Comedian's 'haunted bread' comment sparks investigation

Comedian's 'haunted bread' comment sparks investigation January 17, 2017

Father Kevin McNamara, above, has lodged a complaint with the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) over what he claimed was the ‘ridiculing of the Eucharist’ on the Late Late Show.
McNamara went scuttling off to the TV watchdog after comedian David Chambers referred to the Eucharist as “haunted bread” on show.
According to this report, the priest wrote in this weekend’s parish newsletter about his “hurt beyond words” at hearing the host described as “haunted bread.”
McNamara, originally from Co Clare, alleged that matters were made worse when presenter Ryan Tubridy “endorsed” the phrase during the January 6 broadcast.
McNamara told parishioners at Mass in Moyvane, near Listowel, Co Kerry, said he felt it was time to call a halt to:

The disrespect for religious belief and for those of us who respect religious beliefs.

He claimed in the parish newsletter that religious were considered “fair game” in Ireland for all sorts of remarks – but the description of the Eucharist on the Late Late Show was:

An all-time low.  We live in an age where there is great emphasis on the need for clean air, clean water and a healthy environment, but how much attention do we give to fostering a clean soul, heart and mind?

David Chambers
He added:

On the Late Late Show of January 6, the Feast of the Epiphany, there was a discussion in which the Holy Eucharist Holy Communion was referred to as ‘haunted bread’.
During a discussion about whether religious, practice long in decline, might be on the rise, comedian David Chambers, who performs as ‘Blindboy Boatclub’ in the comedy duo ‘The RubberBandits’, said that young people attending Midnight Mass at Christmas were ‘not going there for haunted bread, but because it was a family event.

Chambers added:

Everyone at Midnight Mass is half-cut anyway.

The priest said:

Presenter Ryan Tubridy said he thought the phrase ‘haunted bread’ was a great expression. Mr Chambers said, ‘that’s what it is’, arguing that the Church ‘does not want us to use critical thinking’ and is ‘asking us to eat the ghost of a 2,000-year-old carpenter’.
On hearing that fellow guest Michael Harding had been a priest, he murmured sorry about the haunted bread stuff.

An RTE spokeswoman said:

We won’t be commenting. The BAI compliant process is under way.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • Paul

    Who is the comedian in the story?
    I’m confused.

  • Matt

    Ridicule and comtempt are the only sensible responses to the sinister goings on in the RCC.
    Thats why they are so sensitive to it.
    They don’t like being laughed at … because it hurts them as individuals.
    Yet the child raping, philandering, baby stealing, organised crime ring wnats our respect. Thats really funny.

  • Matt

    I went to a full catholic nuptial mass at a huge church in Torun Poland a few years ago. It service was a full blown in your face tour de force of roman catholic ceremony conducted by an overblown overdressed florid priest / cardinal / holything person. It was hillariously funny in the deatil of the goblet wiping, folding of the sacred goblet wiping napkin, the excessive choreography, the gesticulations, nods, bows, grovellings and scapings.
    And who is impressed these days. Just the dwindling sorry credulous aging remnants of once pew bursting battalions of the faithful.
    Well the games up. Time to sweep the RCC into history.

  • barriejohn

    Don’t forget, these are the people who complained about “The Hokey Cokey”:

  • Leonard Ostrander

    Everyone knows that haunted bread is used in the RC virtual cannibalism ritual.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Dang, it seems like the all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful God is one sensitive sumbitch, isn’t he ?
    You can’t talk about his haunted bread, or even draw a cartoon of him in some places, and his minions get all medieval.

  • Laura Roberts

    And what do we atheists do when some religious comedian makes fun of us? If it’s clever, we laugh — a good joke’s a good joke. If it’s stupid, we laugh at the twit who said it, or we ignore it.

  • AgentCormac

    The whole concept of transubstantiation is so totally, mind-bogglingly ludicrous it beggars belief (so to speak) that anyone with half a brain still accepts it today. I would have thought ‘haunted bread’ was the very mildest form of mockery it deserves. And mockery is indeed what religion and the charlatans who perpetrate it need in ever increasing doses.

  • Paul

    For Centuries (Rcc and) christianity had complete and absolute control over every one and made political and geopolitical decisions affecting millions, never for the good more for itself and it’s elite. Now with more education, more freedom, the tables are turning and see how they writh and squirm in the dirt screaming foul play foul play and over what – a childish portrayal of their foolish rituals and an incomprehensible belief that really has no place at all in anyone’s lives. A religion that has provided nothing for the benefit of mankind for millennia is resorting to throwing tantrums because it isn’t taken seriously. That’s the joke.

  • Paul

    That’s very true about transubstantiation, but the Orthodox mob and some protestants consider the opposite in consubstantiation. Just as idiotic. And which one is Correct ? They both can’t be right.

  • L.Long

    Hey! CMB! It aint cannibalism! jesus was a hybrid of raped girl and alien rapist. So he was only part human. So the parts that are in the host bread is the alien part from daddy, it is just meat & bread. No human involved!

  • barriejohn

    Oh, me name is McNamara, I’m a leader of the Church,
    And though we’re few in numbers now we easily get hurt.
    We kick up such a fuss when people on the telly say
    They don’t respect our quaint beliefs and practices today.
    When you switch it on respect is gone, you really get a shock;
    Chambers is the limit, and I think he is a cock.
    Tubridy’s a disgrace and leaves the Catholics in the lurch;
    A credit to the Cath’lick faith is McNamara’s church.

    (With apologies – but not to the rev.)

  • Vanity Unfair

    The RCs claim that the wafers represent the unleavened bread of the Passover. So the “bread” part of the complaint must fail.
    The phrase, “Take, eat; this is my body…” occurs at least three times (from memory). If it is the body of Jesus, as claimed, and Jesus is part of the trinity of “Father, son and holy ghost” then it is also part ghost and so, haunted.
    Next case, please.
    On the other hand, I cannot stop thinking about the thousands of murders committed in defence of one or other interpretation of that part of the Bible.

  • David Mc

    I would have thought this was the perfect opportunity to try out Ireland’s blasphemy law.

  • StephenJP

    I thought the term “haunted bread” was rather poetic, and much better than the squalid ritual deserves. Every time it is performed we are reminded that Christianity is at its heart a death cult, and moreover (as the Mother Teresa saga shows us) one that sanctifies suffering in preference to relieving it.

  • barriejohn

    Vanity Unfair: You’re right. Basically, hundreds of people were burnt to death in Tudor England because their view as to whether a piece of bread “blessed” by a priest LITERALLY became the body of Jesus or not was not correct!