Retired Pope Benedict XVI tried to rid Church of its 'filth'

Retired Pope Benedict XVI tried to rid Church of its 'filth' September 10, 2016

Paedophile priests, murky finances and corruption were the ‘filth’ that Joseph Ratzinger, 89, wanted to eliminate from the Roman Church when he became Pope Benedict XVI.
But they were hard to get rid of.
In a new book due to be published this weekBenedict XVI – Last Testament: In His Own Words by German author Peter Seewald – Ratzinger discusses how much his election as Pope burdened him and that, having been prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, he knew precise details of the Church “dark side” that he was determined to eliminate.
“Of course I wanted to do more than I could,” the Pope Emeritus says.
During his pontificate, hundreds of paedophile priests were dismissed and he says he smashed a homosexual network in the Vatican.

Whether that has formed again, I do not know.

The book is said to be a mix of autobiography, testimony and written defence. The aim is to help Joseph Ratzinger explain himself and his pontificate to the world, according to its publishers.
The German daily Suddeutsche Zeitung, which has seen an advance copy of the book, says Benedict discusses “delicate” matters such as the strengths and weaknesses of his pontificate, cliques, religious doubts and Pope Francis.
It is “written in an easy style and is rich in anecdotes”, the newspaper says, and refers to many facts and stories which anyone familiar with Benedict and his pontificate will probably already be aware of.
In the book he confesses that he underestimated the political significance of his 2006 Regensburg speech which upset much of the Muslim world, and says Vatican officials gave him poor advice ahead of his decision in 2010 to lift the excommunication on Bishop Richard Williamson. He later learned that the former SSPX bishop had denied the extent of the Holocaust – a revelation that led to a “huge propaganda campaign” being “unleashed against me,” he says.

The former Archbishop of Munich makes some strong judgments about the Catholic Church in Germany, long criticised for being wealthy but lacking in faith. He complains about “a well-established and highly paid Catholicism” there, along with an “over dependence on unholy bureaucracy”, a “theorisation of faith” and “lack of a living dynamism.”
The newspaper report says Benedict is more gentle when he talks about Francis. He says his successor’s election completely surprised him, and initially unsettled him, but cordial dealings with him have since made him happy. Francis emphasises different things, but there are no contradictions, he believes.
In an interview this week in Die Zeit, Seewald said Benedict “was in love as a student, and it was very serious” and that it was a “a serious problem for him.”
In the years after the war, there were female students for the first time. He was a very smart guy, a good-looking young man, an aesthete, who wrote poetry and read Hermann Hesse … He had an impact on women and was impacted by them.
Seewald added that the former pontiff’s vow of celibacy had been a tough decision for him.
Benedict felt mentally and physically drained from his duties as the head of the Church, Seewald said, but did not quit for political reasons. The German author said that Benedict did not expect to live very long after his resignation, but a certain kind of resilience always kept him going.

Ratzinger has an ability to bounce back. One day you think, this was the last visit. The next time you realise he has gathered new strength.

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  • tonye

    Above photo:
    It looks like Ratzinger’s audition to play Angus Young in an AC/DC tribute band had not gone as well as he had hoped…………
    I’ll get my coat.

  • sailor1031

    ‘…smashed a homosexual network in the Vatican…”.
    So that’s what happened to Gorgeous Georg? Nah. I bet he’s still sharing the Rattenfaenger’s luxus apartments and lifting the old boy’s luggage when needed.

  • Angela_K

    Tonye, excellent. That picture deserves a caption: “And then pow, all the boys clothes fell off” Apologies to Kenny Everett.

  • tonye

    Angela K,
    Poor Ratzinger didn’t have a chance, see video below, and, I swear, at around 2min 20 sec, you can clearly see Jesus having the time of his life.

  • andym

    Does he talk about how he dealt with “filth” such as a former Archbishop of Munich who decreed that paedophile priests were not to be reported to civil authorities and just moved to another diocese where they were free to continue their crimes?

  • Broga

    “But they were hard to get rid of.” They are still there. They are endemic in the RC Church, an organisation no decent person would either belong to or support.
    The biography seems to be cleverly constructed. In Ratzinger’s own words (really?) when it is written by a skilled biographer. The con job continues: use some juicy candid bits to distract from the odious core of this outfit which recently made a saint of the grisly Mother Theresa.

  • The clapped out old c–t looks like a bleedin’ Nazi. Shame!

  • Barry Duke

    We’re all adults on this site Miss F, so there’s no need to abbreviate the word “cocknugget”.

  • AgentCormac

    ‘Retired Pope Benedict XVI tried to rid Church of its ‘filth’’
    Clearly he didn’t try very hard.

  • Take a walk down memory lane to read about Pope Benedict at The Freethinker…
    Judge for yourself his character and role.

  • Broga

    The biography will be highly praised by the BBC and will be an excuse for them to invite a top RC honcho to revere Benedict. They won’t, of course, invite a contrary opinion from someone from the NSS.

  • Paul

    This is utter bullshit – he is a lying fuck-cunt.
    Was that ok Barry?
    Ratingnazi actually sat for years on the bullshit RC committees that ensured that paedophile priests were moved so that they could abuse children again in other places and the victims were silenced or their silence was either coreced or forced onto them and they were made to withdraw ‘complaints’ and never ever make reports to the Police. Under his control never did the RC release files to investigative authorities when requested when reports of abuse were made. He covered up an entire generation and more of abuse.
    The Vatican bank continued unashamedly to funnel mafia money and Launder money: Under his ‘supervision’.
    He ensured the poison dwarf was made a saint with the nonsense we have all recently read.
    In conclusion I suppose he was/is just what I set out.

  • Broga

    @Paul: You have a treat ahead of you. Wait till the biography comes out and the BBC moves into overdrive to tell us how honest and revealing the book is and what a wonderful man it reveals.

  • Lucy

    What with all this crap, and the recent announcement that faith schools can discriminate even more ….it is not a good time to be a free thinker.
    And ‘cocknugget’ ha ha ha ha ha

  • Oh well, at least the old twat is celibate.

  • Paul

    @ Broga it’s so depressing isn’t it !?
    @Floribunda Rose
    Im Not so sure
    I wonder if the appropriate caption to his rather demonic look & bizarre photo would be :
    “Look I can’t show those fingers as they’ve been up the assholes of little boys”.

  • Terry

    The Nazis were very effective in their use of propaganda and it seems that the former Hitler Youth learned the lesson well.
    And the RCC knows damn well that if you are going to tell a lie then make it a big one.
    Ratzinger’s book is a crude attempt to cover up his crimes as the leader of the worlds foremost crime syndicate and peadophile ring.
    The problem for the RCC is their inability to comprehend that their deceptions are totally transparent to most people. The Poison Dwarf Saint MT is a colossal own goal by the RCC because millions upon millions of people know that her miracles are pathetic confections that are easily and comprehensively trashed by the evidence against them. Nor did she beleive in the RCC god … she wanted to but could not actually convince herself. this is well documented. So the RCC has a Saint who “is”an unbeleiving fraud.
    A pathetic attempt by Ratzinger to cast a veil over his failures and crimes is pathetic dishonest and very badly misjudged.

  • dfert

    And why did Ratzinger resign?

  • Robster

    So the ol’ Ben smashed a Homosexual ring(!) in the Vatican, is there anybody left lurking in the shadows of the Vatican? Ben could have articulated his greatest success with a bit more thought, mind you, thought might be a bit beyond him, he is a cleric of some sort, smashing a homosexual ring sounds almost erotic. Naughty Ben.

  • Maybe he should smash the gay rings in Catholic seminaries such as Maynooth?