The she-demons of Ireland

The she-demons of Ireland August 27, 2016

Last week two women set up a Twitter account, TwoWomenTravel, to document their journey from Ireland to the UK for an abortion. Priest-ridden Ireland of course still bans all abortion except (grudgingly) those absolutely necessary to save the woman’s life.
They tweeted a photo of the plane under a lowering sky, of their message of solidarity “with all our Irish sisters who have gone before us”, of a patch of floor and a chair in a waiting room, of the view from a taxi window when they had an “unexpected change of venue”.

Hit us back the taxi fare@EndaKennyTD?

They copied the taoiseach Enda Kenny on all their tweets.message
There were many tweets supporting them, but there were also, of course, expressions of hostility. One remarkably ugly article appeared on a right-wing US site called “Louder With Crowder,” home of self-styled comedian Steven Crowder. The author is Courtney Kirchoff, who looks like everyone’s favorite camp counselor and writes like an enraged prison guard.
Dear Liberal Women, the title begins: No, Getting an Abortion is Not “Brave”…

Dear women who anoint themselves heroes for killing their unborn babies, You’re cowards. Stone-cold, murderous cowards.

Of course, the women didn’t “anoint themselves heroes”. They simply did something nearly all Irish women are forced to do if they need an abortion: they took an unwanted and tiring trip. Their point was not that they were heroes but that women shouldn’t have to do that in order to stop being pregnant.
Kirchoff doesn’t get any nicer as she goes on.

Before I continue, let me distinguish who you devils are, as there are a few types of women who ‘choose’ to abort their unborn baby boys and girls.

She lists and dismisses the manipulated victim type and the willfully ignorant type, and then closes in for the rhetorical kill.

Lastly there’s you, the self-appointed martyr type. Brave little she-soldiers fighting evil pro-lifers who refuse to keep their rosaries off your ovaries. Specifically for this letter, the ladies of @TwoWomenTravel on Twitter. Two broads who decided to live tweet episodes of your abortion quest for the Twitterverse to see. So thousands of she beasts (of the Type Two variety) could applaud you for your daring ‘bravery’.
You women? You’re not ‘brave’. You’re not ‘courageous’. Two words you use liberally in your tweeting-spree, but have no application to your actions or your characters.
You may believe what you’re doing, (in this case leaving Ireland where abortion is illegal, to obtain an abortion elsewhere) is inspiring, but you simply left one country where murder is illegal, to kill your victim in another. While scoring political points from your pro-abortion coven of she-demons.
Many of us sympathize with women who have aborted their children if they were emotionally manipulated to do so. These abortive mothers’ overwhelming guilt and crippling grief helps with the sympathy. But I not only have zero sympathy for you, I believe you to be some of the most spineless, unknowingly evil women alive.

At that point we’re treated to an animated figure of a “demon”.

Have I crystalized my opinion clearly enough for you?
Your little Twitter stream? You know what it’s lacking? Any reference to the child being vacuumed out of the womb. In fact you don’t reference the baby at all. Not surprising, given any mention of the child’s humanity is a giant, boo-boo no-no in the How to Be Pro-Abortion Monster Handbook.
Here you are, on the plane, trying to fabricate a Sisterhood of the Sorceresses Who Suck Their Babies from their Bodies (trademark pending) …

And it goes on in the same vein, with hyperbolic descriptions of what happens to the fetus, which Kirchoff of course calls “the baby” and “that unborn child”. She rails at the women for using the word “brave” and tells them they’re cowards, and ends with a flourish:

You didn’t choose the path of bravery. You absconded the power of a woman’s ability to give life, and pitched it in the trash, believing your ‘journey’ from one country to another was some kind of heroic metaphor.
You are weak. You are pathetic. You and women like you are failures. You try convincing yourself you’re brave as you recite it in a mirror. If you can still see your reflection, you devil. But no. You killed your unborn child. You took pride in it. You made it a spectacle. Brave you are not. It is an insult to all women who are brave, who did the right thing, who protected their child’s life.

What all this rage and vituperation leaves out is the fact that the woman’s body is her body, and that she has certain rights over it because it’s hers and no one else’s.
If the fetus were actually a person, sitting in there reading a book until time to come out, then it might have more of a claim to occupy the woman whether she likes it or not … or it might not, but in any case that’s not what the fetus is. Pregnancy is a process that happens inside a body, causing much discomfort and exhaustion – as an illness does.
If the owner of the body doesn’t want the pregnancy, how is it the job of Courtney Kirchoff to call her names for ending that unwanted pregnancy? What on earth makes her think she’s entitled to call a total stranger devil and demon and evil, weak and pathetic and a failure, murderous, she-beast, coward?
It’s a strange business, this furious, spittle-flecked rage on behalf of other people’s pregnancies while actual babies and children all over the world are being starved, beaten, neglected, bombed, tortured, raped, and just generally thrown away.

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