Priest sent picture of his penis to a pool maintenance man

Priest sent picture of his penis to a pool maintenance man August 14, 2016

Catholic priest Monsignor Larry McGovern, above, is being sued by a pool maintenance contractor for alleged sexual harassment and retaliation.
According to this report, McGovern, of the Stockton Church of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in California, sacked the contractor after the victim reported receiving a picture of the priest’s genitals.
Attorney John Manly, acting for the victim, said:

This is a classic case of sexual harassment and retaliation. Monsignor McGovern texted a graphic photograph of his naked genitalia to my client, then terminated his employment after my client reported the lewd photo to the police. This would be a clear violation of the law by any employer but it is even more disturbing when committed by a member of the clergy.

The lawsuit states the incident happened on July 26 and claims when the victim asked why McGovern sent the photo and if the monsignor was supposed to be celibate, McGovern responded with:

Celibate means not married …

This report adds that Manly’s client is a married man in his 40s.
The attorney said that when his client was cleaning the pool, McGovern, who also heads the Presentation Catholic School, would often sunbathe and make flirtatious comments while:

Laying around in a Speedo, making our client very uncomfortable. Our client’s a married man; this is his pastor.

After being challenged by the victim, McGovern allegedly wrote:

Oops. Sorry about that. The curse of the Internet. Shame on me. What is my penance?

Manly added:

Monsignor McGovern either fired him because he reported him or he fired him because he rebuffed whatever advance McGovern was making. If any principal or any school administrator sent a picture of their penis to a parent, they should be fired, not the other way around.

The lawsuit also reveals that McGovern was a key witness in several sexual harassment lawsuits involving Father Oliver O’ Grady, who allegedly molested and abused at least 25 children, and Father Michael Kelly who allegedly molested an altar boy in the 1980s.
The victims’ attorney Vince W Finaldi, said:

Monsignor McGovern was a witness and denied knowing of any sexual improprieties by Father Kelly and Father O’Grady, despite living with them in the rectory for years and contrary to victim statements. It is sad but not surprising that he now stands accused of sexual misconduct.

On Friday, August 12, the Diocese of Stockton responded to the allegations with the following statement:

Today the Diocese of Stockton learned for the first time of employment-related allegations against Monsignor Lawrence McGovern, the Pastor of Presentation Parish in Stockton. In accordance with the Canon Law of the Church, Bishop Stephen Blaire has placed Monsignor McGovern on administrative leave pending a full and complete investigation.

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  • nogbad666

    “..but it is even more disturbing when committed by a member of the clergy..”
    No, not more disturbing. More believable.

  • barriejohn

    He accidentally sent a photograph of his penis? We’ve all done it. There was a case in April where a Welsh guy called John Thomas sent a pic of his…err…John Thomas to a teenager (I’m not making it up!):

  • Broga

    ” McGovern responded with “celibate means not married…”
    He can just about get away with that. My dictionary describes celibate as living as a single person; abstaining from sexual intercourse. That still leaves the sending of a picture of his penis. Weird, very weird. But then the entire RC church is weird.

  • Ivan

    He’s not into breast stroke then…

  • 1859

    Which would also suggest this clergyman has committed perjury in the sexual harassment trials of his buddies – the other two priests.
    Not a week goes by without another RCC sex scandal. How long can this disgusting organisation last?

  • Smokey

    How did the pool guy know that the picture was of the priest’s penis? Had he seen it before?
    I have a feeling there are some details left out of this story.

  • Dee Gee

    Smokey, I assume the pool guy knew who was sending a photo of their junk because they identified the sender, and had known the Monsignor to be an inappropriately horny bastard previously while hanging around by the pool flirtatiously in his speedo. Speedos do not leave a lot to the imagination, usually.
    So no, there do not seem to be any pertinent details missing from the story as is.

  • barriejohn

    If the photo was of someone else’s prick it would still be very worrying behaviour!

  • AgentCormac

    Is there a single member (pardon the pun) of the catholic clergy out there who isn’t a pervert or a paedophile?

  • Robster

    It’s not only the Vatican’s, most of the other religious flavours including the Mo ones, the non-Jesus ones and the other endless varieties all seem to attract undesirable losers to their rosters. I suppose if you’re silly enough to chose the clerical vocation, given the really terrible, rotten reputation of those employed in this business, then it must be assumed there are serious doubts about those so afflicted and therefore must be held as very dodgy and watched carefully.