Indonesian Islamists riot over Governor's alleged blasphemy

Indonesian Islamists riot over Governor's alleged blasphemy November 6, 2016

Indonesian police used tear gas and water cannon at the weekend to quell a violent protest staged by thousands of hard-line Muslims.
Demonstrators accused Basuki Tjahaja Purnama – a Christian and the first ethnic Chinese to hold the post of Governor of Jakarta –
of having insulted the Koran, and want him to be prosecuted.
According to the BBC, clashes broke out between police and protesters who refused to disperse.

One elderly man died and several other people, including police officers, were injured.
Police had been braced for the possibility of religious and racial tensions erupting at the rally, which an estimated 50,000 people attended.
It had mostly been peaceful but groups of angry demonstrators clashed with police after nightfall and set vehicles alight.
The protest was held to demand that Purnama, above, be prosecuted for blasphemy over comments he made in September that were seen as criticising a Koranic verse.
He said that Islamic groups, using a passage of the Koran to urge people not to support him, were deceiving voters, who will go to the polls in February.
The verse is interpreted by some as prohibiting Muslims from living under the leadership of a non-Muslim.
Purnama has since apologised but formal complaints of “defamation” were lodged against him by Islamic groups. He is now being investigated by police. Representatives met with Vice-President Yusuf Kalla, who promised that the investigation into Purnama would be completed within two weeks.
Some protesters at Friday’s rally carried signs calling for the governor’s death.
There have long been tensions around Purnama political role.
In 2014, he was deputy Governor under Joko Widodo. When Widodo was elected President the main group behind the current protest – Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) – did not want Purnama to succeed him.
They argued that a Christian should not govern a Muslim-majority city. The campaign against him has since taken on anti-Chinese overtones, though the FPI said the rally was not about the governor being from a minority group.
Jakarta police said there were “provocative statements and images” on social media urging people to take violent action against Purnama, including calls to kill him.
Despite being seen as brash and outspoken, the governor is popular among many in the capital and has been praised for his effectiveness.
Muslims in Indonesia are largely moderate and the country’s largest Islamic organisation, Nahdlatul Ulama, had advised its 40 million members not to take part in the protest.

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  • Barty

    Wind forward say 50 years when muslims have outbred the kuffar population and this scene will be acted out in European countries. We need to act now unless we want our decendants to live under facist islamic “democracies”. Islam, the religion of peace (sic.) causes nothing but retardation, bloodshed, violence and bigotry.

  • Non-Muslims should not rule over Muslims. When Muslims say that, respect. When non-Muslims say that, riots.
    If you knew there was no compromise or appeasement in Islam, only obedience, how would that influence your choices? For me, I know I should not hold back to mock and criticize Islam because they will see anything I say as mockery and criticism that is not obedience.
    But what I don’t do is riot, behead, bomb, kidnap or the rest. That is the realm of the religion of peace.

  • nogbad666

    I don’t even understand what they’re complaining about. He’s just argued that his opponents are wrongly using a certain Koranic verse against him. He hasn’t criticised the verse, or the Koran, at all as far as I can see. Just another case of the islamists looking for something to be offended about, all the better if that lets them target a non-Muslim.

  • Barty

    HE IS A KUFFAR … thats enough … its almost as if exhaling within earshot of a muslim is blasphemy if you are a kuffar. Don’t forget muslims don’t need very much to put you on a death threat. Eating a lovely Marks and Sparks Bacon Sarney within 100m of a mosque say in Milton Keynes or Bognor Regis is more than enough of an insult to the child raping war mongering barbarian god of islam to get you on a death list.

  • Barty

    I have come to the conclusion that a great deal of islamic violence is the direct result of sexual frustration of battalions and whole populations of virgin men who have years of pent up sexual frustration caused by not even being allowed to talk to women or even look at women.I am guessing its sinful to have a wank as well. So what other outlet is there for all that stored sexual frustration and hate is there than to run amok smashing up stuff , screaming , wailing and killing who ever the imams tell you to.
    Imam … “I can see all you guys are in need of a bloody good shag. But tough luck. Not until you are married right. And no homo sex neither. And no wanking. But if you want a whole load of fucking and bonking with a bunch of teeny virgins in the next few hours then go and hack a blasphemer to pieces or kill a coffer. Wanna shag … go be a martyr.

  • AgentCormac

    That’ll be the religion of peace in action again, then.

  • Ate Berga

    May I ask freethinkers to consider the word KUFFAR. From wikipedia concerning Citrus hystrix:
    n English, the fruit is known as kaffir lime (also transliterated “kieffer lime”) or makrut lime (magrood lime). The Oxford Companion to Food[6] recommends that the term “makrut lime” be favored over “kaffir lime” because Kaffir is an offensive term in some cultures and has no contemporary justification for being attached to this plant. The etymology of the name “kaffir lime” is uncertain, but most likely was used by Muslims as a reference to the location the plant grew, which was populated by non-Muslims. The Arabic word for non-Muslims is Kafir.[7]
    The term is most offensive here in South Africa, primarily because it has spread from being a muslim term, to being gleefully incorporated into other languages, and used as an insult to black peoples.

  • RussellW

    “Moderate” Indonesia, yeah sure. It’s only a matter of time before moderate Indonesia follows the same path as moderate Turkey. Then there won’t be a single moderate majority Muslim country left, not one.
    During the period of the famously ‘tolerant’ Islamic regime in Andalusia a massacre of Jews occurred. The Caliph appointed a Kuffar, a Jew as prime minister, which was of course intolerable to the faithful. The atrocity seems to have been forgotten by Islam’s apologists.

  • Paul

    For a religion that pleads racism all the time whenever the chance arises, and that’s all too frequently, it’s very telling that as soon as that religion gets the opportunity it’s extreme racism shows through time after time.

  • RussellW

    Indonesia has a long tradition of anti-Chinese racism and pogroms. Chinese were the main victims in the ‘anti-Communist’ massacres in the mid 60s. So the governor is hated because he’s Chinese and a Kuffar, racial and religious bigotry are combined.

  • Rtffcvjjhbb

    OT … But the bat eared king in waiting and all round waste of space really should not be doing this kind of thing. Surely he is guilty of distributing materials that incite violence and hate.
    Nor does he understand the depth of revulsion in which kuffars hold the koran. It is after all an abomination that drives millions to extreme violence, hate and beggary.

  • L.Long

    ANd for the 1millionth time religious sheeple demonstrate that their gawd is a powerless sack of crap, as they get all pissy about some imagined slight! Ya now like some one says ‘why doesn’t Mo give allah a blow job???’ Imagined because neither one exits!!

  • It’s a huge problem of our world. We need to cooperate, but indeed we competing with each other. The life is cruel and to survive we should be more peaceful and relate with understanding. Such situations show us that there aren’t religions that don’t intersect in views. So, be more careful and give the world more peace.