Hindu fundamentalists spark fresh row over Mother Teresa

Hindu fundamentalists spark fresh row over Mother Teresa August 2, 2016

An allegation that Mother Teresa’s activities in India were primarily motivated by her desire to Christianise Indians has been brushed aside by the Catholic Church.
Speaking of the latest allegations against the self-serving old fraud by Hindu fundamentalists, Bishop Theodore Masceranhas, Secretary General of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, said:

They are known for making such baseless statements. This is nothing new.

Bishop Masceranhas was reacting to statements from key Hindu nationalist leaders calling into question the reason for Mother Teresa’s dedicated service to the needy and destitute as her September 4 canonisation draws near.
Yogi Adityanath, a senior member of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party in the Indian Parliament, told a Hindu gathering in June:

Mother Teresa was part of a conspiracy for the Christianisation of India. Christianisation has led to separatist movement in parts of northeast India, including the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland.

Even if such a conspiracy did not exist, Mother Teresa, who died in 1997, was certainly guilty of even greater crimes against Indians. In a piece entitled “Mommie Dearest“, the late Christopher Hitchens slammed the beatification of the woman, and pointed out:

Many more people are poor and sick because of the life of MT: Even more will be poor and sick if her example is followed. She was a fanatic, a fundamentalist, and a fraud, and a church that officially protects those who violate the innocent has given us another clear sign of where it truly stands on moral and ethical questions.

While the latest disparaging comments against Mother Teresa made news headlines, a section of the media — including the New Indian Express — claimed that the comments were part of an attempt by the Hindu fundamentalist lobby to dissuade the Indian Prime Minister from attending the canonisation in Rome.
Some media outlets even claimed that the Catholic Church asked the government and the ruling party to act against these leaders.
However, Bishop Masceranhas denied such claims and reiterated:

How could we make such a demand? It is against common sense. This is a democracy. Each one has freedom to express his opinion. But as a responsible political party, the Bharatiya Janata Party should rein in its leaders.

Abraham Mathai, a Christian leader based in Mumbai, dismissed a claim that the controversial statements against Mother Teresa were made to stop the Prime Minister’s attendance at the canonisation.
In a press statement, Mathai pointed out that Adityanath’s baseless statements do not befit his title of “yogi” (a master of spiritual discipline in Hindu belief). Mother Teresa, Mathai said, came to India:

To work among the poorest of the poor in India. Where were the yogis at that time? Have they served? Have they done what Mother Teresa and her people have been doing? If Mother Teresa converted people into Christianity by her work, why hasn’t the population of Christians increased in the country?

India’s Christian population has remained virtually static, around 2.3 percent of the total population, Mathai noted.

This is routine propaganda to keep (Hindu nationalist) cadres active.

In February 2015, Mohan Bhagwat, chief of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (National Volunteer Corps) that espouses Hindu nationalism with the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, said:

It’s good to work for a cause with selfless intentions. But Mother Teresa’s work had ulterior motive, which was to convert the person who was being served to Christianity. In the name of service, religious conversions were made. This was followed by other institutes, too,

Bishop Masceranhas said the Church will hold a public celebration in Kolkata on October 2 to honor Mother Teresa’s sainthood.
• See Barbara Smoker’s “Mother Teresa – Sacred Cow” here.

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  • CoastalMaineBird

    If Mother Teresa converted people into Christianity by her work, why hasn’t the population of Christians increased in the country?
    Because 99% of the folks she “converted” died within a few months.

  • Broga

    She was keen on the benefits of suffering. Other people’s.

  • barriejohn

    They’re only stating the bleeding obvious. To all Christians, the whole point of good works is to “bring souls to Christ”.
    Bishop Theodore Masceranhas = Earnest, harassed, homophobic

  • barriejohn

    Things are well put here:
    Blessed Teresa of Calcutta = Celebrates daft lost cause

  • AgentCormac

    And yet they are still on course to beatify this hateful ‘conwoman for christ’. The late Malcolm Muggeridge has so much to answer for. If you have the stomach for it, below is a link to how he turned the wicked, shameless old fraud into a global star who could deceive just about anybody with her lies, her greed, her total disregard for the needs of those she was supposed to be helping and her utterly unquestioning devotion to the RCC. I wouldn’t mind betting Bill Donohue has a wank every night with Blessed Teresa of Calcutta in mind.
    (Apologies if that’s put an unwanted image in your mind!)

  • barriejohn

    Hahaha – how odd that someone should mention His Holiness Bill Donohue!
    Unmasking Mother Teresa’s Critics, Bill Donohue’s latest book, will be coming out August 18. Published by Sophia Institute Press, it is timed for release just a few weeks before Mother Teresa is to be canonized on September 4. The book directly confronts those whose unfounded criticisms of Mother Teresa are sure to resurface in media accounts leading up to her canonization.
    Too fucking true, Bill; too fucking true.
    (Why does he write about himself in the third person?)

  • barriejohn

    After reading her critics’ accounts, I’m convinced more than ever that Mother Teresa deserves sainthood. She was a true altruist, one who took self-giving to a new level. Sadly, that’s one reason why socialists hate her: They contend that only government should tend to the needs of the poor. Thus, she was a deterrent to statist prescriptions. Worse, her altruism was grounded in Jesus, and that drives atheists mad. (Bill Donohue)
    (PS I’m not a socialist!)

  • Neil

    I guess most of you have seen demolition by Christopher Hitchens … but just in case

  • RussellW

    Most Christian saints were thoroughly repellent individuals . MT seems to have the necessary qualifications to join the club ie she’s dead and she was a fanatic and a moral imbecile. I really can’t understand the objections.

  • I cannot recommend enough the works and life of Gora, a remarkable atheist who lived in India.
    Cliff Walker created a fantastic site that included a large section on Gora. Cliff passed away in 2012, and it appears his website has passed away in 2016. This is an archive of the Goya section…

  • barriejohn

    Trevor Blake: True. And how about Abdul Sattar Edhi (not an atheist as far as we know), who died recently, and was possibly the greatest humanitarian who ever lived? Sadly, most in the world have never even heard of him, because he didn’t have the right backers. Calling him “The Father Teresa of Pakistan” is an absolute insult to a man who actually DID something for the poor instead of posturing and promoting himself and spending his life sucking up to rich demagogues:
    It’s all about who you know!

  • Pope Francis just ignores the truth about the old witch to make her a saint.