Rabbi exposed for running a circumcision racket in Israel

Rabbi exposed for running a circumcision racket in Israel November 30, 2016

Rabbi Eliyahu Asulin, of Hadera, above, is being paid thousands by students wanting to become official mohels (circumcisers) and are being sent unsupervised to mutilate Ethiopian and Somalian infants.
According to this report, an investigation conducted by Kan, Israel’s new public broadcasting corporation, revealed that Asulin’s totally inexperienced students are conducting circumcisions among poor families, without accompanying them himself.
He described the young victims as being like “cannon fodder”.
Asulin, a rabbinate-approved mohel with over 30 years’ experience, explained to a Kan investigative journalist that he first instructs the students to make business cards describing their profession as “Mohel.” Then he tells them to distribute their cards at nurseries and post-natal clinics.
In a recording Asulin says:

I’ll lodge a mohel certificate in your name with the rabbinate. That will already give you a year’s head start.

The rabbi goes on to explain why the students practice on the babies in the weaker strata of the population:

Why not?. They have no father. No mother … There’s no problem. Even if your cut isn’t straight, they won’t say anything, because they don’t understand anything.

He later told the investigator – who by then had signed up for the course at a price of around £8,800:

They’re Ethiopians, you’re doing it to Ethiopians … There are the regular Ethiopians and then there are the Sudanese. They’re the worst. They’re as black as natives.

Asulin, according to the Kan investigation, is not the only mohel who sends students to practice on poor families. Kan says it has recorded conversations with others who do the same thing.
Asulin said in response that the video footage of him had been edited and that the exposé had been ordered by “political elements” in Hadera.

I have circumcised thousands of Ethiopian babies and I see it as a holy work. I will continue to dedicate my life to the public.

In a statement reported by Channel 2, the Chief Rabbinate said:

If the incidents described in the video are true, we see it as a very grave incident.

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  • remigius

    Instead of paying some nutter £8,000 to practice mutilating live babies they could just buy one of these…

  • AgentCormac

    That’s brilliant! I love some of the questions:
    Will it simulate a loss of morality as well? Want the full experience of genital mutilation.
    Hi! Is this accompanied by an audio device that emits realistic screaming and sobbing and choking sounds?
    Hi! can i use a sharpened flint rock on this doll? yahweh gets genocide-level angry when i don’t follow scriptural edict.
    Is there a female version? This is 2016 after all. We mustn’t discriminate when it comes to mutilating children’s genitals. #equality

    Quality stuff!

  • AgentCormac

    And I’ve been crying laughing at some of the reviews:
    The one good thing I can say about it is there is no face, no pleading eyes to look into, as you ignore every humane instinct and force your scalpel through the baby’s genitals.

  • Vanity Unfair

    Why did Kan start the investigation?
    Did they get a tip-off?

  • L.Long

    You hve really try really hard to do evil better than religion!!

  • Bill Bonk

    Bastards … evil hateful shitehawk guttersnipe nasty fuckers. And I hope Asulin gets recircumcised to the root of his dick an a his testicles twisted around each other until he screams for mercy.

  • John

    No one picked up the racism in his remarks.
    It comes as no surprise.
    They hold similar attitudes towards the Palestinians – including the Christian Palestinians.
    Yet successive UK Prime Ministers think the sun shines out of the arses of individuals like Asulin.
    You could not make it up!

  • Only religion could be so evil as to do this openly and be forgiven. Imagine the exact same action done but with ‘philosopher’ or ‘painter’ or ‘gardener’ on the business card – such a monster would be lucky to escape lynching. But do it in the name of religion and you’ll get paid to abuse children.

  • RussellW

    Yes, indeed. I was going to make similar comments.
    Zionism is a racist ideology, such attitudes shouldn’t be surprising.

  • That beard makes Rabbi Eliyoohoo Arseholein resemble either a garden gnome or an uncircumcised knob. Disgraceful.

  • Does the Rabbi himself have an uncircumscribed todger? You can never be too sure nowadays, can you?

  • zombiehunter

    a circumcision racket eh?? did he make good tips??