whether simple citizens or embodying institutions who are truly at our sides, who deeply and sincerely “are Charlie.” They will know who they are. Pissing off the others who don’t give a fuck anyway.
    There is however a question which still gnaws away at us: Are we finally going to see the foul expression “secular fundamentalist” disappear from political and intellectual lexicon?
    Are we finally going to stop devising learned semantic expressions describing equally assassins and their victims?
    In recent years, we have felt rather lonely, trying to push back with our pencils straightforward bullshit and pseudo-intellectual subtleties that they were throwing at our faces and that of our friends who were strongly defending secularism: Islamophobes, Christianophobes, troublemakers, people assuming no responsibility, those who throw oil on the fire, racists, you-asked-for-it … yes we condemn terrorism, but. Yes it is not good to threaten cartoonists with death, but. Yes, setting fire to a magazine’s headquarters is wrong, but.
    We’ve heard it all, as have our friends. We’ve often tried to laugh it off, because that’s what we’re best at.
    But now, really, we’d like to laugh at something else. Because it’s already starting again.
    Cabu, Charb, Honore, Tignous, Wolinski, Elsa Cayat, Bernard Maris, Moustapha Ourrad, Michel Renaud, Franck Brinsolaro, Frederic Boisseau, Ahmed Merabet, Clarissa Jean-Philippe, Philippe Braham, Yohan Cohen, Yoav Hattab, Francois-Michel Saada, their blood was not yet dry and Thierry Meyssan was explaining to his Facebook fans that this was obviously a Judeo-western-American conspiracy.
    Who were the victims?
    We were already hearing, here and there, these delicate people put on airs and graces on witnessing last Sunday’s gathering, dribbling endless pettiness, seeking to justify, openly or in whispers, terrorism and religious fascism, expressing indignation at the fact that we can say police = SS, among other things.
    No, in this massacre, no one death is less unjust than another. Franck, who died in Charlie’s premises, and all his [police] colleagues killed during this barbaric week, died to defend ideas which may not even have been their own.
    Nevertheless we are going to try to be optimistic, even though it is out of season.
    We will hope that as of this January 7, 2015, strongly defending secularism will be second nature for everyone.
    That we will finally stop posturing for electoral reasons or through cowardice, legitimizing or even tolerating community separatism and cultural relativism, which lead to but one thing: Religious totalitarianism.
    Yes, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a fact, yes, international geopolitics is a succession of manoeuvres and underhand blows, yes, the social situation of “populations of Islamic origin” in France, as people say, is deeply unjust, yes, we must fight unremittingly against racism and all types of discrimination.
    Fortunately there are several instruments with which we can try to solve these serious problems but they are all inoperative if one of them is missing: Secularism. Not affirmative secularism, not inclusive secularism, not I-don’t-know-what-kind-of-secularism. Secularism full stop.
    Pushing for universal rights, it alone, allows for equality, liberty, brotherhood and sisterhood. It alone allows for total freedom of conscience which all religions, as soon as they move from the arena of the strictly intimate into the political arena, deny, more or less openly according to their marketing position. Oddly enough, it alone allows believers and others to live in peace. All those who claim to defend Muslims, while accepting the totalitarian religious rhetoric, are in fact defending their executioners. The first victims of Islamic fascism are the Muslims.
    The millions of anonymous people, all the institutions, all the heads of state and government, all the political, intellectual and media celebrities, all the religious dignitaries who this week proclaimed “Je Suis Charlie” should know that also means “I am secularism.” We are convinced that as far as most of our supporters are concerned, that goes without saying. The others can do what they like with it.
    Last but not least. We would like to send a message to Pope Francis, who this week, he as well, “is Charlie”: We will only accept that the bells of Notre Dame are ringing in our honour when it is the Femen who are ringing them.”

  • AgentCormac

    @Peter Sykes
    Thanks for posting that – powerful stuff indeed.

  • jay

    Now let’s see if people reposting this get thrown off Facebook, or even visited by the police with the suggestion that they are inviting hatred (a FELONY in Canada and some other ‘ progressive’ places.)

  • Paul

    It is a very weak individual who requires a belief but then reverts to such an outraged position that requires aggression in its basest form.
    No one can be truly hurt by words, the mind is powerful enough to rationalise any perceived harm.
    No one should be hurt by thoughts, or for being different, no one should be hurt by lines drawn on a page, no one should be hurt by words said contrary to ones own view or thoughts, lines or words.
    And no one should be killed, injured, maimed or imprisoned for doing any of those things.

  • Matthew Carr

    “Christ” isn’t a name it’s a title so saying “Jesus Christ” is the same as saying “Prophet Mohammed”. This is why at times he has been referred to as “Jesus the Christ”.
    As to the topic at hand, one has to wonder why so many Muslims move to non-Muslim countries in the first place. Is it because Muslim countries are generally failures or generally awful? Is it because they want to evangelize secular countries? Is it because they can’t find a country that caters to their particular brand of Islam?

  • ZombieHunter

    Did anyone see the footage from the village that was recently liberated from Islamic state?? the first thing the women and girls did was throw off their burquas and burn them in the street while dacing.

  • L.Long

    “muslins free yourselves” They like being in the prison of religion! Any that don’t leave it! About the only way they can keep their numbers up is to use the law to force others into their dimwitted religion.
    I know I’m right because if i wasn’t then their would be no sparks from the cover!!

  • Rob Andrews

    “muslins free yourselves” They like being in the prison of religion”!
    Right. A loving but strict father-figure in the sky.

  • barriejohn

    ZombieHunter: It was actually the city of Manbij in northern Syria, and although it may have been mentioned here a couple of times already I think that it bears repeating. They burnt their burkas, smoked in public, and cut off their beards, so it doesn’t do to lump all Muslims together. However, I do agree from my own experiences as a fundamentalist that there is something comforting and reassuring in resigning yourself to an all-powerful father figure who dictates your every move.

  • 1859

    Je suis Charlie. Thanks for the post Mr Sykes – it’s important to be reminded of where and what we stand for in so powerful a fashion.

  • Philip Smeeton

    Islamic Thesaurus. Synonyms for the word muslim:
    Pedophile, rapist, liar, terrorist, thief, cheater, deceiver, murderer, bully, criminal, gangster, fascist, sadist, torturer, executioner, assassin, wife-beater, child-beater, hater, conquerer, aggessor, lunatic, idiot, stupid, ignorant, prejudiced, false, …….