Crackpot crew threatens those who dare to 'censor' Christmas

Crackpot crew threatens those who dare to 'censor' Christmas November 21, 2016

America’s Liberty Counsel has identified a number of US companies who are the ‘enemies’ of Christmas, and last week it announced a fresh campaign to name and shame – and even SUE – those who attempt to take the Christian element out of the pagan festival.
According to the dotty Christian Council, headed by a loon called Mat Staver, above, this will be LC’s 14th annual “Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign”, pledging to be a “Friend” to those who recognise Christmas and a “Foe” to those who “censor” it. Its website says:

The campaign educates, and if necessary litigates, to make sure that Christmas and Christian themes are not censored.
Liberty Counsel is actively monitoring cases across the country where there is intimidation by officials and groups to remove the celebration of Christmas in public and private sectors.
These threats include atheist groups seeking to ban nativity scenes from public property, senior living centers that prohibit residents from singing Christmas carols, public schools that ban students from wearing the Christmas colors of red and green, school officials who censor religious words from Christmas carols and retailers which profit from Christmas while pretending it does not exist.

Staver, who championed the cause of anti-gay Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, said:

Celebrating Christmas is legal in public schools and in public venues. In the private retail market, consumers can choose to patronize stores that recognize Christmas and refuse to buy from those that pretend it does not exist.

Liberty Counsel has drawn up a “Naughty & Nice List” that catalogues retailers that “recognise and those that censor Christmas.”

Four companies on the naughty step are American Eagle Outfitters, which have appeared on the list eight times; Dick’s Sporting Goods, which has twice been identified as a “foe”; Gap Inc, which was “shamed” nine times until it yielded to the Christmas “police”, but is now back on the list because it has  has “shown a decline in Christmas friendliness”; and J Crew Outfitters, which makes “no references to Christmas or any biblical elements within products, associations and advertisements.”
Time to remind readers what Robert G Ingersoll, an American freethinker, said when he penned his “Christmas sermon” in the Evening Telegram newspaper, New York City, on December 19, 1891.

The good part of Christmas is not always Christian, it is generally Pagan; that is to say, human and natural. Christianity did not come with tidings of great joy, but with a message of eternal grief. It came with the threat of everlasting torture on its lips. It meant war on earth and perdition thereafter.
It taught some good things – the beauty of love and kindness in man. But as a torch-bearer, as a bringer of joy, it has been a failure. It has given infinite consequences to the acts of finite beings, crushing the soul with a responsibility too great for mortals to bear.
It has filled the future with fear and flame, and made God the keeper of an eternal penitentiary, destined to be the home of nearly all the sons of men. Not satisfied with that, it has deprived God of the pardoning power.

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  • Broga

    Christians, who take what they want and call it their own, helped themselves to pagan rites and rejoicing (e.g. Saturnalia) and called it Christmas. December 25 was chosen as the supposed Jesus birth more than 300 years after the supposed Jesus was born.
    I like Christmas which, for me, is a pagan festival. I like holly with berries, I like the Christmas tree, I like the giving of presents and I even like many carols which remind me of childhood.

  • Paul

    How the fluff is it Xmas colours are red and green? Since when. There is no fluffing holy in the Middle East – if I guess this means red berries and green leaves of holly.
    Are there no depths so low to which these cretins will not stoop!

  • Broga

    Until now I had never heard the suggestion that the Christmas’ colours are red and green. I think they just invent stuff like this. They way they do everything else, of course.

  • AgentCormac

    ‘Enemies of Christmas’? Count me in! And if I was a god-bothering xtian I think I’d probably want this shameless annual excuse for excess re-thought and re-defined as well. So come on, let’s all join forces and insist that rather than being an excuse for immoderation and wanton indulgence every December, christmas gets celebrated just once every decade. Even I might look forward to that.

  • StephenJP

    Ah,it is the time of the year when we start to hear about supposed anti-christian activities by local authorities and companies! This is becoming as traditional as the Christmas story itself,and with about as much evidence. I will let Mat Staver into a little secret: we don’t actually mind what meaning you wish to impose upon the winter holiday season – in fact some of us very much enjoy the carols etc – so long as you don’t insist that your own interpretation is the only one that counts.

  • barriejohn

    “Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree
    Won’t be the same dear, if you’re not here with me.”
    I’m surprised that you haven’t heard this old Christmas hymn, sung by Jesus and the Apostles every year in December to commemorate his earthly birth. Holly, of course, comprised Jesus’ Crown of Thorns, and ever afterwards had red berries to remind us of his Precious Blood, shed for us sinners, and some of it spilled onto poor Cock Robin’s breast, turning it red. Today’s children are often ignorant of these and other fascinating facts regarding our traditional Christian faith.

  • 1859

    Christmas is one annual, queasy, sentimental act of collective, consumerist gluttony that christ himself would declare obscene and boycott. A time for making big bucks. I’m all for giving presents and having a party but not drenched with bucket loads of religious manure. I certainly would never celebrate the birth of anyone who grew up declaring they were the son of god. Deifying someone with a mental disability is not the most brilliant idea. Celebrating the winter solstice will do for me. I’ve now traveled 65 times around the Sun and during that time my heart has averaged about 2.4 billion heartbeats – that I can celebrate.

  • lonbo

    When i was a christian, i fucking hated christmas. Now that i’m an atheist, i still fucking hate christmas. Holy fucking shit, i wish it was new years day already! Cheers!

  • Vince Borengasser

    Axial tilt is the reason for the season.

  • Broga

    @barriejohn: I’m afraid I missed that. However, compared to today’s children I am well stocked with hymns, psalms, Christmas stories and chunks of the bible I had to learn by heart. I think they should never have replaced “charity” with “love”. That spoils it for me.
    Favourite hymn: “In the bleak mid winter.” The words are superb.

  • Bill Bonk

    OT but going back to turkey and its child rape problem.
    On the face of it good news but when you read it you will realise the depth of the muslim cancer in turkey … and all of it down to that abomination, islam, that is driving the country back to the dark ages where men can do as they please and rape yound girls and treat them as domestic appliances and sex toys. Turkey – I went there for a holiday once … not to the touristy places but in some quiet backwaters … and the resentment and dislike of european kuffars by the islamic factions was palpable and ill concealed. Not a nice place at all.

  • remigius

    Christmas used to be illegal in the American colonies because the Christians thought it was unchristian.

  • L.Long

    What is truly astounding with these so called xtians is their unchanging BS about stuff they know nothing about!!! Any cursory reading of their own book o’BS clearly shows that xmas has NOTHING to do with jesus!!! That it was stolen by the xtian con man and changed from the ‘rebirth of the sun gawd’ to the ‘birth of the son of gawd’. And now that almost everyone else celebrates the pagan xmas they are all pissy about it. My thanks to xtians for a list of companies that don’t cow-tow to the religious bigots!

  • Paul

    I just re read the words he uses – ‘litigation’ and that is against others. Why I wonder.
    And ‘they’ are ‘intimidated’ (against xmas).
    Totally deluded agressors more like – they actually go looking to litigate and ‘fight’ people who they perceive have intimidated them or aggrieved them over a pagan festival. That’s the true message of Crimbo right there I think! How can that be a joyous occasion for them if they’re on the lookout for problems all the time.
    Bit of coal for all of them – miserable diK heads.

  • Cali Ron

    I want to thank Mat Staver for compiling that list. I have removed every company on the “Nice ” list from my shopping list and replaced them with the “naughty ” companies. Now I have to buy my winter solstice cards and make sure to wish every Christian I can a “happy holiday ” and a “drunken new year”.