Sadistic US pastor and son accused of beating a boy of 12

Sadistic US pastor and son accused of beating a boy of 12 December 22, 2016

Dong Wook Kim and his 19-year-old son Joo Seong Kim, above, of the  Good News Church in Minneapolis, have been charged with assault and malicious punishment of a child.
The sadistic pair, according to this report, are now in custody and are being held on $50,000 bail.
Their arrest arises out of alleged beatings inflicted over a four-day period on the youngster, who was was discovered in shorts and a T-shirt last Saturday after he ran outside in freezing temperatures and asked a stranger for help.

Kim and his son are accused of using a wooden plank and an electrical cord to repeatedly beat the youngster in the basement of the church. Police found the boy with a black eye, lash marks on his back and a football-sized mark among the bruises on his buttocks and thighs.
The boy said that he was first made to stay in a plank push-up position for misbehaving at school, and he received kicks when he could no longer hold the position. His head was slammed against a doorway and he was hit with a length of wood.
The victim said that he ran away when the Kims told him to take off his shirt and said they were going to get an electrical cord.
Joo Seong Kim told police said that his father became angry and hit the boy’s behind with a “small stick” up to 20 times when the child told him “that he wanted to test God.”
The “small stick” later found in the church was a two-by-four, discovered in a closet along with an electrical cord.
Dong Wook Kim admitted to police that he used the electrical cord against the boy in front of his father, who said the boy’s parents always followed his leadership when it came to punishing their children.
The boy’s 4-year-old sister had also allegedly been hit with a paint stir stick by the pastor on a previous occasion, and was taken into protective custody after his arrest.
In a letter addressed to “your honor” the pastor’s wife said her “husband and son didn’t have any bad intentions when hitting” the young boy and that it stemmed from:

Greed of wanting to make him a better person. It was out of discipline not rage.

She added that the punishment was inflicted because the 12-year-old was “like family” and that her husband would not have physically punished any other child.
Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • L.Long

    And where are the loving parents? Like so many that follow the book of Sadists (the buyBull) they are allowing it! The cops should be putting 2 others into jail as well!!!

  • What did these men do that was against their religion? Did they ignore Proverbs 13:24? No. Or Romans 13:1? No again. Says something about their religion, doesn’t it?

  • Daz

    It was out of discipline not rage.

    Oh, well, that makes it all okay then. Beating somebody with a friggin’ gert club is fine and dandy, provided you mean well.

  • AgentCormac

    Well, I guess we all know what’s really lurking beneath the surface of these beatings – not discipline, not rage, not trying to make someone a better purpose, but good old fashioned sexual gratification.

  • Broga

    Yup, the old story: sexual gratification underpinned by the lust for total power over a helpless victim. And all nurtured by a self righteous justification provided by religion.

  • Laura Roberts

    Seems inevitable when one worships a bully. These stories of Christians torturing 4-year-olds (and younger, e.g., “blanket training”) sometimes are almost too much to bear.

  • I know these people. My daughter and youngest son are still under their control. My oldest son is 19 and can testify. This is a sadistic mind control cult. They have a long history. Very evil. I tried for years to get help and an investigation. Nobody in Minnesota or Florida would investigate, except some Sheriffs who intervened and the beatings did stop nationally for a few years. The sick guys wife is the most evil of them all.

  • Barry Duke

    Broga, I am sure you are correct in equating this sort of brutality with twisted sexual urges. A few years back I was chatting to a guy in a Brighton pub who was expelled from a Catholic school in Ireland. He was a pretty big fella, a tad over 6ft even when he was at school, and he told me that he was driven to cold-cock a Christian Brother teacher who was mercilessly caning one of his classmates. “As he was laying into the boy, I saw that he was sporting a fecking great erection,” he said. “I leapt from my desk and punched the evil bastard in the face”. “Excellent”, I said, and bought him a double scotch.

  • Dong? Wook? Jesus Christ! These are the types of names an Oriental male escort might use! Come to think of it,’Wook’ reminds of a recent weekend I spent exploring the caves in Cheddar Gorge, during which I experienced several hours pot-holing in Wookey’s Hole. Poor Wooky. Next month I plan to go cockle picking in Morecambe Bay. I have already purchased my bucket and spade. I wonder if I shall discover Ding Dong Wook there, hunting for cockles and winkles? I do hope not!

  • Dong Wook Kim looks like the Bride of Fu Manchu. I wonder if he’ll end up in Sing Sing? If he does, his Dong, though perhaps even his Wook, might come in useful. Perhaps he should also take a pair of chopsticks with him, just in case.

  • In the first of my comments above there should be an ‘e’ between the ‘k’ and the ‘y’ in Wooky. In the second of my comments, ‘though’ before ‘perhaps’ is superfluous, as are most of my comments to be perfectly honest.

  • Broga

    @Barry: And what about these fiendish nuns and their laundries in Ireland. They had delivered into their power the incontrovertible evidence that women were having sex. The repressed, emotionally warped nuns were depraved and the women in their power suffered.

  • Rick scarbo

    With guns so readily available in the US I find it hard to believe these cults still exist. Could it be that all the decent, non violent, moral people are atheists?