Muslims proclaim support for vicious killer Tanveer Ahmed

Muslims proclaim support for vicious killer Tanveer Ahmed August 9, 2016

In a shocking display of support for taxi driver Tanveer Ahmed – sentenced today to 27 years for the killing of Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah – a group of Muslims present at his sentencing at Glasgow High Court echoed his defiant shout of ‘Mohammed is the the prophet, he is the only one.’
According to this report, Ahmed, 32, travelled from Yorkshire to confront Shah about clips the shopkeeper had posted online which he said:

Disrespected the Prophet Mohammed.

Watching a clip featuring Shah on his phone as he made his way to Glasgow, Ahmed was heard in a phone message saying:

Listen to this guy. Something needs to be done. It needs nipped in the bud.

He pulled out a knife and stabbed the 40-year-old, who he did not know, at his store in Glasgow’s Shawlands area on 24 March, 2016.
Ahmed, a father of three from Bradford, pleaded guilty to the murder last month.
In passing sentence, Judge Lady Rae said the killing was:

Asad Shah

An appalling display of merciless violence.

She expressed her concern that Ahmed showed no remorse whatsoever for his crime.
James Matthews, Sky News’ Scotland Correspondent, said:

Inside court, a section of the public gallery was filled by supporters of Tanveer Ahmed. As he was led away from the dock he faced them, raised his hand to the air, and shouted in Arabic ‘Mohammed is the prophet, he is the only one’. They returned the sentiment, with a collective voice, as the killer was forced down stairs into the holding cells beneath court.

Shah, described as “a pillar of the community”, was a member of the Ahmadiyya community.
The court heard that Ahmadiyyas differ from other Muslims in their belief that the Mohammed was not the final Prophet.
A statement released on behalf of Shah’s family said:

Asad’s family have lost a peaceful, kind and loving brother, son and uncle who can never be replaced. Most of his family have now left or are in the process of leaving Scotland, a country they came to seek safety in.

The murder shocked the close-knit community in south Glasgow, where several vigils were held in Shah’s memory. An online fundraising page for his family raised more than £100,000.
Rafiq Hayat, of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK, said:

Mr Shah’s only crime was to spread a message of love and compassion and the whole city paid tribute to him for his kindness and care. No matter how brutal the crime and how evil the ideology, the people of Glasgow and the UK have made clear that we will not let hate prevail.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • Paul

    It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that people will go to to hurt kill maim other people over perceived sleights and ‘hurts’ to their feelings, or in this case over what they consider to be worthy of stabbing a man to death:namely just being and thinking differently.

  • Broga

    @Paul: You can add to your amazement when you know that the killer kills the victim because the victim, insists on common sense, and considers as incredible nonsense what the killer insists must be believed.

  • AgentCormac

    Lock up the religiots in the public gallery too. They are inciting hatred.

  • L.Long

    And be sure to relate to the killer for what he is..Not a religious nut or terrorist as this gives him power! The killer is just simply a criminal who murdered someone.

  • Neil

    We are soon going to have to build jails with minarets to accomodate the burgeoning islamic population of inmates.
    This fanatic must be prevented from being in contact with other muslim inmates and exposed only to the hardened up kuffar inmates, who regard muslims with ridicule and contempt, for duration of his term in jail. That will ensure he lives in fear of getting a good kicking on a regular basis and wipe that smug look of self important satisfaction of his face. Also prevent his from accessing his evil holy book and ensure he has no mobile phone, tablet, computer or any other means of contacting the outside world.
    My choice of punishment would be to cast him into an oubliette and leave him there to rot … slowly … that he may dwell on his stupidity and oblivion.
    And those in court who chanted in support of this bastard need to be charged and sentenced in accordance with the full harshness of the law. The imams in his mosque must be investigated and charged too. There is a nasty bunch of loons associated with this bastard. They need rounding up and sorting out.

  • “The people of Glasgow and the UK have made clear that we will not let hate prevail.”
    Yes, let’s give all the Muslims one more hug and then I’m quite sure they’ll say ‘well, okay, we’re sorry, we won’t do it again.’ We’re always just one hug away from ending the past one thousand four hundred years of Muslim violence. Line up now, time for hugs.

  • Paul

    @Broga how true.
    This is why a belief is such a dangerous thing. It allows people to go beyond the ridiculous. The more ridiculous the belief the more extreme the efforts made to make it normal. The truly sad, but very dangerous thing here, is the herd mentality of those shouting back in the gallery that does state clearly, this despicable crime as quite normal and essential to protect their belief. And anyone not adhering to their belief is to be eliminated.
    I mean – he went all the way from Yorkshire to do carry this out. He ought never ever be released. And his ‘supporters’ need to understand this.

  • Brian Jordan

    @Neil :Tue 9 Aug at 6:24 pm
    “We are soon going to have to build jails with minarets to accomodate the burgeoning islamic population of inmates”.
    I often wondered, when I were a lad, why they had this structure at Strangeways prison. Evidently prescient in Manchester!