Muslim chastity campaigners were caught having sex in car

Muslim chastity campaigners were caught having sex in car August 25, 2016

Two prominent Muslim politicians – Moulay Omar Benhammad, 63, and Fatima Nejjar, 62, above –  have been suspended from Morocco’s Unity and Reform Movement (MUR) after they were allegedly caught having sex in a car on a beach.
The pair are known for preaching the importance of chastity and were both serving as vice presidents of the party.
According to this report by Harry Cockburn of the Independent, police said the pair were found in a “sexual position” in the car. The incident is said to have occurred last Saturday at a beach in the port city of Mohammedia, about 16 miles north of Casablanca and 40 miles south of the Moroccan capital, Rabat.
Benhammad, who is married and has seven children, was charged with attempted corruption. Nejjar, a widowed mother of six, was charged with complicity to adultery.
The pair were released from custody and are due to appear in court on 1 September.
MUR, part of another, more prominent party in the country, the Justice Development Party (PJD), released a statement this week saying the pair had been “suspended from all structures of the movement”, while party officials from PJD said the incident was an “extremely serious fault” that amounted to:

A violation of the principles of the movement, its orientation and its values.

Benhammad reportedly said he lives with Najjar in a common-law marriage and added that his wife does not want him prosecuted for adultery.
Extramarital sex in Morocco in punishable by up to a year in jail.
Following the incident, videos of Nejjar telling female students not to give in to “temptation and vice” were widely shared on social media.

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  • barriejohn

    Oh no – Harry Cockburn! Are these stories kosher, Barry?

  • L.Long

    The oldest story in religion…DO AS I SAY, not as I do!!!

  • tonye

    Religion and hypocrisy?
    Next we hear the earth is flat!!!

  • Paul

    I wonder if the things they did made her headscarf move as much as his fez.

  • AgentCormac

    Ah, those horrible primeval urges in us all can be so strong. So strong even the religiots amongst us can’t resist them. As L.Long says, do as I say, not as I do. Double standards as ever from the charlatan worms.

  • Broga

    They have 13 children and still want to shag in a car. Very odd. Sex in a car, with the limitations it imposes by space, is usually for the young who are full lust and struggle to find a better environment.

  • lonbo

    Awe, I just love romantic stories and happy endings.

  • AgentCormac

    Like you I admire their sexual appetite at such an age. (Not that I’m jealous or anything!) But that’s life – get on with it, enjoy it, make the most of it. Above all, don’t regret it. Wring the most out of your fleeting glimpse of existence, I say.
    A while ago I caught the tail end of a BBC Radio 2 broadcast in which Richard Dawkins (I think) said something along the lines of ‘Life is a momentary spark of consciousness, book-ended by an enternity of oblivion’. While that observation can be viewed as profoundly scary, it can also be viewed as profoundly reassuring. Yes, our time here on this Earth is fleeting, but once our time is over the atoms which make us who we are will, one day, go on to create other worlds and other beings. Now that’s what I call imortality!

  • 1859

    Extramarital sex in a car = 1 year in the clink!
    In some countries that would put 75% of the population behind bars!
    @AgentCormac: And yet how desperate, how obsessed we are to have this ‘fleeting glimpse’ last as long as possible!?

  • John the Drunkard

    Of course, in many zones controlled by The Religion of Peace, ‘sexual position’ can mean ‘under the same roof while unguarded.’

  • Robster

    The only scary thing here, the only worry is that they may reproduce! No, please don’t.

  • Andrew Sliversalts

    Which of the pair is the most desperate. Both are as ugly as sin and distinctly unfragrant.

  • Andrew Sliversalts

    But he is wearing his little red riding hood.

  • Andrew Sliversalts

    Pity muslims don’t ban sex altogether and rid us of their filthy contagion.

  • Broga

    @Agent Cormac. Excellent post and I particularly liked the Richard Dawkins’ quote. There is much to be said for the carpe diem approach. At a certain time of life sex in cars, in its various varieties, is one of the remembered excitements of life. So is having to sleep in a single bed one on top of the other. Happy memories.
    Bertrand Russell said “Pleasure is no less pleasure because it ends.”

  • Brian Jordan

    Casablanca, eh?
    Of all the cars, on all the beaches…here’s not looking at you, kid!

  • Vanity Unfair

    “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”