There's an awful lot of oil in Oklahoma, so let's thank God

There's an awful lot of oil in Oklahoma, so let's thank God October 9, 2016

Oklahoma’s Republican Governor Mary Fallin, above, has officially designated October 13th as a day of prayer for the oil industry.
Oilfield Prayer Day is the brainchild of Reverend Tom Beddow, who, as the head of Oklahoma’s Oil Patch Chaplains, travels around the state to provide ministry to employees in the oil industry.
He hopes that churches across the state will open their doors and that Christians will flood the pews to ask God to strengthen the oil industry.
Fallin heartily agreed with the concept, made an official proclamation for the day, and plans to attend a special prayer breakfast in Oklahoma City on Thursday morning.
In her official proclamation, Fallin notes that Oklahoma is “blessed” with a large amount of oil and gas, adding that:oil

Christians acknowledge such natural resources are created by God.

Because of all that fossil fuels do for the state, Fallin says:

Christians are invited to thank God for the blessings created by the oil and natural gas industry and to seek His wisdom and ask for protection.

Writing for Patheos, Michael Stone said:

There is something profoundly perverse about Gov Mary Fallin asking citizens of Oklahoma to pray for the oil and natural gas industry, instead of, say, the homeless, or kids with cancer, or those suffering from war, famine, and oppression around the globe.
Yet perhaps more important, there is something deeply distasteful about Fallin using her authority as Governor to promote her particularly perverse and crass vision of Christianity. At the very least, her sectarian call for prayers is an insult to the US Constitution, and the secular values upon which this nation was founded.

And Nation of Change’s Ruth Milka wrote:

Oklahoma’s wealthiest person, Harold Hamm, made much of his $15 billion fortune from shale oil fracking, the same oil extraction method responsible for at least 90% of the earthquakes in Oklahoma.
This is the same Harold Hamm that Donald Trump is considering for his energy secretary.
And what about George Kaiser? Here’s another oil billionaire of Oklahoma, whose family foundation’s bad investments will leave taxpayers on the hook for $535 million in federal loans, and who has built his fortune in part by utilizing tax loopholes.
This whole farce is a disturbing example of the power the 1% wields over politics in America. The oil companies, to ensure their survival, have recruited church and community leaders to fill the heads of their followers with nonsense, connecting their religion with a greedy, corrupt industry which wants nothing more than to protect profit.

Perhaps it would be more prudent for Gov Mary Fallin and the Republican-dominated legislature to stop praying to the oil industry and start passing laws to make their state’s oil billionaires pay their fair share of taxes.

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  • Smokey

    The US of America: The place where people doing legal things is a bigger problem than people doing illegal things.

  • Broga

    And I thought oil and coal came from all the ancient jungles.
    Ms Fallin seems an ignorant, silly and gullible woman. I can see why she got her job.
    suppose she supports that other buffoon Donald Trump who whined last night in an attempt to attract votes “There is no one has more respect for women than me.” But he still boasts of grapping their breasts and crotches.

  • barriejohn

    Prayer is a powerful force in the world, as all Christians know. I was reading this only yesterday, as I am sure others were as well:
    Is it any wonder that that fine, upstanding Christian gentleman, Donald Trump, still has so much support in America?

  • Paul

    There never were any ancient forests that had grown very quickly under the earths conditions millions of years ago creating coal. And the plant and fossils found in them were put there by gawd. These are facts!
    As to the ancient seas that created great barrier reefs that lie underneath, in some cases many miles, the present earth crust, and all the plant life run off that ran into those seas, and sea creatures that created sediment and have been compressed, heated and formed today’s hydrocarbon deposits – fact gawd did it all.
    Wonder why he blessed the Middle East so, and Russia with those ancient reef systems.

  • barriejohn

    Paul: You’re right, I read about it on the internet so it must be true!
    All the available evidence points to a recent catastrophic origin for the world’s vast oil deposits, from plant and other organic debris, consistent with the biblical account of earth history. Vast forests grew on land and water surfaces in the pre-Flood world, and the oceans teemed with diatoms and other tiny photosynthetic organisms. Then during the global Flood cataclysm, the forests were uprooted and swept away. Huge masses of plant debris were rapidly buried in what thus became coal beds, and organic matter generally was dispersed throughout the many catastrophically deposited sedimentary rock layers. The coal beds and fossiliferous sediment layers became deeply buried as the Flood progressed. As a result, the temperatures in them increased sufficiently to rapidly generate crude oils and natural gas from the organic matter in them. These subsequently migrated until they were trapped in reservoir rocks and structures, thus accumulating to form today’s oil and gas deposits.
    “All the available evidence”; you’ve just got to laugh at that one.

  • Broga

    @Paul: I am grateful that you put me right on that one. I think I was misled in practice (apart from these no nothing scientists) on a visit to a deep coalmine. I noticed there on the huge slabs of uncut coal images of giant ferns and smaller plants.
    Incidentally, having been in a mine so deep that the heat made breathing difficult when just standing, never mind working hard, I have been an admirer of coal miners ever since.

  • L.Long

    There are an awful lot of tornadoes in OK, so let’s thank gawd for his awesome creations, that allow so many of his believers to be harmed! Gawd does love him some misery!

  • Brian Jordan

    You missed out the bit (must be in there somewhere, in view of the source) that says it all happened only 4363 (yes, that accurate!) years ago.
    Since oil was first discovered and used at least 2500 years ago, the whole process must have taken no more than 1863 years from start to finish. Well done God, quick work. Except Prof. Andy McIntosh, IIRC, managed it in Leeds in a far shorter time.

  • Paul

    Broga and Barriejohn
    Glad to help!
    You see as gawd said so clearly in the babble if an answer isn’t in there, which it usually is in some obscure words, or not but that doesn’t matter, you are just allowed to give gawd credit. Or in layman terms ‘just make shit up’.

  • Angela_K

    Fallin’s underlying prayer message is asking her god to keep the oil profits coming in from land stolen from the indigenous population.

  • Peter Sykes

    The indigenous population wasn’t Christian, so they don’t count!

  • Angela_K

    Peter Sykes. Some loopy Christians believe that some Christians were in north America first and that what we know to be the indigenous population stole the land from them!

  • barriejohn

    Jerry Coyne has revealed some of his recent correspondence from creationists:
    Why do you try so hard to disprove God with this far fetched lunacy. We can not have evolved the odds of winning the lottery every week for you life time are more likely.
    If you really were as well educated as some of you think you are, you would question the lodgic of this theory.
    You are too amazing to have evolved.
    Come up with something better.

    Reminds me of Richard Dawkins’ hilarious mail (look it up on YouTube of you haven’t seen the videos – including the latest one – yet!).