Jesus emerges out of storm to confront Islamic militants

Jesus emerges out of storm to confront Islamic militants December 27, 2016

An ‘angry Jesus with eyes blazing like fire’ confronted a bunch of Islamic militants intent on killing Christians ‘somewhere in the Middle East’.
Details of the confrontation – which must be true because it appeared a few days ago on Bibles for Mideast, and not The Onion – were provided by “Haroon” (not his real name), a trained sharp shooter who was commanding a militant wing to protect Islam against its enemies.
He and 18 others got information that a Baptist group were holding a baptism service in the Arabian sea, and they set forth to massacre them.
Then things went horribly wrong. By the time the butchers arrived, the service was over over and the Christians were leaving the scene by bus.
Said “Haroon”:

We followed and shoot [sic] the bus several times. Within seconds, a giant dust storm formed in front of our vehicles and we were unable to move forward. We all got down from our cars and continued shooting through the dust storm.
Suddenly we saw Christ Jesus appeared in the dust storm. He was angry and his eyes were like blazing fire. With a mighty voice he told us, ‘Why are you persecuting me; It’s hard for you to kick against the pricks’.
Oh, it was a terrible experience! His voice produced a strong wind and we all fell down on the road. Our guns flew away from us. Somehow we stood up from the road, but we were unable to talk anything. Our voice was lost.
Jesus said again, ‘I came to the world not to destroy anyone; but to save you. Go in peace.
He disappeared. The dust storm also disappeared with him.
We experienced both terrible fear and an abundant peace at a time. We never had such experience in our life before.
We got our voice back. We praise and thank God, except two of us. Those two said, it’s not from God. We had a quarrel between us but they argued with some quotes. And we left the place with confusion.

“Haroon” told his father, a top religious authority in the region who enforces sharia law, about the incident, but his dad warned him not to tell anyone else.

But after this incident, our wing became silent from militant activities.

Later his sister Hajira had supernatural encounter with an angel, when she was bitten by a Sahara Horned Viper, a highly poisonous snake and admitted to hospital.position. An angel appeared before her while she was sleeping and spoke about “Jesus, the Savior and the Healer”.

She shared it to me and I became very happy  We both prayed to Jesus to save us and guide us.

The rest of this cockamamie story is predictable.
“Haroon” and his sister confessed their sins and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. The rest of the family, including the father and 17 of the militants became Christians.

As for the two who are still clinging to Islam, the new converts are praying for them, and “for the Muslim world to be saved”.

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  • Ths is just how bull-shit religions get going in the first place. Nut-jobs telling stories of their made-up encounters with a god-figure. Hallelujah.

  • Dawkstein


  • Similar tales have circulated since 1914 …

  • Cali Ron

    Checked out the web site and was especially amused by the photo of someone in what looks like a black hijab reading a bible. Googled “bibles for mideast”, but couldn’t come up with much except their own propaganda. The site seems to be an endless string of god deluded stories, none of which offer any supporting evidence of their authenticity.

  • Paul

    I think this has got to be true, or is it I so want it to
    Be true that it is true.
    Anyway, as to the location given and the viper :
    It is found in arid North Africa (Morocco, Mauritania and Mali, eastward through Algeria, Tunisia, Niger, Libya and Chad to Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia) through Sinai to the northern Negev of Israel. In the Arabian Peninsula, it occurs in Yemen, Kuwait, extreme southwestern Saudi Arabia and parts of the country in Qatar where it is sympatric with C. gasperettii. A report of this species being found in Lebanon is unlikely, according to Joger (1984).
    So I’m not sure which part they were attacked at – must be Yemen I guess?

  • David Anderson

    And it came to pass that the Lord Jesus Christ appeared in the dust storm and with a mighty voice he told us, “Why are you persecuting me; it’s hard for you to kick against the pricks”. Oh, it was a terrible experience and we have been confused to fuck ever since.

  • Paul

    If you click the link, after reading about ten words you soon realise whoever wrote this is a moron.

  • AgentCormac

    I’ve read that three times now and still haven’t got a clue what ‘Haroon’ is on about.

  • barriejohn

    ‘Why are you persecuting me; It’s hard for you to kick against the pricks’. Wow! The very words used by Jesus when he confronted “Paul” on the road to Damascus. What a coincidence!
    Paul: I have a tract somewhere containing the reliable story of a missionary – name given – who was being attacked by a crocodile on the shores of the Nile. At the very moment that he was about to be swallowed, a tiger leapt at him, overshot, and landed in the jaws of the croc, thus saving his life. As I have said here before: a true miracle – a tiger that was able to leap all the way from India to Africa. Hallelujah!

  • Paul

    Barriejohn thanks I laughed at that!
    However, many would have been in awe and would believe it to be true. And thereby would certainly have been kept in slavery.

  • Cali Ron

    Apparently Haroon has been very busy. When you click on the dialog box in upper right corner it opens a page with seemingly endless, inane stories like this one. It would take quite a while to read them all, but I wouldn’t be surprised to read about some Muslim being spoken to from a burning bush by god and converting to Christianity post haste. There is no limit to the stupidity that some will believe in the name of their non-existent deity.

  • barriejohn

    Cali Ron: You mean something like the following?
    At once, I was at the foot of the most splendid individual you could envision. The experience and feeling was way beyond any explanation. I was happy to stay there. There were twenty-four saints seated with Him. I believed they were the leaders of the twelve tribes of the Jews and the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ. There were angels going to and from the twenty-four with reports and tasks to do.
    The twenty-four saints were continually praising God the Father, The Creator, The Almighty.
    I felt a touch. A warm, gentle touch. It was Jesus, my Savior, my Lord and Kinsmen-Redeemer, The Prince of Peace. He is my Shepherd. I remembered His words that He would remain at the right hand of God the Father. His elect will be with Him forever.
    Jesus said, “Cover your face for now. There is much to do. I need saints who will be willing to give their all, even their life to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.’’

    He actually saw the face of god!
    An angel came over to me and stood between the Father and me. He told me to look up. As I looked up, I could see the outline of Glory. The silhouette of the angel only just dimmed the brightness and warmth of the light of the face of God.
    How the face of God looks like? His face is greater than the best you could ever describe here on earth. If you would have come into the physical presence of the Father and saw Him, you would want to stay there and worship Him forever.

    These people are nuts!
    (PS Isn’t THAT story just a little bit like what one would read in the Book of Revelation?)

  • L.Long

    All those iPhones and no pix!! Sounds just like UFO dimwits who can never get a good picture either!!!

  • sailor1031

    @barriejohn: that story about the crocodile and the tiger is straight out of Baron von Munchausen except there it was a lion. Liars lyin’ for jeebus again!

  • Brian Jordan

    I’m afraid the dust storm gives it away: it was evidently not Jesus but a genie – or something out of a bottle anyway.

  • Saka

    life had become another thing that people had reason so low that they can creating any kind of story even with a prophet of God for that matter. Repent and stop deceiving the ignorant people.