God told devout Christian to vandalise colleagues' desks

God told devout Christian to vandalise colleagues' desks August 31, 2016

Workers in the City of Miami’s Capital Improvements Department were ‘freaked out’ when they discovered that oily crosses had been daubed on their desks by a co-worker who was subsequently sacked.
According to this report, Eric Cheeley arrived at work at his usual time, around 6 am. A devout Pentecostal, he liked to get there early to read his Bible.
But a couple of years back, he went overboard with his delusional beliefs. He blessed the office in which he worked, then walked from  cubicle to cubicle, anointing his co-workers’ desks with oil, which he smeared in the shape of crosses.
Cheeley was already out in the field when his co-workers arrived at the office. They were “a bit freaked out”. One employee thought the crosses represented Santería; others worried it was some sort of workplace threat.
Police were called to investigate, and the office was shut down for the better part of the morning.
Back at work around lunchtime, Cheeley tried to explain what had happened.

I was sitting in my cubicle crying; I thought I heard what, in my opinion, was God telling me: ‘Look, just bless the department … and go on about your business.

Cheeley later sued the city for religious discrimination and asked for back pay and attorneys’ fees.
His complaint said:

For the duration of his almost seven years of employment, Mr Cheeley was an exemplary employee [and] was never reprimanded in any way, except for the discriminatory termination and retaliation for the expression of his religious beliefs.

This month, however, a federal judge denied his claim, saying Cheeley failed to prove the city fired him on religious grounds rather than for damaging its property.
US District Judge Robert Scola Jr. wrote in his decision:

Cheeley’s application of the oily substance caused actual damage to his employer’s property and disrupted its business. These facts are undisputed.

Although Scola denied the federal claim, Cheeley can continue to fight the case in state court.

The city points out that Cheeley could have been arrested for staining the fabric cubicle walls. After investigating, police referred the case to the State Attorney’s Office for prosecution, but he was never charged.

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  • L.Long

    Another insane dimwit hearing voices in his head…at the least pour his oil all over him and then fire his ass!!! But be ready for the fallout from Persecuted Xtians Crying about persecutions!!!!

  • Broga

    I once had a colleague who was a fundamentalist Christian. I soon realised that no discussion could occur as his mission in life was to tell others what he already knew was the truth. He used to pester people by asking them to “come and share our witness.”

  • AgentCormac

    Sorry to go OT – but here’s yet more proof, this time from quake-hit Italy, that god either doesn’t exist or he hates even those who devote their life to him. Otherwise he wouldn’t let a convent be destroyed, would he?

  • sailor1031

    God doesn’t hate nuns but from the beginning he’s had really lousy aim with those quakes and thunderbolts and such. This is just collateral damage. The USA does it all the time!

  • Mr. Cheeley must have known that it wasn’t oil that would successfully bless his co-worker’s desks. God wants something besides oil. What does God want? Let’s see what God says…
    “I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul.” Leviticus 17:11
    So, Mr. Cheeley, if you want to do it right next time, kill an animal and let it bleed on their desks. Or aren’t you a believer in God’s word?

  • Robster

    “He used to pester people by asking them to “come and share our witness.” The really funny thing, none of them ever have or ever will.