Kenyan atheists want God removed from national anthem

Kenyan atheists want God removed from national anthem October 18, 2016

Earlier this year the Kenyan authorities, under pressure from religious groups, deregistered the Atheists in Kenya organisation. They claimed the non-believers were a ‘threat to peace and good order’.
If they thought this would serve to silence the group, they were proved wrong, for Harrison Mumia, above, President of Atheists in Kenya, is now demanding that the word ‘God’ in the National Anthem be expunged.
According to this report, Mumbia said in a statement:

As non-believers, we feel that the National Anthem is not representative of us, and goes against the spirit of the Kenyan Constitution.

His group argues that having the word ‘God” in the first stanza of the anthem does not promote the spirit of inclusivity, since:

Not all Kenyans believe in God.

The atheists point out that Kenya is a secular state and therefore singing the national anthem with the word God is in contravention of the Constitution.
The National Anthem starts with “Oh, God of all creation” and is recited as a national prayer for prosperity, love and unity.
It is a song taught to every child in each school and is considered to be the unifying factor in the country.
The anthem is sung in numerous occasions for instance before the opening of any official function.
Mumbia said:

Atheists want to feel proud when we sing or listen to the national anthem. This pride must arise from a sense of unity with shared values and ideals. The word ‘God’ disenfranchises atheists.

He said a petition will be presented to Parliament, which ironically has its own religious parliamentary prayer, which read in part:

Almighty God, who in Your wisdom and goodness have appointed the offices of leaders and parliaments for the welfare of society and the just government of the people, we beseech You to behold with Your abundant favour, us Your servants, whom You have been pleased to call to the performance of important trusts in this Republic.

The group was originally granted registration on February 18 this year, but was suspended by Attorney-General Githu Muigai in May following opposition from religious groups.
In a statement then, Prof Muigai said the organisation’s fate will be determined by the Supreme Court.
Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • barriejohn

    It is amazing just how “united” different religious groups can be when faced by people whom they consider to be a common enemy:

  • Tom Petty

    “God save the queen”
    Rooted that short lyric from the “English” National Anthem is contained much of whatis wrong with British culture.
    Unelected sovereign ruler … next in line is that idiot Prince Charles as the graet CH noted is a moral and intellectual weakling.
    The class system … put inplace to control and exploit the working masses.
    The honours system … here have a knighood and raid the BHS pension fund.
    The Church of England … think of Rowan Williams (no spine and a confused thinker), George Carey (protector of child molesting bishops),Justin Welby (who sees fit to consort with Putins god conduit the appalling Kirill)
    God … no such thing.
    I could go on for hours but i dont have the time.
    We need a secular republic not a sycophantic tiered system of haves and have nots, not privileged clergy …. ….

  • Another strategy: ask the government to clarify which God is being referred to in the anthem. If they say any particular God, they will be contested. If they say all ideas of God, they will be contested. If they say no particular God, they will be contested.
    For all the talk of how religion unifies, it unifies by exclusion of the faithless and other faiths.
    Good luck to these Kenyan atheists!

  • barriejohn

    Trevor Blake: When I was living “Oop North”, a devout Catholic lady used to assure me that “We’re all going t’same place, but we’re taking different roads to get there.” Never mind that that flies in the face of all that their holy books actually say!

  • Broga

    @Tom Petty : My views to the letter. The opinions in the National Anthem rot the fibre of the Nation’s core. These words, and the dreary dirge that accompany them, underpin a system whereby no pleb, however talented, can be regarded as the equal of the dimmest most corrupt aristocat.
    The royals, living in idleness and state funded luxury, are a massive rip off by that ghastly family. Their “work” is being trundled round to wave and simper at the brain washed plebs.
    One royal enthusiast told me that the Queen was the hardest working woman in England. Her evidence was that the Queen did 300 plus visits a year. I wonder how that number is calculated?

  • L.Long

    Religion is always RIGHT when they have the gov’mint in their back pocket!

  • 1859

    Long, long ago, when I was a student,I went to an orchestral concert. Because I was a student I could get these really cheap seats (of which there were only 10 available) on the stage just behind the orchestra. The conductor waddled onto the stage, faced the orchestra and me and 9 other students, raised his baton and began with the National Anthem. The whole auditorium of three thousand people stood up plus the 9 students next to me. I, heroically, remained seated. The conductor huffed and puffed in my direction but I did not move. I had always hated the class deference the anthem represented and I was determined to make my point. It was my one moment of private glory and I have never stood up, and never will, for this idiotic display of deference.

  • 1859

    I forgot to wish the Kenyan atheists all the best in their campaign, I wholeheartedly support them. I wonder where exactly in the constitutional process it will founder?