Muslim street preacher swears at woman wearing tight jeans

Muslim street preacher swears at woman wearing tight jeans August 1, 2016

Street preacher Krissoni Henderson, above, has been charged with public order offences over an alleged outburst on a busy shopping street in Birmingham.
Henderson, 31, appeared at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court in July after a woman was allegedly sworn at “for wearing tight jeans”. According to this report, he is due back in court on September 6 over the allegations.
Henderson appeared in court after being charged with using insulting, threatening words or behaviour and using racially aggravated insulting words or behaviour.
His arrest came after a footage emerged of a tense confrontation in Birmingham city centre, which goes on for several minutes, in which a highly agitated man screams “Allahu Akhbar” in the face of a police officer. He tells the officer that he not scared on him, only of Allah.
The video shows a crowd gather as the situation unfolds before the PC eventually tells them the man has:

The right to assembly, to stand here and shout and offend.

But he adds:

If his actions go beyond that and he commits a public order offence, then he will be arrested.

In response to the incident West Midlands Police said officers were called to New Street at around 5.30pm on July 4 after a 38-year-old woman dialled 999 saying she feared for her safety following a “verbal confrontation”.
The force added footage of a police officer trying to speak to a man in connection with the allegation later appeared on social media websites.
A few years back Crimestoppers sought the whereabouts of Henderson in connection with an assault on a woman who was punched in the face.

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  • gedediah

    So a man has mental health problems, is probably a bit of a threat to the public, and also happens to be a muslim. Why is that worth an article on this site?

  • Godless Psych

    What makes you think he has mental health problems?

  • I don’t know if Mr. Henderson’s behavior was criminal or not. I can say it was foolish and rude, deserving of nothing akin to “respect” no matter the long face so many Muslim apologists will pull.

  • L.Long

    People claim to understand the buyBull which is written in back-ass-ward english , and this title shows how little they understand anything! The muslin did not swear at anyone! He used words that others for no good reason don’t like others to say. Swearing is promising on gawds name!!! Cursing is casing a spell in words usually for harm, and profanity is any speech not related to gawd. So they don’t know the definition of a simple word and think they know about what silly BS means & this includes muslins!

  • 1859

    Just watched the footage – besides being as ugly as a baboon’s bum, he’s clearly unhinged. My impression is that his religion is a sort of self-fulfilling catalyst to his madness. I wouldn’t be surprised if he begins to call himself a prophet.

  • Paul

    I watched the clip.
    He doesn’t have mental health problems at all – other than he is a religious idiot. But he clearly has extreme pent up aggression which is very evident at the way he talks, gesticulates and threatens the policeman.
    He does deserve to be prosecuted and this clip if used in a magistrates court I hope would lead to a conviction, however he would no doubt spout the same
    Aggressive intolerant nonsense at court.
    His comments that the policeman is being a racist (as he is a Muslim) is particularly reprehensible and should be shown for what it is – stupid.

  • gedediah

    Godless Psych: seriously?