New animated movie slammed for being strongly anti-religious

New animated movie slammed for being strongly anti-religious August 13, 2016

Sausage Party, released in the UK this weekend, is a raunchy, animated adult comedy about food items that come to life, but Christian website Movieguide is less than amused:

Filled with crude content and foul language, Sausage Party has a strong pagan, immoral worldview marred further by a strong pro-atheist, anti-faith message.

Central to the plot is the discovery by an array of food items that the world beyond the supermarket shelves is a pretty dangerous and frightening place.
While conceding that the movie “looks great and has a style that’s truly unique to animated films”, it goes on to tell its readers:

Sadly, however, the movie uses its animated status for an unbelievably gross and graphic array of sexual jokes, both verbal and visual. There is also a lesbian taco, who tries repeatedly yet unsuccessfully to woo the female hot dog bun. Later, a male bagel and a male lavash bread wind up having a homosexual relationship during an orgy among all the store items.

Add in wall-to-wall casual profanity of every stripe, and Sausage Party is definitely not a wholesome animated comedy.
Even worse, perhaps, is the entire movie’s a thinly veiled endorsement of atheism and humanism. For example, the human ‘gods’ that the groceries prayed to for freedom, and the Great Beyond of the outside world, are both proven false and repeatedly mocked.
Any sense of faith is made to be a joke, and the message is to stop believing in any sort of a god and live in the now, for yourself. This unnecessary and callous stab at people of faith mars Sauage Party beyond redemption.

Here’s the trailer:

No prizes for guessing what guessing what’s next on my “must see” movie list.

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  • Richard W

    At least it doesn’t seem to tell any porkies – unlike their religion.
    This rather silly critics, must be considered one of their rasher decisions.

  • Broga

    “Any sense of faith is made to be a joke, and the message is to stop believing in any sort of a god and live in the now, for yourself.”
    Much to be said for the philosophy of carpe diem although you don’t have to live only for yourself. They imply that “any sort of god will do.” Anything except the terrible, threatening atheism.

  • ZombieHunter

    my friend was telling me about this film a while ago, now i’m defo seeing it 😀
    the sort of sick un PC humour I love AND it’s pissing off Christians 😀

  • tonye

    A comedy movie and the religious are unhappy?
    When do tickets go on sale………..?

  • Newspaniard

    Isn’t it called “The Streisand Effect”? Excellent publicity.

  • Barry Duke

    There’s no pleasing Movieguide. They even hate CHRISTIAN movies! Here’s an excerpt from its review of Blue Like Jazz. “In Blue Like Jazz, a college-age Southern Baptist Christian man discovers his religious mother is having an affair with the married youth pastor, so he flees to a godless liberal college in Portland, Oregon. Though the young man returns to some kind of vague but politically liberal Christian faith, Blue Like Jazz lets a lot of false, hateful, rebellious accusations against Christianity, the church, religion, and the United States go virtually unchallenged.”

  • L.Long

    Hey! Dimwitted Xtians…..Morals are what YOU choose to do as right or wrong.
    Doing what gawd orders you to do is slaves following massa’s orders!!!

  • G P Barton

    No religiosity? No Dreaded Hellish Afterlife? No Forgiveness for Unforgivable and Outrageously Cruel Acts BEFORE They Happen?
    Keep it up, heathen and paganistic veggies!

  • drat

    How easily pricked are the skins of the pious. Well I say tough shit to all of them.

  • Angela_K

    Excellent news! Anything that pisses off the infantile pious prats can only be a good thing. All the whinging Christians have done is to show themselves – again – to be free of humour and they’ve done wonders to give more publicity for this film.

  • John Duncan Yoyo

    I want to thank Movieguide for the recommendation.

  • Gindy51

    Sounds like a buy to me!

  • John C

    Looks hillarious, not sure all the profanities are nessesary though, probably whats ruffled so many feathers,the F’s and jeffs are plentiful all through the trailer,that will not stop me watching it though i wouldn’t let kids because of the language.

  • Paul

    It’s a film about sausages FFS.
    What on earth are the fun less fundies worried about!

  • Matthew Carr

    It looks like the sausages are all circumcised so it’s all good.

  • MonstersKitten

    It’s called Sausage Party. Da fuq did they expect? I laughed my ass off at the trailer.

  • k. cobel

    Pagans aren’t necesarily godless, in fact often have several. Abhor when people can’t even get their hating correctly aimed…then again, one only has to look at the source. This choice bit of animosity is probably from the same folks who endorse Drumpf’s hate mongering.

  • Adam

    This bit: “This unnecessary and callous stab at people of faith” – the hypocrisy is staggering. The Bible constantly makes unnecessary and callous stabs at non-Christians, threatening them with eternal torture, mocking them and generally insulting them.

  • Dan


  • Scott

    “For example, the human ‘gods’ that the groceries prayed to for freedom, and the Great Beyond of the outside world, are both proven false and repeatedly mocked.”
    Perfect. The analogy was understood, and the mocking was a completely reasonable stance.

  • Jason

    The humor is obvious, the script is sexist, the casting has minorities played by actors who are not members (e.g. Arab, Jamaican, lesbian, gay), and most of those roles are stereotypes, but yeah: Sausage Party makes fun of religion. I’m sure it’ll be a hit with shallow agnostic white men in their 20s. Not so much with me.

  • Two Replies

    Movieguide needs to lighten the FUCK UP.
    The movie is INTENDED FOR ADULTS.
    And also, they need to STOP veiling their religious intentions behind a guise of a secular url. If they want to be religious, they can. But hiding behind a non-religious moniker is QUITE disingenuous. (Like how the “Discovery Institute” is a creationist organization, which is NOT interested in discovering anything (which is what science does), but is instead solely interested in pushing biblical dogma.)

  • Gareth

    HAHAHAHA, it must be good, definately watching it. Has any good movie ever been endorsed by Religiotards

  • Aurvandil

    ‘Filled with crude content and foul language,’
    Have they ever read the bible?