Woman gets death threats for not wearing headscarf

Woman gets death threats for not wearing headscarf December 2, 2016

A Saudi woman who ventured out in Riyadh with her head uncovered sparked a flurry of death threats this week when she tweeted a picture of her defiant act.
According to this report, death threats were made against Malak Al Shehri, above, by outraged Muslims after her photo went viral.
“Kill her and throw her corpse to the dogs,” @ab_alshdadi wrote, while @ilQil tweeted “we want blood.” Many others insulted Shehri’s morals.
A 21-year-old student from the city of Dammam who called herself Sara Ahmed for fear that her real name could put her in danger shared Shehri’s tweet. Ahmed explained that Shehri tweeted to her followers from her account @AngelQShe, which has since been deleted, saying she was going out to breakfast without wearing a hijab or abaya.
Her followers asked her to post a picture. The photo began circulating throughout social media in Saudi Arabia, and Shehri immediately began receiving hateful messages.
Ahmed said:

So many people retweeted it and what she did reached extremists, so she got threats. She deleted her tweets but they didn’t stop, so she deleted her account.

But many other users came out in support of Shehri’s actions. @abuahmedalqarni wrote:

Just imagine one day you slept and then woke up to people calling for your imprisonment only because you changed your clothing. Now you know the extent of the oppression against women in Saudi Arabia.

@msafr2002 tweeted:

The people have reached such a dangerous stage of extremism that they demand the imprisonment of a girl because she changed the way she dressed, if she was a foreigner it’d be fine.

Ahmed, who identifies as atheist, said this sort of behavior excluded women from even the simplest of freedoms.

I’m an atheist and I still wear the hijab in most places because that’s how society here is. I’s inexcusable to remove it, in fact, many of my atheist friends have to cover their faces because their families are more conservative than mine, and it’s not just atheists, many Muslim women want to remove them.

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  • Bill Bonk

    Fucking Primitive.

  • Bill Bonk

    We had an egyptian muslim male resident in the company I work for three months. His task was to make valuable contacts in our organistion and to learn from us (we were the global leaders in our field) how to do the job before going back home to embed his new found skills with his colleagues. Well he hardly spoke to anyone after the first day, would not shake hands, did not participate in meetings or activities. He just say at his workstation for most of the day in sullen mallignant defiance. He regularly left the office at the same times each day. I tracked him and found him in a meeing room elsewhere on the campus going about his prayers. The only time he showed any interest in anyone or anything was when one of the female engineers or personel girls came into our office. Then he was all eyes and sly leering. He didn’t grope anyone, because if he had he would have gotten a good slapping by the victim and then a swift kick in the nuts from one of us guys. For the first week or so we tried realy hard to include him. But he repelled every effort with contempt. He left without ceremony and we were all glad to see the back of him. A real nasty shit.

  • Newspaniard

    All this terror over a 7th century man who didn’t exist. Roll on the day when we don’t have to import their oil.

  • At the risk of censure I quite simply must point out that Islamic females can hardly be regarded as ‘victims’; and that in the vast majority of cases they themselves are the victimisers–especially of other females. In which case I find myself quite unable to feel any sympathy for them. If they want sympathy, they can find it in the dictionary somewhere between ‘shit’ and ‘syphilis’. (Though this comment of mine may appear somewhat cruel, especially to the simple minded, it must be borne in mind that, from the Islamic female’s point of view, Miss Floribunda Rose, infidel that she is, is Hell-bound.)

  • AgentCormac

    What is it with religion and petty bloody rules? I mean, what possible harm has this woman done by going out without her head covered? Other than inciting men to become so sexually aroused they’d be unable to control themselves,of course. Or showing that she won’t be cowed by their Neanderthal misogyny? It’s the end of the world – and she started it!

  • barriejohn

    Very sad. Coincidentally, the Mail has an article today featuring photos of Afghanistan in the 60s and 70s. Religion takes mankind backwards.

  • John

    I hope this young woman takes these threats seriously.
    She would be much better off coming here to the UK or to another secular country. I hope she does.
    It is sad that it has to come to this but we are talking about deluded people who are homicidally crazy.
    They really are capable of anything, including murder.
    She was foolish to post the picture of herself – but we were all young once.

  • “So many people retweeted it and what she did reached extremists, so she got threats.”
    Words are used in strange ways when we talk about religion. Here, “extremist” means ‘in complete harmony with over one thousand years of tradition’ rather than ‘a distortion of the norm’ as it does when we talk about non-religious topics.
    Islam – not even once.

  • Paul

    The simple but very real sad issue here is that the people demanding she be killed fed to the dogs etc. actually really really mean it . Their absolute hatred and vilification of this woman is very real. If they could they would Lynch her and more. She is now in very real danger of being killed. And very little will happen to the people if they could and if she is killed. They would be applauded. I would think that the religious authorities have already commenced a case against her and she will likely be found guilty as she is by the photo and at best she will go to prison for this. At worst she will receive corporal punishment.
    Isn’t that sad. In Saudi no it is not – it is the law.

  • Walter
  • StephenJP

    Yes, the hysterical reaction to this brave lady is all too predictable; and yes, she could be in some personal peril; and yes, the Saudi record on all sorts of human rights issues is appalling
    But, at the risk of bringing about all sorts of opprobrium about my head, may I suggest that if any reform of Islam is at all possible, then the Saudis might be best placed to bring it about.
    After all, they have put a lot of money into education, including women’s education; there are a lot of Saudi women involved in business (admittedly mostly outside KSA); and the generation of royals coming into power have largely been Western-educated or trained. I predict (maybe rashly) that the next King will act to reduce the influence of the religious establishment and start to reform the dreadful Saudi legal system.
    (Ducks down, runs away)

  • 1859

    @StepenJP ; I’m not so sure that increased exposure to western education and ‘norms’ will change the religious establishment in SA. This is a little like the perplexed reaction of German Jews who could not, or indeed would not, accept that racist horrors were possible in the land of Bach, Beethoven, Goethe and Schiller. Culture – even western culture – is no protection against extremist attitudes – the ‘banality of evil’ it was once called. It would be nice if McDonalds and bikinis, pop concerts and rapper rages could ‘liberate’ Saudi women, but if you do hold your breath waiting for this, I fear you won’t wake up.

  • Walter

    When the oil runs out … what then? Well one scenario is that despite its accrued wealth the Saudis will not be able to blackmail those countries it currently does with its oil. It will eventually revert to an impoverished worthless sand pit with very little to export. Even tourism, the cash cow of many hot sunny countries, will be denied them. Who would want to go there except the stupefied captives of its evil dogma. Now that’s bad news because an introverted humiliated Saudi will retire even more into the islamic dark ages. Bad news for its females who will have no chance to escape their plight as combined domestic appliances, sex toys and baby machines. What a dire prospect. Saudi is on the brink of anarchy anyway … a fate like that of Syria is a very real prospect … and that will be a real bloodbath much to the delight of Iran who will eagerly join in and exploit the misery.

  • John

    Walter seems to forget that the Saudi family controls access to Mecca and Medina, the two most “holy” places in Islam.
    Muslims “must” visit Mecca at least once in their lifetime.
    The Saud mafia will come to rely upon pilgrimage tourism even more when the oil runs out – whenever that is!

  • StephenJP

    @1859, I appreciate your points. The difference between 1930s Germany and KSA today is that in Saudi the best hopes for reform are actually running the show. Yes, the House of Saud is cruel and corrupt; but the current King will be the last of the sons of the first King (Abdul Aziz) to rule. Like all his brothers, he had about 2 years of formal education (and is said to have dementia to boot). His likely successors have all had some form of Western education,many of them scientific or technical. Of course this is not to say that they won’t revert to primitive desert mode when they get into power; but in principle they might make a better fist of government than, say, those in charge in Pakistan, Egypt or Iran.(Not a very high bar, I accept).
    And the alternative to the House of Saud is…what? Most likely the equivalent of ISIS,only with actual Government institutions to play with.

  • Maggie

    Don’t worry, Walter. Saudi wealthy have been buying vast swathes of Britain for when the oil runs out.