UK hate preacher found guilty of supporting Islamic State

UK hate preacher found guilty of supporting Islamic State August 16, 2016

Party animal-turned-hate-preacher Anjem Choudary, 49, above, is facing jail after being found guilty of supporting Islamic State.
According to the Guardian, Choudary was convicted at the Old Bailey after jurors heard he had sworn an oath of allegiance to murderous Islamic group.

Choudary, who has links to one of Lee Rigby’s killers, Michael Adebolajo, and the Islamist militant Omar Bakri Muhammad, also urged followers to support Isis in a series of talks broadcast on YouTube.
Choudary and his co-defendant, Mohammed Rahman, 33, right, told their supporters to obey Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the IS leader, who is also known as a “caliph”, and to travel to Syria to support the terrorist group. Mohammed_Rahman-xlarge_trans++YDyILcGD8IL1FLzIitmKRHhTTj2aOgfLFqreBVMYAu4
They were convicted in July but details of the trial, including the verdict, could not be reported until today.
The men face up to 10 years in jail for inviting support for a proscribed organisation. They will be sentenced in September.
Prosecutor Richard Whittam QC said:

The prosecution case is that whichever name is used, the evidence is quite clear: when these defendants were inviting support for an Islamic state or caliphate they were referring to the one declared in Syria and its environs by Ibrahim [Abu Bakr] al-Baghdadi at the end of June 2014.
Terrorist organisations thrive and grow because people support them and that is what this case is about. Do not confuse that with the right of people to follow the religion of their choice or to proclaim support for a caliphate.

Choudary, who has a long history with groups involved in radical Islamist demonstrations, such as the now-banned al-Muhajiroun and Islam4UK, denied he was inviting support for IS and claimed to be a “lecturer in sharia law” giving:

The Islamic perspective.

He began studying sharia law under Syrian-born Bakri Muhammad, a Salafi Islamist militant leader who formed al-Muhajiroun with the aim of promoting sharia in the 1990s, the court heard.
Bakri Muhammad fled to Lebanon in 2005, where he was joined by Choudary for about ten weeks. Bakri Muhammad was ultimately jailed in Lebanon for terror offences.
Choudary admitted he was media spokesman for Islam4UK during a time in which the controversial group put out “incendiary statements” calling for Buckingham Palace to be turned into a mosque and Nelson’s Column to be destroyed.
On the ninth anniversary of the London terror attacks – 7 July 2014 – Choudary and Rahman posted an oath of allegiance online under their kunyas or Islamic names, Abu Luqman, used by Choudary, and Abu Baraa, used by Rahman, on an extremist website.
Between August and September 2014, Choudary and Rahman posted speeches on YouTube encouraging support for IS.
The prosecution also played an older lecture given by Choudary in March 2013, which did not form part of the charge but was provided to the jury for background.
In the lecture, titled “Duties of the Khilafah State”, Choudary makes clear his desire for the establishment of a caliphate as well as his support for the military action of Islamic State.
He said:

We don’t have any borders, my dear Muslims. It is about time we resumed conquering for the sake of Allah. Next time when your child is at school and the teacher says ‘what do you want when you grow up, what is your ambition?’, they should say to dominate the whole world by Islam, including Britain, that is my ambition.

The prosecution told the court that the defendants were “acutely aware” of the potential criminal implications of being overt in their support for IS.
Whittam told the court:

The prosecution alleges that this led to great care in the way in which the defendants expressed themselves publicly, particularly after Isil was proscribed as a terrorist organisation by the Home Secretary.

Born in north London, Choudary initially studied medicine at Barts medical school before changing courses and enrolling at Guildford College of Law. He opened his own solicitor’s practice in his late 20s but told the court that by that point he had become religious and his beliefs did not sit easily with certain aspects of the law.
In 2014, The Spectator revealed that Choudary was living on state hand-outs to the tune of £25,000 a year.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • barriejohn

    This is wonderful news. For years this parasite has studiously remained within the law, never saying enough to make a prosecution possible, but somehow he got himself trapped by his acolytes into saying that as he supports the idea of a caliphate he supports al-Baghdadi, and therefore IS. How he could have been so stupid is anyone’s guess, as he must have known the consequences, but as a recruiter for terrorism he now has his come-uppance. I know that some will say that he’ll only be transferring his radicalization business inside prison, but it’s happening there anyway, so that is another problem.

  • Broga

    Living on £25,000 a year state handouts. Wonderful, isn’t it? He can rely on the state to pay him generously for spouting his hatred and bile at the very state that is funding him.
    And it is my taxes, and yours, that are funding this parasite. I can see why they don’t want to return to the Muslim paradise that they want to create here.

  • Barry Duke

    Miqdaad Versi, of the Muslim Council of Britain, said: “Mr Anjem Choudary has long been condemned by Muslim organisations and Muslims across the country, who consider him and his support for Daesh [Isis] to be despicable and contrary to the values of Islam and our nation.
    “Many Muslims have long been puzzled why this man was regularly approached by the media to give outrageous statements that inflamed Islamophobia.”
    Talk about shooting the messenger …

  • NoMo

    Good … now make sure he is put in a jail where he can be exposed to all those inmates who revile him. They can be relied upon to give a really well deserved kicking to this most excremental traitor. And make sure he is not able to contact any of his fellow islamoshitehawk inmates on the inside. No phone, no laptop, no mobile … complete isolation from the outside too. Oh and invite some graffiti artists to decorate his cell with piss taking images of the prophet, piss be upon him. And piss be upon choudray, who I hope will get a right Royal screwing whilst he is rotting on the inside. And 10 years is totally inadequate … let’s hope he has an unfortunate slightly fatal accident before he gets out.

  • AgentCormac

    This man, who spent 20 years preaching hate against the society in which he lived, will now spend the next few years of his life in a prison which gives him access to a state-of-the-art gym, good food three times a day, a TV that’s no doubt bigger than mine, phone calls to the outside world, etc., etc., etc.. All at the expense of UK tax payers like myself. This when the savages he promotes throw people off buildings, crucify them, bury them alive and set fire to them in cages. I could go on. To my mind he should be shipped back to a region which has been recently liberated from IS control and given a taste of his own grotesque medicine. But sadly he’ll spend the next few years of his sorry life living in a hotel. At my expense.
    Something has got to change.

  • RussellW

    “…outrageous statements that inflamed Islamophobia”
    Yeah sure, it’s always the Kuffars’ fault. As if the infidel press created Choudary, not his demented and toxic religion.

  • Paul

    I don’t really understand the level of tolerance we allow these types of people to spout such vile hatred against us.
    Tolerance is fine. But then the Germans were tolerated and look where that lead ( and I mean Germans, ordinary Germans, not this Pc reference to Nazis as though they were or have become some alien race different to Germans). And who is to say this islamic hatred can’t or won’t lead to something the Germans did. Is this not what IS has done by creating their Islamic State. And it is a State. It is real. And it is full of hate against everyone.

  • Robster

    So, turns out that caliph’s fate wasn’t to be.

  • jay

    The problem is the modern liberal belief that all cultures are equal and that it is discriminatory and racist to assume otherwise. And that any bad behavior by these cultures is magically a result of Western imperialism

  • Newspaniard

    @AgentCormac. He’ll probably be imprisoned in an establishment where the majority of prisoners are, like he, islamofascists, so he’ll be quite happy enjoying his holiday. Of course he will demand and get special meals. The governor will either be a muslim or sympathizer or if not, his/her family can be threatened if this filth doesn’t receive first class treatment. Being a (failed) lawyer he will be able to demand favours for him and his cronies using the “human rights” (or similar) legislation threat if they are not met. How soon will he be transferred to an open prison (worthy or not)? Of course he will get maximum time off for “good behavior”. We will not be able to deport him as he is a British citizen. If he were not a muslim then I would say he was on the pig’s back. An I forgot to mention the muslim MP’s and mayors who will be fighting on his behalf for a pardon, or the like and white-washing his past with the aid of media like The Guardian and the BBC. islamization of the UK rolls on uninterrupted.

  • It is merely politeness to refer to people as they refer to themselves. It is often also more accurate than referring to them as one might prefer.
    That is why I don’t speak of Islamists or extremists, only Muslims. That is why I don’t speak of preaching hate, only Islam.
    There is another unspoken word here, one for a man who lends support to a nation at war with his nation. That word is traitor. What is the traditional punishment of traitors?

  • tonye

    Long overdue.

  • ZombieHunter

    If anjen choudary loved daesh so much he should have fucked off over there, he’s a coward though and always has been, never getting his own hands dirty but riling people up into a frenzy so they go off and do it for him and when he gets called out for it he’s all “wasnt me dude” well fuck you andy and enjoy jail food your prick.

  • NoMo

    Only 10 years? Only ten years? Choudray is a really evil bastard and has vicariously caused the death of many people as sure as if he had wielded the knives or pulled the trigger himself. The excremental shit should get 30 years because that’s what you get for murder …

  • John the Drunkard

    Of course Choudary wouldn’t risk actually LIVING in the hell-holes he advocates. THEY would probably have him killed, or forced to do actual work which might put him at risk.
    And I really wonder how ‘inside the law’ he really acted. The conviction would seem to hint that his fomenting of violence and hatred was pretty blatant.
    The most extreme Islamists often seem to require the freedom provided by secular Western states. Assad, Mubarak, Zia, Qaddafi etc. would have put these assholes against the wall in a minute. ‘Decadent’ western tolerance provides the space for conspiracy.

  • ragtag

    how come this man did not qualify for an honor killing?
    if muslims in this country did not like what he said then
    surly an honor killing was in order.

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