Goat sacrificed to ensure the safety of a Pakistan plane

Goat sacrificed to ensure the safety of a Pakistan plane December 21, 2016

PIA, Pakistan’s national airline, has been roundly mocked after officials sacrificed a black goat to bring luck to a plane departing from Islamabad airport on Sunday.
The animal was beheaded on the runway by airline officials before the take-off of a turboprop ATR-42 aircraft – the same model as the PIA plane that crashed into a mountain on December 7, killing all 48 people on board.
After the crash, Muhammad Azam Saigol, PIA’s chairman, tendered his resignation citing personal reasons. The government’s Aviation Secretary, Irfan Elahi, was then appointed acting chairman of the airline.
The sacrifice, according to this report, was intended as “a gesture of gratitude”, according to a PIA spokesman. An image of the killing posted on social media soon went viral.
GeoTV reported that the sacrifice of the animal, after a complete examination of the ATR plane had taken place, was ordered by PIA’s Director of Engineering.

Imran Khan, the opposition leader and former cricketer, tweeted:

Shocking the depths we have fallen to. PIA was amongst the top airlines of the world & now it is slaughtering goats for safety of its planes.

Others commented that they would rather see technical improvements to the aircraft than animal sacrifices. Dawn, the most widely read English-language newspaper in Pakistan, had the front-page headline  that said:

PIA: On a wing and a prayer.

Sunday’s flight landed safely in Multan, in the east of the country.
Hat tip: Fraser

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  • Paul

    I wonder who are the animals.

  • barriejohn

    Well, it didn’t crash, did it?

  • Broga

    The only decent creature is the goat. The others are the dregs of humanity. The trash bred by religious belief.

  • Daz

    Even if we allow, for the sake of argument, that sacrifices work, the point is that it’s supposed to be, you know, a “sacrifice.” A giving-up of something of value. Somehow, I’m not sure a humble goat,when compared to the kinds of profits airlines routinely make, fits the bill. Maybe if the chap with the knife were to use it for an act of seppuku…

    “PIA: On a wing and a prayer”

    Sorry, I just had to.

  • Broga

    @barriejohn : It didn’t crash but the reputation of the airline did.

  • barriejohn

    Broga: I’ve actually heard it said, with reference to “alternative medicine”, in face of the fact that it was useless, “We don’t know how much worse he might have been had he not taken it”!

  • AgentCormac

    Sick bastards.

  • L.Long

    This is why so many are concerned with TOO much religious freedom and loose written laws, as this BS can be done openly in USA or England, etc. And you see how kind they were as the goat was thrown down then held down while the throat was slowly cut and then slowly died as it bled out! Very humane!

  • Dan Foss

    And don’t the nasty shitehawks look pleased with their handiwork.
    Now I have a question.
    Did the shitehawks really believe the decapitation of a goat would be effective in preventing a crash?
    Or did they just fancy a bit of bloody butchery?
    Either way the effects of poor education, religious indoctrination, illiteracy and superstition are shown to be powerfully harmful to rationality and respect for life.

  • Dan Foss

    And this kind of cruelty goes on in the UK, and as far as I know in many other civilised countries, against the wishes of the majority of the electorate in order to satisfy the dietary requirements of backward fundamentalist nutters.

  • Stephen Mynett

    Dan, as we saw yesterday deranged shitheaps like Carey will use their voice to decry “dangerous” secularists but do nothing about barbarous acts committed in the name of any religion.
    What frightens me about this is that the goat-murderers are supposedly executives of PIA and you would hope in any country that someone who reaches the top of a company would be educated. Of course superstition trumps education almost everywhere.

  • chrsbol

    Those who have flown with Etihad will be familiar with this load of bollox.
    Mostly western technology up against mumbo jumbo and a poor bloody goat.

  • John

    Just when you think Pakistan can’t get any more stupid or barbaric, a story like this comes along.
    What really got my attention is the fact that the PIA Director of Engineering ordered this “sacrifice”/slaughter!
    It suggests a complete lack of confidence in his own abilities, as well as a lack of confidence in the abilities of all those engineers working for him.
    The only rational conclusion anyone can come to is never to fly PIA.

  • AgentCormac

    If you think the goat had it bad, how about this poor Saudi bloke sentenced to a mind-numbing 2,000 lashes for tweeting about his atheism. Now that is a slow and very painful way to go.

  • Paul

    As discussed elsewhere re the Berlin attacks now Is are happy it’s ‘them’
    the statements that Islam is a religion of peace have surfaced and it’s utterly utterly idiotic – how these people keep a straight face is beyond me

  • Vanity Unfair

    Are they going to do this for every take-off? Perhaps they should do it for every landing, too. After all, those are the two most perilous parts of any air journey.
    If there is another crash, will that be seen as a failure of the original slaughter or a sign that they should have continued? (There will probably not be another crash for a while; the statistics are against it.)
    Would it work if an engineer or mechanic carried out the slaughter instead of servicing the ‘plane?
    Would using a scape-goat have been as effective? This seems to be one part of the OT that did not make it to the Quran, so probably not (unless you know better). Leviticus, 16,8-26 if you want to look it up.
    Apart from scale is this any different from breaking a bottle of champagne on a ship’s bows or pouring a libation on an airliner? In these cases all that dies is a few grapes and some yeast, and possibly a fish but the outcome is the same.

  • 1859

    I wonder if Pakistani officials sacrifice goats etc., to keep their country’s nuclear arsenal safe?

  • Dionigi

    I remember, when I was working in Cairo, that the project was having problems, mainly due to the incompetance of the local officials, so they brought a white cow onto site and cut its throat with a saw. They then proceeded to dip their hand in the blood and put hand prints over all the site.

  • Brian Jordan

    They could do with some infinitely-renewable goats, then they could kill them for every takeoff and landing. 72 should suffice for all the major airlines.

  • Stuart H.

    OK, not on the same scale, but has anyone else who lives in a coastal town noticed that their local RNLI has an annual “Bless the lifeboat” ceremony, and maybe an honorary chaplain?
    Seems to be compulsory attendance for the volunteers (and certainly any paid crew), which must be a pain when you’re already giving up stacks of spare time and risking your life on a regular basis.

  • Stephen Mynett

    Stuart, the clergy love to muscle in on things like lifeboats, air ambulance etc as they think it makes them look useful. They are either too stupid or arrogant to accept it is the lifeboats crews who risk life and limb and are the real heroes, not an imaginary sky fairy.

  • John

    It is always laughable too when someone is seen standing outside a hospital, claiming that divine intervention has saved someone’s life inside the hospital.
    Seemingly, the highly trained staff and advanced medical technology inside the hospital had little or nothing to do with the “miraculous” recovery!
    Maybe they slaughtered some poor defenceless animal to be on the safe side!
    Not – presumably – their home family pet?

  • For a Pakistani male to kill a goat is a very great sacrifice indeed. It is to him as though he has sacrificed a lover.

  • barriejohn

    Stuart H: Spot on. The RNLI is very big here in Lymington, and none other than the Revd Salisbury (mentioned by me on another thread here this very day) is a very busy little bunny, blessing boats at the drop of a hat! He’s not the only one, though, as such ceremonies are a very longstanding tradition of the organization, and, as my father attested many times, seafarers are VERY superstitious people.

  • Stephen Mynett

    I think this may have been on here before but will post anyway, probably not s surprise that Putin’s friends in the Russian Orthodox get to muscle in on space exploration: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/russia/12050186/Russia-blesses-its-rocket-ahead-of-launch-to-International-Space-Station.html