Fury follows Christian Voice's comments on diver Tom Daley

Fury follows Christian Voice's comments on diver Tom Daley August 22, 2016

The hate-filled head of Christian Voice UK – Stephen “Birdshit” Green, inset – ignited fury when he foolishly tweeted that Tom Daley’s disappointing Olympic achievements this year were due to his sexuality.
The hugely popular Plymouth diver failed to qualify for the final of the men’s 10 metre diving contest.
Comments posted as “Christian Voice” by Green included:

Turning gay doesn’t seem to have done Tom Daley any favours at Rio 2016.


We need to remember that Tom Daley only went gay because he was seduced by an older man.

The North Devon Journal did not mention Green’s name, but only referred to Christian Voice, saying it’s group which describes itself as a “lobby group praying for national repentance”.
In truth, Christian Voice UK is a nasty little one-man-show run by an embittered old loon.

Robbin Phillips
Green once had a sidekick called Robin Phillips, who posted a number of asinine articles on Christian Voice, but the ginger god-botherer appeared to have vanished after his last post in May 2015. A lovers’ tiff? Or perhaps he simply legged it rather than risk being bitch-slapped by Green, who is known to have a violent streak.
Green’s Twitter posts caused a flurry of activity online, with many users saying Christian Voice UK should apologise.
Helen Manley, from Saltash, said:

A married gay couple won gold in the hockey last night. Why don’t you pipe down with your venomous opinions?

Andy Gibson said:

Go take your bigotry back to the dark ages with the rest of your silly delusions.

Enter Christian blogger “Archbishop Cranmer”:

You’d think a group calling itself ‘Christian Voice’ would ensure that their every utterance were, well … Christian. This tweet was not only lacking in grace an compassion (the guy had just failed in front of the whole world, for Pete’s sake; he was devastated, tearful and deeply upset), it was a sneery, spiteful tweet; callous, cruel and un-Christian.
What manner of Christian voice trumpets crass theology to a man when he’s down? If ‘turning gay’ caused Tom Daley to make a ‘gay dive‘, how come the openly bisexual Nicola Adams won not one but two Gold medals in boxing? How come Kate Richardson-Walsh and her wife Helen (yes, you’ve got it) won Gold in women’s hockey? Could Christian Voice please explain why ‘turning gay’ works for some but not others? Why does God shower some LGBT athletes with Gold, but leaves poor Tom a-cold and all alone on Pillicock Hill?

There’s more:

The theological worldview of Christian Voice appears to be one in which idolaters, adulterers and fornicators are given a pass by God to win gold; and homosexuals, lesbians and bisexuals are given the same pass, except if they’re named Tom, who seems to merit particular opprobrium.
Perhaps Christian Voice might explain why. Is it because of his celebrity? Is it because he’s something of a role model or ambassador for young gay people? Wouldn’t these be rather asinine reasons for singling out one young, gay diver for particular judgment, while leaving the gay boxers, swimmers, equestrians and discus-throwers to glory in their gold or wallow in their loss?
How is that just or fair? Surely if you’re going to proclaim God’s message of sexual morality, you need to ensure that there is no prejudice in your preaching; no soteriological favouritism or ethical preference for male or female; Jew or Greek; diver or gymnast. Why hasn’t Christian Voice been, well … more Christian and egalitarian in its judgments?

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • Mr. Phillips now writes for Salvo magazine.

  • Laura Roberts

    “What manner of Christian voice trumpets crass theology to a man when he’s down?”
    For starters, how about, nearly every Christian-run homeless shelter? How about Alcoholics Anonymous (or its gambling/narcotics variants)? How about nearly every Christian hospital? How about Christian missionaries?

  • Andrew Sliversalts

    Let the pious trumpet their intolerant hateful views. All the better to display themselves and their mind constricting beliefs in their true light. Let them bring themselves into disrepute. Let them make themselves the objects of ridicule an contempt. Let them discredit themselves. Let them pronounce their bigotry for all to see and hear. Eventually nobody will listen to them.

  • AndyB

    Tom Daley won a bronze medal at Rio in the Men’s synchronized 10m platform, so maybe turning gay did him some favours after all, Mr Green.

  • AgentCormac

    Yet more crass, deranged, baseless nonsense from Green. But then we should expect nothing more.

  • barriejohn

    The man is totally bonkers. I was just about to say that his latest offering is the particularly nasty and spiteful Sorry Caster Semenya, you aren’t a woman, (and you’re not a real man, Green), when I saw that he’s updated his site for sore eyes with the following, as you may have noticed if you followed the above link:
    My provocative tweets at Twitter.com/UKCV about Caster Semenya and especially about Tom Daley’s flop in the diving have led to 20,000 hits on our website, agitation from homosexuals, some of whom have tried to sign us up to gay websites, and to this ministry being noticed by the so-called great and good.
    To be honest, Daley has made so much of his sodomistic relationship with Dustin Lance Black that he cannot escape being, as the latter might put it, ‘called out’ about it.
    Apparently, Daley ‘can’t wait to start a family’ with Black, who describes emetically as his ‘fiancé’. Oh, please. Someone tell Tom that to ‘start a family’ without surgical intervention you need sexual intercourse, and two men can’t do that.
    They will have to get a girl involved somehow and the resulting child will be that of one or the other, not both of them. And how selfish is it of Daley to deprive a child of its mother?

    And there’s plenty more in the same vein, concluding:
    he was seduced into sodomy by an older man, not very long after the untimely death of his beloved father. You don’t need a degree in psychology to work out what’s going on there. But even now, he could repent of all his sin (just like we all have to do) trust in Jesus and walk away from the homosexual lifestyle, like so many have before him. Becoming gay might or might not be a choice. Staying gay definitely is. And who knows, transforming his mind he might improve his diving as a result.

  • barriejohn

    BTW You have to give Green marks for consistency. Unlike many other Christians, he does support the death penalty for gays, and fully supported the Ugandan measures to “protect children”:
    The contrast between our politicians and those of Uganda could not be more stark. A Parliamentarian in Uganda is trying to protect his nation’s children. The House of Commons of the United Kingdom is trying to corrupt ours. Which country is the more civilised, I wonder, in the eyes of Almighty God?

  • Broga

    Green is a bitter, loathsome, venomous creep. Tom Daley, with determination, hard work and high talent produced a brilliant series of dives. He was competing against the best divers on the planet and he won a bronze. I suspect that a wretch like Green wouldn’t have the guts to climb to that high board.
    Tom Daley’s diving was the only event I watched during the Olympics. Why? Because I saw a programme on Tom and his partner and they seemed decent, likeable, loving people. However, they also had a quality which will bring out the venom in miserable, frustrated and unbalanced low lifes like Green. That quality is happiness. And we know there is nothing that miserable people like Green detest more than other people being happy.

  • Peterat

    Green should do his mother a favour and deprive her of him!

  • SallyinMI

    Since when is one’s sexual being a determiner of whether they are successful or not? Seems to me that Mr. Green shock spend his time in prayer, trying to figure out why he hates so many people that God created, instead of loving them as Jesus commanded. That is really Jesus’ only commandment” Love they neighbor as thyself.” Or maybe Green hates himself and is projecting onto others? Who knows. He’s an mean, angry old man who picks on younger, talented, very fit young men.

  • dave

    I should imagine Tom Daley will be back among then medals at future events e.g. Commonwealth Games. Stephen Green, meanwhile, will continue to disappear up his own asshole (from where his pronouncements are issued). I used to visit Green’s odious site regularly, but he’s become such an irrelevance I very rarely bother now.

  • Marcus

    Can I nominate Green for a place in the Olympics’ javelin-catching championships if they ever decide to stage such an event?

  • John the Drunkard

    Not to be a broken record…but Alcoholics Anonymous has NO religious affiliation. It also lacks any authority or command structure by which individual members can be prevented from inflicting their religious views on new member.
    I’ve been a god-free, sober member since 1988. I haven’t suffered any harassment or proselytizing in that time. I’ve certainly had to hear some gawdawful ‘spiritual’ dreck now and then. But no one can tell me I have to think its OK or inflict it on anyone else.

  • barriejohn
  • Paul

    Brilliant.Tom Daley being gay clearly upset god.
    How can he explain which god Mo Farrah helped him win two golds- as it looked like allah to me. His head kissing the floor ritual is Islamic. And oh dear a cafflick god or the Jew Jesus helped the Brazilian football team beat the Germans as Neymar (the moronic twat) had a 100% Jesus headband on – whatever that means.
    And the Fijian sevens rugby team praised their God – some kind of xtian God I think but of the 33,000 ones I don’t know which one they chose as they sang to ‘god’ after they won gold.
    Maybe god wasn’t involved as he doesn’t do olympics?

  • Paul H

    Don’t want to completely hijack this comments section (the Christian Voice people just need to be laughed at really, I don’t think they merit anything more), but spotted the nasty comment about AA – I got sober in AA 13 years ago and I’ve ended up, if anything, a Stoic. Most AA practice is pretty aligned with that philosophy to my mind, but they certainly never encouraged me down that path, or the Christian one. If there’s anything one could say about AA in terms of giving people a steer, it’s mostly towards virtue ethics.

  • 1859

    What does the ‘Bird-Shit’ want? He lives in a fairyland reality where he spits venom at all those who are not in the same fairyland. I wouldn’t waste my time criticising this bitter creep – he is truly an anachronism that deserves to be ignored.

  • Laura Roberts

    @JohnTheDrunkard: if your experience was successful, that’s great — kudos! As barriejohn mentions, it is not always the case. Primarily I was thinking of AA’s history, as it was developed in no small part with the intent of bringing about religious conversion. If some groups have morphed into something less exploitative and more secular, it’s a welcome improvement.

  • Paul H

    @Laura Roberts – don’t know if you’re deliberately trolling this, but AA isn’t exploitative, and groups don’t “morph” into something more secular. Much of AA is couched in religious language – much is couched in psychological language, much is couched in business language – but we don’t criticise it for trying to make people more entrepreneurial. That would be ridiculous.

  • H3r3tic

    @JohnTheDrunkard – as a borderline alcoholic who has often considered seeking help for what is obviously a debilitating addiction I am interested to hear that AA has no religious affiliation. I was under the impression that one of the steps was to acknowledge a “higher power” that we could not control and as an atheist I found this extremely off-putting. However, due to living in a provincial backwater AA is the only assistance available. Do you think that as an atheist I should just go for it and see if it could help?

  • Broga

    I passed the item on Tom Daley to my daughter. Her reply below amused me by its brevity and accuracy. I need to declare a possible family bias regarding her support for Harper Collins as my daughter writes for them. However, Green is achieving the opposite of what he intended – his venom attracts support for Tom.
    You can support poor Tom by buying his book which is available from one of the finest imprints in publishing today:

  • jay

    Why does anyone care what he says? Why not just ignore it.
    The mob rule of Twitter is not much to go on for any kind of judgment (consider the anger that atheists get as well)

  • barriejohn

    @jay: Have you actually looked into Green (metaphorically, of course). This thread wasn’t about Twitter comments!