Vatican staging a 'black magic' ceremony for Mother Teresa

Vatican staging a 'black magic' ceremony for Mother Teresa September 2, 2016

A petition launched in India, demanding that the country should not send a top-level delegation to the Vatican to attend the canonisation of Mother Teresa, sets out a a comprehensive list of reasons why India should boycott the event.
The list includes:

There have been several cases against Mother Teresa for financial irregularities as well as accepting donations from dubious people and sending it to Roman Catholic Church. Unless such cases are thoroughly investigated, how can the government provide legitimacy to a saint who has a very fraudulent background? 


The hospice in Calcutta through which Mother Teresa gained such wide recognition is very small (80 beds) and provides little medical care. Needles are reused, all patients are forced to have their heads shaven, visitors are forbidden and painkillers are rarely if ever used. The nurses do not speak the language of the people and are not usually involved in the care of the patients. This duty is assumed by volunteers.

But according to The Guardian, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, paid tribute to Mother Teresa in a radio broadcast, saying:

She devoted her whole life to the poor. When such a person is conferred with sainthood, it is natural for Indians to feel proud.

The petition has attracted a pathetic 1,318 signatures.
Contrast that with the fact that half a million people are expected to attend the canonisation on Sunday in a ceremony that will be transmitted live to her adopted home of Kolkata and Catholic audiences worldwide. Proof, if it were needed, that truth is never permitted to impede the workings the Catholic Church’s immense propaganda and cash-generating operations.
The Guardian reverentially added:

The two-hour mass in St Peter’s Square, led by Pope Francis almost 19 years after she died will transform the diminutive nun who became a global icon for her work with the poor into Saint Teresa of Kolkata.

Pilgrims will venerate her relics and have the opportunity to buy 1.5m commemorative 95c postage stamps, released today, that celebrate:stamp

Her great strength, simplicity and extraordinary humility … [and] tireless dedication.

In the lead-up to Sunday’s mass, images of Mother Teresa have been publicly displayed in and around the Vatican. A series of seminars, feasts, musical events and prayer sessions held for visiting pilgrims have emphasised the parallels between her life’s work and Pope Francis’s central message of social justice and humility.
In Kolkata, three months of commemorations are planned, including book launches, art shows, a stadium mass and the installation last week of a lifesize bronze statue of the nun.
But Hindu nationalists have claimed that Mother Teresa was a “soul harvester” who proselytised among the poor, and that she and her followers surreptitiously baptised the dying without their knowledge.
Aroup Chatterjee, a doctor, grew up in Kolkata and now works in the UK. He is one of Mother Teresa’s most vocal critics.

Many rogues have become Catholic saints. What bothers me is that the world makes such a song and dance about a superstitious, black magic ceremony. It’s obvious that people are duped, they have a herd mentality. But the media has a responsibility not to collude with it.

He has described Mother Teresa as “a medieval creature of darkness” and a “bogus and fantastic figure” who went unchallenged by the world’s media.
According to his 2003 book, Mother Teresa: The Final Verdict, based on the testimonies of scores of people who worked with the Missionaries of Charity, the medical care given to sick and dying people was negligible. Syringes were reused without sterilisation, pain relief was non-existent or inadequate, and conditions were unhygienic. Meanwhile, Mother Teresa spent much of her time travelling around the world in a private plane to meet political leaders.
Similar criticisms were made by the late writer Christopher Hitchens in his book, The Missionary Position. Mother Teresa was, he wrote:

A religious fundamentalist, a political operative, a primitive sermoniser, and an accomplice of worldly secular powers.

The focus of the nun’s work, he said:

Was not the honest relief of suffering but the promulgation of a cult based on death and suffering and subjection.

Among those cited by Hitchens was Susan Shields, a former worker with the Missionaries of Charity, who claimed that vast sums of money accrued in bank accounts but very little was spent on medical expertise or making the lives of the sick and dying more comfortable.
Three years ago, a study by academics at the University of Montreal concluded that the Vatican had ignored Mother Teresa’s:

Rather dubious way of caring for the sick, her questionable political contacts, her suspicious management of the enormous sums of money she received, and her overly dogmatic views regarding … abortion, contraception and divorce.

After several years of ill health, Mother Teresa died on September 5, 1997 aged 87, and was given a state funeral by the Indian government. Demands for her canonisation began almost immediately.

Two years after her death, the Vatican began the process of beatification, the first stage of becoming a saint. In 2002, the Vatican recognised the “miracle cure” of an Indian woman who had prayed to Mother Teresa about her cancer, though the woman’s husband and doctors said the cancer had been treated with drugs.
Last year, Pope Francis recognised a second miracle attributed to Mother Teresa, clearing the way for her canonisation.
Hat tip: Agent Cormac and BarrieJohn

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  • Old Nick

    Seems ‘par for the course’ of the world’s largest crime syndicate and paedophile ring.

  • AgentCormac

    The power of religion to deceive the gullible masses knows no bounds. As does its ability to be accepted by the mainstream as somehow credible and worthy of being taken seriously. Yet here we are, in the 21st century, watching a farce which involves a deceitful old fraud being credited with possessing supernatural powers and being elevated to the status of some kind of superstar. Those who control the rcc know exactly what they are doing and understand that this glorification of transparenthogwash will enhance their global brand. The real shame is that no one in the media, despite all the evidence, will dare question the veracity of what is really going on here for fear of ‘offending’ those whose eyes and ears are closed to reality. The charade goes on and on.

  • Paul

    Give a lie 24 hours head start and it will take one hundred years to overcome it.

  • Paul

    I’ve just watched sausage party – we discussed that on another post/report, and oh my it’s brutal against religion. And rightly so.

  • barriejohn

    So the Indians, who were fleeced by this woman for years, are now expected to lick her backside? Typical.
    Saint Teresa of Kolkata: Oaf to streak like Satan
    There must be better ones, but it’s late. Where are the experts?

  • The negative media coverage of “mother” is very intense and everybody knows something about her. The pope ignores all that knowledge to make the old witch a saint

  • 1859

    Sentimental superstition wrapped in tinsel and launched as miracle candy-floss or an up-market brand of snake oil. And the masses will love it and gobble it down and feel so good, so righteous and holy.
    Forgive me while I vomit over my computer screen.

  • Robster

    An evil fraud perpetuating an evil con, all seems normal then.

  • Broga

    The BBC have bought into the bullshit. I heard their religious correspondent, Caroline Wyatt, on the World Service at 6.20am. We also heard from a priest about this grisly woman’s miracle. No critics allowed and all paid for by the licence payers. Absolute bloody disgrace.

  • Paul

    I’ve just looked at the BBC Web site video report of the latest Juno mission to Jupiter with its stunning shots and analysis Of how scientists are looking to discover the origins of the universe.the shots are incredible. Below it is a video on this woman’s first miracle.
    It’s just astonsishing.

  • Angela_K

    @Broga, yesterday, during the ghastly [pointless] “Thought of the day” slot on Radio 4’s Today, some woman, possibly the editor of “The Tablet”[catholic propaganda rag] was droning on about Teresa. She completely dismissed Christopher Hitchen’s valid criticism in a few words as though they were not worth considering; such is the arrogance of the religious.

  • tonye

    @Angela K,
    If only the late, great, Hitch was still alive, he would be flaying these charlatans with his wit and insight.
    A few years ago a late relative of mine and myself happen to have a conversation about Teresa. She literally though this fraud was a living saint. I offered her a copy of ‘The Missionary Position’ to read. She informed me that this book was the work of the ‘Devil’.
    The sad thing was that she was an educated woman and was the first female in our family to go to university. Such was the success of the indoctrination done in her early years.

  • Brian Jordan

    ” and her overly dogmatic views regarding … abortion, contraception and divorce.”
    The real reason for canonisation: services to overpopulation.

  • barriejohn

    @tonye: So true. Worth another look:

  • Broga

    Paul and Angela_K: The report I heard was extraordinary, coming from a public service channel with an aim of fair and objective reporting. The miracle, described by a priest, was of a woman with a cancerous tumour who prayed to Tess and the tumour had gone the next day. The priest said it was a miracle because the doctors could not explain it.
    So, a semi literate woman prays in her head to Tess, Tess listens and removes the tumour. How does the prayer get to Tess with such accuracy. By what system is it conveyed? Tess no longer has a brain. Why don’t all the devout get cured by the same method? Why only this ignorant woman?
    This is 2016 where humans are now stretching out to the far planets. The Rome circus is a great money spinner for the Vatican.

  • RussellW

    Since most Catholic saints seem to have been psychopaths by any rational criteria, or at least barking mad, or just plain criminals, sainthood seems appropriate for ‘Mother Teresa’.

  • barriejohn

    I have known some highly intelligent people who were devout Catholics. Their faith seems to provide something which is lacking elsewhere in their life, that’s all that I can say. And before anyone rushes to inform me (not on this site, maybe!) that they don’t all take every word of the Bible literally, here are a few samples of what they undoubtedly DO accept without question (scroll down for hours of fascination, amusement and complete bewilderment):
    Many of these are to be found in my late grandfather’s Catholic Hymn Book, which gives almost as much pleasure as my fortnightly Private Eye, with similar feelings of unease, I have to say.

  • Angela_K

    The Independent has done a piece about Teresa, most of the comments wouldn’t look out of place here.

  • andym

    Muggeridge has a lot to answer for in this farce. He kept up the “halo” myth even when the cameraman showed it was due to a new type of film he was trialling. An example of an intelligent man having his brains turned to mush by religion. Unlike a lot of fellow travellers he saw through Stalin’s Russia within hours of arriving there-prior to his religious conversion.

  • Bright eyes

    a woman was not safe in a taxi with malcolm muggeridge before he saw the Light. Then he became All Holy and held onto the Nun’s habit to make his Light shine brighter. Meanwhile the poor died in pain while the nun
    had treatment in a Swiss Hospital

  • Peter Sykes
  • Stuart H.

    Anyone else remember the fuss about Mamma T. getting money from the junk bond guy, Milken, in return for a good character reference at his trial? As I recall, there was either a lawyer or journalist who pestered her to pay it back to Milken’s victims.
    That money went to the Vatican for anti-abortion campaigns, and the Vatican now seems to be on a nice little earner flogging Teresa kitsch, so maybe a petition demanding the Vatican pay back Milken’s victims instead might be in order.
    Just as long as they don’t do it with a cheque from the Vatican Bank, of course.

  • barriejohn

    Stuart H: There were also “Baby Doc” Duvalier, Charles Keating, Robert Maxwell, and Licio Gelli, to name but a few, most of whom contributed to her work. Where did all that money go?

  • Vanity Unfair

    To barriejohn:
    My favourite so far (although it probably says more about me) is kaolin’s oak aftertaste, which should appeal to geophagists everywhere. However, for the purposes of this site, I suggest, Tirana’s fake takes loot.

  • barriejohn
  • John

    She is what she has always been: a cash cow for the Vatican.
    Her real born name is Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu.
    They can’t even use her real name!

  • The one thing that has not ben mentioned, is the fact that a large percentage of the so called dying, were, in fact, just ill with treatable conditions and yet no healing, life saving drugs were ever administered to them. The only thing that was done was to convert them to her faith, without them knowing. If you read The Greatly missed Hitchens book, it is plain to see that she was a fraud and a cruel creature and this kind of evil could never be made beautiful, ever!