Peppa Pig unsuitable for young Australian Muslims, says cleric

Peppa Pig unsuitable for young Australian Muslims, says cleric December 8, 2016

A controversial Muslim leader in Australia, Sheik Shady Alsuleiman, above, is a key figure in a campaign to have more shariah-compliant TV programmes broadcast to counter ‘haram’ cartoons like Peppa Pig.
Alsuleiman, according to this report, is the President of the Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) and is urging followers to support shows embracing and illustrating Islamic “principles, ethics and values”.
The council has thrown its support behind One4Kids, a Sydney company that produces children’s shows with Islamic themes and which is currently raising funds to finance the production of Barakah Hills, an Islamic show pitched as an “alternative” to the British cartoon Peppa Pig.
The fundraising page says:

As we know Muslims are averaging much higher birthrates, plus increased amount of time children are watching various videos on devices, computers, and television.
With your support, One4Kids hopes to complete production on this new ongoing series inshallah.

The show tells the story of the Abdullah family in the predominantly Muslim town of Barakah Hills, One4Kids says on a fundraising website.
Episodes of the proposed show would include “Daddy gives his first Khutbah (sermon)” and “Counting in Arabic”.
Children will learn everything from how to have good manners and to how to get actively involved with community projects,
Alshaik conceded that Peppa Pig was “a great show” but there were ­reports about its themes being “not good” for children, including:

Teaching kids to be snobs.

The director clarified that the criticism about Peppa Pig was:

Not because we hate pigs. We just don’t eat them, that’s all, like the Jews and the rest. I’ve patted pigs, I’ve watched Babe, we just don’t eat them.

Alsuleiman, who has generated controversy in the past for his homophobic views, urged parents to donate money to the production of the cartoons.

These days, in this modern age, our children have been embedded and very well-occupied watching different cartoons on TV and it’s our responsibility not to stop them from watching but give them another alternative.

In June Malcolm Turnbull, the Australian Prime Minister, was criticised for inviting Alsuleiman to a fast-breaking Ramadan dinner.
Turnbull said afterwards he would not have invited the cleric if he had known his views. In a sermon uploaded to YouTube in 2013 the sheikh said gay people were responsible for spreading diseases and attracted “evil outcomes to our society”.

This is not the first time Peppa has been targeted by Muslims. Back in 2014, British Muslim Zayn Sheikh launched an unsuccessful campaign to get the much-loved cartoon character axed from TV after his son became a fan.
Sheikh says his son told him he didn’t want to be a doctor any more – and now wants to be a pig.
The worried dad set up a Facebook page called “Muslims against Peppa Pig” and posted a video – which had been shared more than 9,000 times – explaining why:

As Muslims it is very important that we do not eat meat of the pork. We are not allowed to touch the pork. It is completely wrong that our kids are being shown these things on TV and my youngest son wants to be a pig now. He used to want to be a doctor.

He said he wanted Peppa replaced with a “Muslim” cartoon character named Abdullah the Cat. The page says:

WE ARE PEACEFUL MUSLIM ONLY GROUP OFFENDED AT THIS BEING ON TELEVISION, THIS IS BREACH OF MUSLIM HUMAN RIGHTS, OUR MUSLIM CHILDREN SHOULD NOT SEE THIS. We also demand dog adverts banned from television advert as this animal is unclean and very offended our Islamic relgion. PLEASE JOIN FOR SUPPORTING OUR QUEST, BAN IT NOW. It is completely wrong that our childs are being shown these things on TV in UK.

His video has since disappeared, and “Muslims against Peppa Pig” has only 170 supporters, very few of them with Muslim names.
Thousands of people hit back against a ban. Aysha Razwan posted:

I’m sorry, I am Muslim and really do not see the problem with Peppa Pig at all. My children watch it and will soon grow out of it, it isn’t like there is a pig on screen saying eat me. People like you give the rest of us Muslims a bad name!!
Are you forgetting this is England and as a Muslim the TV is not something you should watch anyway?? Honestly, open your eyes.

And Allan Reid wrote:

If successful do you plan to get Percy Pig banned from Marks & Spencer?

But Alishma Khan posted:

Brothers and sisters of Islam. We must persevere together to make Abdullah the cat. The halal cat.

Hat tip PPS

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  • Newspaniard

    Tail wagging dog. These people really piss me off. Then again, what else is new?

  • John

    What a bunch of loonies!
    If they feel so strongly about the unsuitability of English language media, why don’t they all go and live in Riyadh?
    Don’t they have a welfare state they can sponge off there?

  • H3r3tic

    “OUR MUSLIM CHILDREN SHOULD NOT SEE THIS.” – who decides what your kids watch? Is it you, as a “seemingly” intelligent adult? Or is it your kids? If I decide something is unsuitable for my kids I don’t let them watch it. Have you never considered changing the channel? Or perhaps turning off the TV and introducing your children to the benefits of the written word? Oh, better scratch that, the last thing you would want them to consider is that there is a world outside of the severely limited and proscribed one that you inhabit. FFS!

  • L.Long

    Again religion shows us how important it is to NOT respect anything about religion! They are at the root evil!
    Also Hey! Dick-head you live in Australia, so piss off!!
    2..There is an off switch use it!
    3..Example to follow…Amish! They don’t like us so they live apart…Go away! Please!

  • Rob Andrews

    Two things:
    Control your childs video watching. I know it’s not easy these days,but do it!
    They can’t complain if this is on a terrestrial station-the kind we had before cable. If on cable then complain to the channel itself-that’s as fair as I can be to someones senabilities.
    They need a sence of humor.too!

  • Newspaniard

    1610 ish. Gotta go OT on this one. Boris Johnson has just been slapped on the wrist by the PM for telling the truth about the Saudis. Boris for PM! OK Barry, remove this if you must but I really thought that this was worth shouting about. Bloody islamofascists think they can do anything because we need their oil and arms purchases. Phark ’em.

  • John

    “Our Muslim children”?
    Someone should tell this idiot that the children are not his.
    They are not Muslim either – even if their parents are, or think they are.
    Kids should be free to grow up as part of their community.
    If that means watching Australian TV, then so be it.
    Why else did their parents migrate there?

  • Broga

    “Episodes of the proposed show would include “Daddy gives his first Khutbah (sermon)” and “Counting in Arabic”.”
    The kids will love that bundle of laughs. My grandchildren are Peppa the Pig fans. I don’t think they would be too keen on showing Daddy giving a sermon.

  • “As we know Muslims are averaging much higher birthrates.”
    If this is true, and with no statement whatsoever about this being good or bad or neutral or mixed, what does it suggest for the near future of the country in question?

  • Dick Chopper

    “Peppa Pig unsuitable for young Australian Muslims”
    I have a headline that is not pathetically stupid and is actually far nearer the truth.
    “Islam unsuitable for young Australian Muslims”.
    In fact Islam is unsuitable for the whole frigging world because the evil abomination that is Islam is going to drag the world into the next Global Conflict …WWIII.

  • barriejohn

    They should be watching rabbits instead. They are much more suitable for Muslim children!

  • Angela_K

    I thought programmes Muslims would deem suitable for their children would include jihad, how to behead a kaffir, bomb making, how to make a suicide vest….

  • Broga

    “We also demand dog adverts banned from television advert as this animal is unclean and very offended our Islamic relgion. ”
    Really! He should take a look at some of the programmes, or read some of the books, describing the work dogs do for blind people. Blind people often say that their dog opened up their lives for them. Or the dogs that help disabled people.
    In terms of the good they do, or the happiness they bring, I would insist that Labradors (to select one breed) add far more to human happiness than this man with his sick and ignorant opinions.

  • AgentCormac

    Peppa Pig is ‘haram’? Very, very simple solution indeed. Remove your dissatisfied self from the disagreeable culture in which you currently find yourself to a place where local iron-age customs mirror your world view. And suddenly Peppa Pig isn’t a problem. Ta-da! Everyone is happy. Oh, except you won’t be able to claim all those benefits I bet you’re on. And the house you’ve been given. Oh yes, and freedom of speech – that would probably have to go, too. Sorry about that. But apart from those minor inconveniences, I’m sure once you move to that glorious pile of sand and flies your ancestors called home you’ll be as happy as a pig in shit.

  • Paul

    Actually rabbits ought too be haram as they are coprophagic – meaning they are unclean as they eat their own shit. And I believe this is why they don’t like dogs – who are also into autocoprophagy. Pigs, however, are surprisingly clean.
    But it beggars the question why they don’t like other humans – not even their own ‘kind’ for they are forever telling them how to behave etc.

  • Barry Duke
  • 1859

    A pig’s heart is very close to the size and shape of a human heart, and one day soon we will solve the problem of inter-species organ rejection. What, I wonder, would a muslim do if he or she was told they had an incurable heart disease that will kill them in three months, or they could have a pig’s new heart that would keep them alive for several decades? They are already using the heart valves of pigs and cows, so it’s not far away.
    By the way, I think these looney muslim parents should be allowed to censor what their children watch on TV, because almost invariably such repression sends children in the completely opposite direction. Let them forbid Peppa Pig and soon the kids will be shouting ‘Peppa Pig for President!!’….as what’s happened in the US…

  • barriejohn

    Barry, Broga, et al:

  • Broga

    @barriejohn: How do you find them? I have shown it to my Labrador. Unlike me he isn’t amused. I’m still laughing.

  • Paul

    That’s just brilliant – thanks for sharing.
    Ooooh don’t they see the porcine irony!
    And for poor Muslims who have diabetes and there are so many – ummmm the insulin may be from pigs!

  • The Shady Sheik himself bears a remarkable resemblance to a pig. Oink oink.

  • Robster

    I have a Aortic heart valve from a pig keeping me breathing.The idiot’s attempt to sound sane by saying:”We just don’t eat them, that’s all, like the Jews and the rest”is a poor attempt. The Rest, who are they? It’s only the Iron age Abrahamic religions and then only two of them that dislike the pigs.Grow up FFS and learn to love bacon.

  • Paul

    As an archeological fact there is one and only one hill excavated in the holy land (whatever that means) that does not have pig bones in its middens. All excavated and that is hundreds if not thousands of sites have pig bones.
    These people are not that well informed or educated if they believe any of the utter nonsense that they are brainwashed with. But then we knew that already.

  • barriejohn

    Paul: Others have claimed the opposite, especially in areas occupied by Jews. They also claim that pig bones that are found could easily be the remains of wild animals. Not having specialist knowledge myself, I am very suspicious of both sides, as arguments of this type tend to be strongly influenced by the preconceptions of the “experts”. Do you have reliable references?

  • 1859

    @barriejohn: Having spent my younger years working on many archaeological sites throughout the world, I know it is very easy to identify which animal remains are from ‘wild’ , as opposed to ‘domesticated’ animals. Domesticated animal remains all have the tell-tail signs of being butchered – knife marks, hacking marks etc. Wild animal bones – if marked at all – may show the teeth marks of a predator or scavenger, but never the marks left by a butchering implement. And Paul is right, almost all middens going back thousands of years in the Middle East and elsewhere, all contain the remains of pigs – which are easily identifiable from their teeth and jaw bones.

  • barriejohn

    I think there is a real problem with ME archaeology, in that so many, past and present, have been motivated by a desire to validate their holy books (Jewish, Christian, etc.). I now trust only those whom I believe to have an unbiased approach to the subject, but it’s not always easy to be sure!

  • John

    When staying at the Kenyon Institute in Jerusalem, I realised archaeology is very political, especially if used to validate claims by the zionist Israel state.
    I believe Israel faked many of the artefacts they claim show a link between ancient Israel and present-day Israel.
    It may perhaps be true of other parts of the ME too.
    However, I think Israel is a very definite problem.
    My simple assumption is not to trust any of their claims.
    That way, you can’t go wrong!

  • Stephen Mynett

    Validating some archaeological claims is very important for the tourist industry and all they are interested in is profits, not historical accuracy.

  • Bubblecar

    @Trevor Blake
    About 2.2% of Australians identify as Muslim (2011 census), so there’s no need to panic at this stage.
    Although it’ll be interesting to see the results of this year’s census when they’re released. We’re expecting the “nones” will probably now be the single biggest group.