Couple attacked by Muslim thugs for eating ham pizzas

Couple attacked by Muslim thugs for eating ham pizzas September 1, 2016

Muslim drug dealers Youness Boussaid and Fatah Bouzid, both 27, have been jailed in France after they brutally attacked a couple for eating a ham pizza.
According to this report, they became incensed after they approached the couple to offer them cocaine. They spotted the pizza, warned the pair they would “go to hell” for eating ham, then attacked them.
The attackers caressed the woman’s blonde hair before forcing their fingers into her nose, causing her to lose consciousness and fall to the ground. They then began to beat her male friend.
The attack took place at a food vending stand close to the Le Mix Bar in in Douai, but the assailants escaped after security staff from Le Mix Bar intervened. They were later arrested, jailed for six months each and ordered to pay £1,200 in compensation to each of their victims.
Despite being identified by the pizza chef, the victims and a further witness, Boussaid and Bouzid denied the charges.
Commenting on the incident, Edmund Setyono said on Facebook:

The headline should be 2 drug dealers, instead of two moslems. I’m sure this is the coke speaking.

The incident follows an attack on a waitress in Nice for selling alcohol during Ramadan in June.

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  • CoastalMaineBird

    It may be the coke speaking, but the script is from the Holey Book.

  • Michael Glass

    How crazy can it get? Thugs selling cocaine objecting to eating ham!

  • AgentCormac

    Don’t think people should eat ham pizza? Return to a country where it isn’t sold. Simples.

  • Smokey

    Muslim drug dealers?
    I wonder who would have the biggest problem with people eating ham? Muslims or drug dealers?

  • I read about two French atheist men who were in Islamic State who approached a couple who were fasting during Ramadan. They tried to sell the couple drugs, then got mad the couple were not eating and beat them up.
    No, I didn’t read that article. No one did and no one ever will.

  • Angela_K

    Beating up, beheading, bombing, slaughtering and drug dealing = good. Eating pork, drinking alcohol or women showing a bit of flesh = bad.When it comes to hypocrisy, it is hard to surpass religion.

  • Newspaniard

    In spite of the protestations by @barriejohn, (previous discussions), I have read that the 751 French no-go areas are controlled by co-operation between muslims and drug dealers, both of whom profit from the deal.

  • barriejohn

    Newspaniard: As has been said before, these Sensitive Urban Zones are no secret.
    In January 2015, after the Charlie Hebdo shooting, several items on Fox News labeled the ZUS as “Islamic no-go zones”. French media agencies denied these claims. After complaints Fox News issued an apology, saying that there was “no credible information to support the assertion there are specific areas in these countries that exclude individuals based solely on their religion.

  • Neil

    In Japan one can walk the streets at night and during the day in total safety because the streets are controlled very economically and thoroughly by the Yakuza groups who have very closeley defined territories. The deal is that the authorities allow the Yakuza to run Pachinko Parlours, Girlie Bars, Gambling clubs and all manner of adult diversions on condition that the Yakuza do so discretely, quietly, that the Yakusa police the streets to eradicate street crime, vandalism, graffiti, thieving and turn a blind eye to the politicians and officials who enjoy the services controlled by the Yakuza. And it works brilliantly. Everyone wins. The difference is that the Yakuza are nor a murderous death cult religious sect. Japanese are prosperous, tolerant, ordered, highly educated, hard working, cooperative industrious, law abiding, honourable, trustworthly, decent people. Unlike those who follow the medieval child raping murderous thug of islam.

  • L.Long

    And people wonder why I go armed everywhere!! And I know how to use my arms to protect myself!

  • 1859

    Had I been the judge I would have given them two years hard labour and, no matter how politically incorrect it was, thrown them out of France.

  • Mathias Worcke

    Today many educated Muslims are embarrassed to follow Islam but if they openly discard it they will be killed. Hence the Muslims must be first shown a safe path so that they renounce Islam but does not arouse suspicion among their fellow Muslims. This they can do if they adapt the Sanatana way of life. By adapting the Sanatana way of life they need not change their name, diet, customs or undergo purification ceremonies; or say prayer in an alien language or visit places of worship; and live harmoniously with their neighbours.

  • Newspaniard

    @barriejohn. As before, although I didn’t say at the time, you are a victim of French propaganda. I’m sure that had you visited any of the areas you would discover the truth. A case in point was when the French authorities were searching for terrorist suspects, covered live on TV, in one of these areas, as the day went on the troops were more-and-more threatened by the gathering crowds, they had to bring in the riot police to try and clear the streets. The truth about these areas has been known and discussed for years and no amount of government whitewash will cover up the truth.

  • barriejohn

    Newspaniard: I don’t doubt the scenario that you describe, but that has nothing to do with ZUS, and describing them as “Islamic no-go zones” is deliberately misleading.

  • Paul

    Umm where did it get that from?
    As to one part only on the Japenese race being really nice people – if you can get hold of it read Lord Liverpools book on life in their war camps and the torture techniques of the Japenese on our boys during the Second World War. And I mean Japenese not some fictional race of people.

  • RussellW

    I’d agree with Paul in regard to the Japanese. They’re racist but have no racial tensions because Japan is a mono-racial, mono-cultural society. They naturally don’t have problems with Muslim minorities and Islamisation. No Western nation could get away with the same attitude to immigration.
    They were the Nazis of the Asia-Pacific, however they still, unlike the Germans, haven’t acknowledged their barbarous history.

  • barriejohn

    Paul/RussellW: The mafia were very efficient at handing out justice to small-time crooks and thugs (unless they belonged to the organization), and I hear that the Kray twins loved their mum and looked after widows!