Phone retailer's 'pro-choice' ads infuriate anti-abortionists

Phone retailer's 'pro-choice' ads infuriate anti-abortionists November 24, 2016

Carphone Warehouse has been forced to apologise to anti-abortionists over advdertisements that it insisted was completely unrelated to the debate about abortion in Ireland.
According to this report, Cora Sherlock, the deputy head of the Pro Life Campaign organisation, told the BBC:

Whether intended or not, it suggests a link to the pro-choice side of the abortion debate.

But the company said:

Carphone Warehouse is not commenting, advocating or promoting any viewpoint on this debate. That is for individuals to make their own decisions.

However, a later report said the Chairman Carphone Warehouse has apologised for the “offence” caused by the company’s ads.
In a letter to a pro-life advocate who had written to complain about the adverts Sir Charles Dunstone, chairman of Dixon Carphone, who own Carphone Warehouse, said:

I am very sorry that our clumsy advertising caused you such offence. I has been stopped and lessons learned. Please accept my sincere apologies. 

The Carphone Warehouse’s “pro-choice” website for the campaign has also been scrapped.
Said Niamh Uí Bhriain of the Life Institute.

After much controversy, including pro-life protests outside its shops and pro-life consumers making their voices heard, we are glad to see that Carphone Warehouse has had the sense to listen to consumers.
It would not serve debate or democracy well if huge global companies were spending massive sums which seemed to push one side of the abortion debate – the side which favours legalising killing unborn babies.
This is especially true at a time when media pressure is already relentlessly demanding a referendum on abortion despite a lack of public interest or support for abortion on demand. 

An action alert from the Life Institute said:

Abortion isn’t about choice, it’s about killing a baby and hurting a mother … clearly Carphone Warehouse meant the ads to be provocative. And the truth is that the ‘I’m pro-choice’ slogan is used to justify killing babies. 
So, it’s very important that YOU as a pro-life consumer tell Carphone Warehouse what  you think TODAY by email, phone and more. 

Protestors outside Carphone Warehouse said that they wanted to remind the company that the majority of Irish people were pro-life and objected to firms trying to manipulate the electorate or public opinion.

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  • barriejohn

    Oh dear, another craven climb-down.
    Protestors outside Carphone Warehouse said that they wanted to remind the company that the majority of Irish people were pro-life…
    Ignorance or lies? I know which MY money’s on.
    (PS I really object to this term “pro-life”, as though those in favour of choice are in some way “anti-life”, but it’s just typical of these Liars for Jesus.)

  • AgentCormac

    Well, hello – yet another imagined opportunity to act all offended well and truly spotted and seized by the religiots in our midst. Even though it’s clear that the Carphone Warehouse ad campaign was in no way attempting to take sides in the abortion debate, the fools still played the ‘insulted’ card. FFS, it’s like it’s turning into some kind of competition between the xtians and the muslims to see who can be most offended.

  • remigius

    The new Carphone Warehouse mobile phone contract looks good – you can terminate it after 24 weeks.

  • Club Secretary

    In the “states” most “pro-lifers” appear to be also stanch advocates of capital punishment.

  • Laura Roberts

    Please let’s not feed into their rhetoric by referring to them as pro-life. As @ClubSecretary points out, they aren’t. At best they may call themselves anti-abortion; more realistically they are anti-choice, anti-autonomy or simply misogynist.
    For what it’s worth, I think “pro-choice” is slightly inaccurate too. Pro-autonomy (or even pro-liberty) seems more accurate, as it encapsulates abortion rights and death with dignity among others. Unfortunately it’s not quite as pithy.
    Happy to entertain other options as I’ve not yet had my coffee…

  • Maggie

    Yet religions continue to offend on a daily basis. Where is OUR recourse?

  • Bill Bonk

    To see just how dangerous and incurably infectious religion is take a look at this horror … and weep … not at her plight and what IS do … but at the deadly infection that is totally embedded in her mind.
    We all know what absolute evil bastards IS are and what their religion (ie their verminous hateful imams) gave them the authority and convictions to do what they do but listen to this fucking idiot woman who says she would be happier if her son had been executed than having the physical fabric of her church damaged. Un be fucking believable. She cannot see that religion is the driving force behind the pure evil of IS She still thinks that religion is the best thing ever, to the extent that a meaningless assemblage of stone, wood and glass in which she worships (how i hate that idea) is more important than the life of her son. Yeah I know she is a stupefied undereducated down trodden old woman but please fucking wake up and cast off religion. Do everyone a fucking favour.The war criminals are not so much the lawless underachievering basket case dimshit young men as the imams that drive them to hate with the incentive of a fastrack access to underage girls to rape with the blessing of he who must be praised 5 times a day lest you will burn in fire for ever. ie RELIGION. What a hateful fucking abomination.

  • Those who are for abortion but against the death penalty are hypocrites. Those who are against abortion but for the death penalty are also hypocrites. I myself approve (reluctantly, almost) of both abortion AND the death penalty–though both activities should of course be considered highly immoral. Needless to say, I am not a hypocrite.

  • L.Long

    So few pro-life are such. They don’t like abortions so they try to FORCE their BS up other vaginas, and at the same time stop the use of contraceptives. These people are anti-woman and anti-sex! They are pro-fetus until birth, then they can just die!

  • barriejohn

    L.Long: We know that many (most?) are anti-vaccination as well, and some are even opposed to blood transfusions.

  • Nutter Quick Response Team

    Forced to apologise? Yeah right. Blackmailed or Threatened. The age old tactic of the pious. “You do as we fuckin’ say or you are goin’ down” or “We will terminate our contract with you” or “You know that deal you need government support for …”.

  • jay

    Nutter Quick: “Forced to apologise? Yeah right. Blackmailed or Threatened.”
    That happens on all sides of the fence. Like when the former CEO of the Chik Fil A chain said he personally did not approve of gay marriage, or when Brendan Eich was forced out of Mozilla..
    Political extremists on both sides are a bunch of crazy whiners who quickly get offended and threaten institutions over offenses that have nothing whatsoever to do with doing a job or providing a service.
    As a business person, I would never touch any of these hot button issues. It never ends well.

  • barriejohn

    Jay: The point about Samuel Truett Cathy was that he used the “charitable arm” of Chik-fil-A to donate literally millions of dollars to anti-gay groups. That’s a bit different from “said he personally did not approve of gay marriage”!

  • John

    I thought it was a very good campaign, albeit somewhat tongue-in-cheek.
    What is so wrong about being pro-choice in anything?
    We choose to support free thinking and free speech.
    The mother-murderers are actually anti-choice.
    That is THE key point for people like us to make.
    Carphone Warehouse have only backed down on their campaign because they have already achieved their goal of gaining publicity and now have the added bonus of appearing to be compliant towards another economic demographic, i.e. the appalling religious brigade.