Christians crow over death of atheist activist Rob Sherman

Christians crow over death of atheist activist Rob Sherman December 15, 2016

In Illinois at the weekend, a light plane crashed. It took several days for the authorities to confirm that the pilot who died was a prominent atheist activist, Rob Sherman, above.
Christians were quick celebrate his death.
Here’s two of many examples:

I believe he got what he deserved … he was nothing but a trouble maker like all these atheists are … they make it hard on everyone who wants to celebrate Christianity.
Great news!! … this clown was one of the biggest losers ever … everything he did was done to get attention … he was a failure in every thing he did and this fiery death proves it ….wonderful!!

In truth, Sherman, 63, was anything but a loser. He was a warm-hearted, friendly man who made it his mission to keep church and state separate. He campaigned on green issues as well as supporting LGBT rights, and largely did so successfully.
According to this report, in 1986, Sherman started his first legal battle against the mixing of government and religion, as he challenged the mayor and city of Zion, located near the Wisconsin border, on the inclusion of religious symbols on municipal logos, material and property.
His efforts were successful and landed his name on the front page of the Chicago Tribune, on the city’s 10 o’clock newscasts and on national television talk shows, including those of Oprah Winfrey, Phil Donahue and Larry King.
He said he took up the mantle of promoting his cause across the state and nation simply because no one else was doing so.

I’m the only one doing it. Most people suffer from poultry syndrome, so they don’t take on these cases. They’re chicken.

Sherman became an atheist aged just nine, when a teacher failed to answer a classmate’s question on what evidence proves God’s existence.

The more I thought about it, I realised it was man who created God in his image, and not the other way around.

Then, in 1981, his atheism went to the next level when he heard a radio speech by American Atheists founder Madalyn Murray O’Hair, who successfully won a battle against mandatory school prayer and Bible readings in the US Supreme Court in 1959.
Sherman was motivated to join the organisation and eventually became its Illinois director and national spokesman.
He left American Atheists after ten  years to found his own organisation, Rob Sherman Advocacy, a venture supported by his other entrepreneurial efforts, including a travel agency, a delivery service, concert booking and airplane sales. He also used to host a morning drive radio show in Chicago.
But he failed to do well in the political arena. In 2006,  he unsuccessfully campaigned for an Illinois House of Representative seat as a Democrat. Two years later, he met Green Party gubernatorial candidate and Carbondale attorney Rich Whitney, and the two developed a mutual respect. Sherman joined the party and ran – again unsuccessfully – for the same House seat.
He said of a possible third run.

I doubt I’ll do it again. The community has made it clear they don’t want me as their messenger because I’m an atheist and the majority are Christian, and that’s their choice. I did what I could.

Later, however, he changed his mind and ran for District Congress during the 2016 General Election and proved the most  popular Green candidate. Then, last month, he announced that he would take part in the 2018 Primary Election as a Green Party candidate for Congress in the 12th Congressional District of Illinois.
Whitney said:

Rob is a very gregarious person, very outgoing, very friendly. He just believes very deeply – not just as an atheist but as a civil libertarian – that it is not the government’s role to support religious organisations. While he’s like me in the sense that he’s not afraid to get in front of a camera and run his mouth, it really is about the principle for him. He really believes in the cause he’s promoting.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • Broga

    The reaction of these Christians demonstrates their fear of atheism and atheists. They preach about love, turning the other cheek etc but, faced with criticism, they panic and their bile cannot be restrained. They are losers drowning in their superstition, devoid of decency or kindness and deserving nothing but contempt.

  • AgentCormac

    A sad loss. And yet again some christians cannot help but reveal their true selves with their inhuman gloating.

  • bill

    Such compassion. This tells you a great deal about Christianity. It would not take much of a shift in culture for the gun loving christian mercans to start behaving like IS thugs toward those who cannot believe in confected primitive fairy stories.

  • barriejohn

    It IS a sad loss. The world needs more Rob Shermans; and if you want an example of just how underhand and sneaky Christians can be, have a read of the following story, which won’t take long. Even I was gobsmacked.

  • Those who devote the limited time available to them on this earth believing in that which is untrue (no matter how much peace, contentment, certainty, joy, and sense of purpose this belief may bring) have wasted their lives. This is the sweet revenge of we gentle atheists. There is no need to hate believers. There is no need to pity them, nor to mock them. One’s revenge, should one make the error of feeling any need for it, is guaranteed and inevitable. Once the body has ceased to live the mind within it entirely ceases to function as it no longer serves any purpose and is no longer necessary. After which will ensue eternal non-existence for the individual who once lived. One can only advise the believer to attempt to cryogenically preserve his or her ego with the aid of a pipet, a roll of baco~foil, a turkey baster, and the five-star compartment of his or her freezer.

  • There is an interesting biography of Madalyn Murray O’Hair written by Bryan F. Le Beau and published in 2003: ‘The Atheist’. She was certainly a very interesting woman. Alas, the remains of Ms O’Hair and two members of her family (all three of whom had vanished in 1995) were discovered in 2001. They had been murdered, dismembered and partially incinerated–though by criminals rather than by Christian extremists.

  • Which just goes to show what Christian piety is being used as a cover for. These are the same people who enthusiastically supported Donald Trump.

  • 1859

    When an animal dies other members of the same species usually show indifference or mild curiosity. But for a human to gloat and celebrate the accidental death of another human being – atheist or religious believer – shows just how callous and devoid of basic humanity these people are. They are worse than rats in a sewer.

  • .

  • John

    It is said that civilisation is skin deep.
    These christians are the very embodiment of that fact and that cruel fascism is only a “prophet” away.
    They – no doubt – look forward to the day when burning heretics at the stake will once more become public sport and spectacle.
    They did it before, so why not now?

  • Cali Ron

    MFR: What makes yo think the crimminals were not christians?