School slammed for giving abstinence imbecile a platform

School slammed for giving abstinence imbecile a platform October 24, 2016

Meet Brad Henning, above, a Christian abstinence advocate who thinks that ‘immodestly’ dressed girls ‘unleash a guy’s God-given sexual urges’ and are therefore to blame for anything bad that may happen to them.

He’s by no means the only Christian (or Muslim or Jewish) knucklehead who thinks this way, but Henning, who runs an abstinence programme called Life Resources, specifically targets schools in America which are happy to allow him to to spread his abhorrent views.
But one school in Phoenix, Arizona, has expressed regret about allowing Henning to address 350 girls at a mandatory assembly in September.
According to this report officials at Payson High School in Gila County was left with egg on its face after an outcry over Henning’s message, partly funded by local taxpayers.
Henning told his captive audience that:

Girls should make sure they do not turn on a guy by dressing or acting in a way that unleashes a guy’s God-given sexual urge.

The “expert” added that girls:

Have a low sex drive so the planet will not get overpopulated.

Later, in an after-school session to which the boys were invited but not required to attend, Henning had suggestions for the boys on how to ask a girl out, what to do on a date, what to talk about on a date, and how to get a second date with a girl.
At no point did Henning advise the boys to take responsibility or to avoid taking advantage of a girl, no matter what she’s wearing.
His address exploded across social media. Some bashed Henning and the school district, while others defended the presentation.
Henning has been a thorn in the sides of liberals, feminists, the LGBT community, and secular groups for years. Rants and articles critical of his “outdated” message are easily found on the Internet.
Three years ago, his scheduled appearance at a Washington high school’s mandatory assembly was met with one Internet campaign informing students about some of Henning’s eyebrow-raising statements and how they could opt out of the talk.
Another demanded that the school cancel a presentation on the grounds that by excluding the LGBT community, the assembly violated the school district’s discrimination policy.
The Payson school district issued a statement to provide “clarifying facts” about the assemblies – plus its note of regret.
The statement, sent to to New Times by PUSD board assistant Lisa Conley, provided some information about the cost of the events, though the district could not immediately provide the total cost of the Henning appearances or full details about how it was funded.
According to the statement, Henning has been to the school before. In fact, it was student response to the same assembly two years ago that spurred the district to invite him back. Funding was secured after meetings with parents and school staff, the Gila County Health Department, “and a couple of local entities”.
The school also used funding from Credit for Kids, a state programme that allows Arizonans to donate money to a school for extracurricular programmes.
The school said:

The message of building healthy positive relationships when dating is an important message for our students to hear and that was the intent and focus of the presentations.

In 2010, Henning told the Western Catholic Reporter  that he had reached about three million students nationwide since honing his Christian-based relationship presentation for the masses more than three decades ago, after beginning his career as a Christian youth group leader outside Tacoma, Washington.
Henning was quoted as saying that he:

Discovered that Grade 8 is the average time when girls become sexually active … the number one killer for these kids in their relationships with Christ was their relationships with each other.

On his website, Henning says:

God had to make the desire for sex so pleasurable that most guys would do just about anything to have sex, baby or no baby.

His claim that guys want a “fair maiden” and not the “town slut” spurred writer and yoga instructor Jen Pastiloff to make a YouTube video about him, entitled, “I’m pissed off!! This is NOT OKAY!!! No slut-shaming!

Hat tip: Gill Kerry

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  • L.Long

    There is nothing more dumb-assed then abstinence sex ed!!!

  • Daz

    “Girls should make sure they do not turn on a guy by dressing or acting in a way that unleashes a guy’s God-given sexual urge.”

    Y’know, over the years I’ve read of women being raped who were in every state of dress from naked to burka. If we’re really that anxious to absolve the poor hard-done-by men, who apparently have so little self-control that we’re effectively nothing more than a blob of non-sentient flesh being dragged about by a penis, maybe we should blame Gawd, who allegedly designed us in such a fashion.

  • If his looks are anything to go by, Mr Brad Henning is almost certainly a lifelong virgin. Abstinence should therefore be no problem at all for him. That face! Those teeth! There should be a law against it!

  • Daz

    MFR, that’s his orgasm face.

  • Daz, the only way that ugly monstrosity could ever hope to achieve orgasm would be by means of a quick hand-job–using his own hand, of course…..and let us hope that he never makes use of a mirror whilst ‘doing it’. The thought of the latter possibility is quite simply enough to make one retch with unalloyed horror.

  • Marcus

    Jesus Christ, that fella could eat an apple through a letterbox!

  • Paul

    It never ceases to amaze me how these people have these ideas. What sort of childhood do they have , if any.
    Do they get special training in being throughly out of touch with everything that exists in this world.
    Glad to be informed that, in Christianity, we are made in gawds image and that image is a sex starved rapist, women are all whores: it is probably the best advert for arguments against (religion) Christianity if only this counter argument were delivered (as well as many others) to the same audience at the same time as this idiot speaks

  • Broga

    That is a smug, certain I am right, confident fundamentalist Christian look. He is an odious wretch.

  • barriejohn

    It’s a pity that HIS parents didn’t practise abstinence, but then the chances are that they were fundamentalist Christians as well, and we all know that THEY breed like aphids on amphetamines.

  • David Anderson

    Hmmm. “Girls have a low sex drive so that the world will not get overpopulated.” How’s that working out gilipollas?

  • David Anderson

    Hmmm. “Girls have a low sex drive so that the world will not get overpopulated.” How’s that working out gilipollas?

  • David Anderson

    I don’t know why but every time I comment it appears twice. Any ideas?

  • David Anderson

    Except that one.

  • I’ve always kinda taken it for granted that Jesus Himself was homosexual. Have I been getting it wrong all these years?

  • AgentCormac

    As someone who has probably never got his leg over in his life, Henning no doubt advocates abstinence just to cheer himself up. ‘If I can’t have any, neither should anyone else.’

  • Brad looks like the type of guy who occasionally fellates himself in a forlorn attempt to impregnante himself…..That mouth! Those lips! Those teeth! Lawks!

  • John the Drunkard

    If he has his ‘druthers girls won’t have any sex-drives at all. They’ll do needlework in the back room until Daddy finds someone to sell them to.

  • RussellW

    The question as to why the so-called “Abrahamic” religions are so hostile to female sexuality is one of life’s great mysteries. Our pagan ancestors thought that a decent shag was a gift of the gods, they were far more enlightened.

  • 1859

    These religions are not just hostile to female sexuality, but to sexuality per se. In fact any form of physical pleasure or enjoyment of the body is seen as disgusting – hence the extreme forms of self disgust when devout (demented) adherents flagellate themselves to purge their flesh of its ‘sinful’ urges. This behaviour has a long, long, long history.