Abortion: Polish Government sparks a fresh wave of fury

Abortion: Polish Government sparks a fresh wave of fury October 25, 2016

A Polish politician’s insistence that foetuses that stand no chance of survival should be allowed to be born so that they can be baptised before they die has provoked fresh demonstrations.
According to this report, massive protests erupted in Poland on Monday as women in cities across the country donned black in protest of a proposal to ban abortions in cases where foetuses were severely deformed or unable to survive after birth.
Thedemonstrations were a continuation of the “Black Monday” protests that helped defeat a proposed near-total ban of abortion that would have allowed women who underwent abortions – and the doctors who performed them – to be jailed for up to five years.
Jaroslaw Kaczynski, champion of the new proposal and head of the ruling Law and Justice party, said earlier this month that he and his party wanted to ensure that even foetuses:

Certain to die, very deformed, still end up in a birth, so that the child can be baptised.

Protesters condemned the government’s latest attempt at restricting abortion, called for better sex education and birth control, and criticised the Roman Catholic Church for undue “interference” in the country’s politics and public education.
Dorota Szumilak, a 44-year-old financial analyst, said that as a Lutheran she felt discriminated against in a country where the Catholic Church organises religion classes in schools.
Agata Rybka, a 24-year-old biotechnology student who helped oversee a petition signing in central Warsaw said:

We want to live in a secular society. Right now religious issues dominate public discourse and we don’t like it.

Under Poland’s current abortion law, termination of a pregnancy is only permissible in cases of rape, irreparable damage to a foetus, or when a woman’s life is at risk.

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  • L.Long

    Religion!!! Ruining life for so many for no good reason!!!

  • Moxie

    The catholic church – is a force of pure evil inflicted upon good people. I have been to Poland for a catholic wedding and witnessed hocus pocus, pomp, hyper theatrical ceremony and chicanery beyond belief. I have seen the staggering number of catholic churches, bastions of mind control to beggar, dupe and rob the people. The nastiness and inhumanity of the catholic occupation of Poland is second only, and by a narrow margin, to that of the Nazis.

  • Paul

    It is interesting that in all these places where abortion is a crime and that’s what it always has been – that it is the woman who is punished – never the man.
    It’s as though we haven’t progressed or evolved so very far in our 3-200,000 years on this planet (as modern humans).

  • No credible answer has ever, in my opinion, been given to the vexed question as to whether abortion should be considered morally justifiable or whether, on the contrary, it should be considered wholly immoral. In which case, I have decided to permanently suspend any ethical considerations I may have formulated concerning this particular subject and, consequently, have nothing whatsoever to contribute to any serious discussion concerning it. This comment of mine sounds like bollocks, but I’ll post it anyhow.

  • Dotty

    MFR – even when you admit that you have nothing to contribute you still have to post. But at least your post in this case is wholly accurate unlike most of your previous ones which were boorishly puerile.

  • Newspaniard

    Thank cheeses that we are leaving the EU. Brussels will definitely adopt Poland’s abortion legislation under its loony human rights acts.

  • Mark Palmer

    According to this knucklehead, they want to FORCE a woman to carry to term a baby, that could be a stillbirth, or one that will live only a short time.
    And just think of the reason why?
    It sounds like a horror story: To splash water on a dead, deformed, or suffering baby. Along with some phoney hocus pocus, so it can go to heaven to live for all eternity as a partially deformed, fetus/baby??
    Holy s**t, you can’t make this stuff up! Lots of kids wouldn’t sleep for a week if told this story around a campfire.
    I can almost imagine them rushing the poor dying thing into a motorcycle’s side bag, to zoom to the nearest church with a police escort.
    When will the madness end?
    -Mark from the USA
    It’s here I’d like to stay
    But if we elect that buffoon
    I’ll be moving to the UK soon!

  • Jobrag

    When I asked what happened to the souls of miscarried or aborted foetuses, I was told that they go heaven so no need to ban abortion on those grounds.

  • Peter Sykes

    “Thou shalt not mess with women’s rights’ Fallopians 20:12” – Anon

  • Brian Jordan

    Utter nonsense: since they insist that the foetus is a living human from the moment of conception, why can’t they baptise the doomed foetus in utero? I’m surely the technology exists, that the “holy” water could be sterilised, and that the poor woman could be unconscious of the insult. Surely better that than the vile proposal.
    Of course, since it’s all mumbo-jumbo anyway, why can’t they baptise the foetus by applying their magic water to the poor woman’s abdomen?

  • Dotty? Dotty indeed…..