Day 1 of Trump: gold curtains in, gays & climate change out

Day 1 of Trump: gold curtains in, gays & climate change out January 21, 2017

Within hours of Trump’s inauguration, which for all the world looked like the first steps towards a full-blown theocracy, the official White House website expunged a page on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights – and it appears all mentions of climate change have also been erased throughout the site.
The Obama administration introduced the White House LGBT page to highlight major legislative achievements, historic court victories and important policy changes for gay and transgender people. The page also highlighted certain campaigns for gay rights such as the “It Gets Better” campaign to help those in the LGBT community struggling with thoughts of suicide.
That campaign still redirects to an archived “Strengthening Civil Rights” page. However, any mention of LGBT is now gone.
Meanwhile, the evangelical Charisma News reports that Trump has “eased regulations associated with Obamacare” and that:

There were other signs of change in the Oval Office, which former President Barack Obama vacated on Friday morning. Golden drapes hung where crimson ones had earlier in the day, and new furniture dotted the room.

In a plethora of other reports of the inauguration, Charisma News included one in which said:

President Donald J Trump’s inaugural address was full of many promises for the future. But charismatic believers may have been most delighted by the promise of America united, once again, under God.
The inauguration ceremony featured six prayers by key figures, including Franklin Graham, Paula White and Samuel Rodriguez. The new president referred to God three times in his speech. The ceremony was so Spirit-saturated that an uninformed observer could easily mistake the inauguration ceremony for a church service.

It even carried a lengthy prophesy by some loon called Lana Vawser, above, who wrote:

This is a very significant, strategic season in the USA right now. What you are about to see God do will leave you in awe and wonder of His goodness and power!
I kept hearing the words, ‘The roses are on fire’. Instantly, the sense surrounded me to encourage the people of god to keep their eyes about and on Jesus. Yes, this is a season of exceptional breakthrough for the USA, and many have been thinking, ‘It’s going to all be roses now that Trump is almost in office’. It is going to be an incredible breakthrough and significant momentum being released, but in the midst of this glorious breakthrough, I saw fire in the nation being turned up seven times hotter.
For there will be fire that the enemy will turn up seven times hotter, and it may ‘appear’  that the ‘roses’ (seeds of breakthrough) are burning or going backwards because of opposition, but it’s smoke and mirrors. Lift up your eyes higher, and decree and pray what He is saying. The way of victory is being made in the USA!
The fire of the Lord is about to significantly increase. I saw this increase happen in the spirit from the moment that President-elect Trump is sworn in at his inauguration. I saw an acceleration of the fire of God all across the nation, and I could hear the Lord saying, ‘USA burn, USA burn. Burn to come alive! Burn, ushering in the divine U-turn, return and reset.
The burn I felt the Lord speaking about was not a bad thing. It is the cleansing and purifying fire of the Lord. I felt the heart of God and the atmosphere being electric with joy at this deep work of the Spirit of God and His fire to position the USA to come alive and to move back toward all He is decreeing. It is a divine return and reset.
I heard the words, ‘I am going to uproot, and I am going to give Donald Trump acceleration boots …’

That’s when I felt a thumping headache coming on, and I immediately quit reading.

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  • barriejohn

    We were told last night that we were being paranoid, and that the pages that we were worried about were not being expunged from the White House site, but that pages had to be deleted before being updated. I have just searched for LGBT Rights on the site and it comes up with this message:
    Sorry, no results found for ‘LGBT Rights’. Try entering fewer or broader query terms.
    I shall be more than interested to see what, if anything, IS uploaded under that heading!

  • barriejohn

    PS I wonder whether Donald Trump enjoys golden showers, Barry? It wouldn’t surprise me!

  • AgentCormac

    ‘I heard the words, ‘I am going to uproot, and I am going to give Donald Trump acceleration boots …’
    This is the kind of unhinged claptrap that we may well have to put up with for the next four years. Unless, of course, some of those skeletons in the Trump closet get brought into the light. Personally, I doubt he’ll see his first year out. Or is that just wishful thinking?

  • Paul

    Wtf is wrong with these people let alone what is right .

  • It is true that the following page has changed…
    It is also true that searching for “gay” at yields “about 1,740 results” …
    What does this mean to you?

  • barriejohn

    Trevor Blake: It means that that is Obama White House Archives, that’s what. We want to know what they are being replaced with!
    This is historical material “frozen in time”. The website is no longer updated and links to external websites and some internal pages may not work.
    Yesterday was a sad day in American history.

  • Steve

    You know, technically speaking, there’s no real difference between “LGBT rights” and standard, regular rights.
    I’m in no way supporting if Trump, but just because one group in society isn’t explicitly held up so we can see that they have rights, that doesn’t mean that the law doesn’t give them the same rights as everyone. Gay Marriage, or Marriage as it’s properly known, passed on the argument that everyone is the same and should have the aame rights. So not having a webpage saying “these people have rights doesn’t mean that those people don’t have rights.

  • barriejohn

    Steve: Sadly, one of the glaring omissions from President Trump’s “to do” list is Human Rights!

  • Steve

    barriejohn: Forgive me, but i also havent seen an entry on any list which says to get rid of the basic rights granted by the Constitution.

  • AgentCormac

    @ Steve
    I think you’d have to be living on Mars to think that Trump isn’t planning on rolling back the rights of just about anybody who gets in the way of him and his business cronies. Despite the rhetoric, this isn’t a government that wants to do away with globalisation and give power back to the people at all. Quite the opposite.This is a bunch of big business die-hards who don’t give a flying one about the average working person, the environment, or anyone who isn’t just like them. They’re here to make money. Simple as. Basic rights? Just watch as they get rid of them all. This is a government of blood-sucking capitalists of the very worst kind. How the hell have we come to this?

  • Brian Jordan

    I still say that’s Father Jack. So all those preachers are there because it’s an ecumenical matter.

  • barriejohn

    Streve: Do you consider gay rights to be “basic rights granted by the Constitution”, because I’m pretty sure that Trump and his supporters DON’T.

  • Steve

    Yes, I do consider them as such. The constitution doesn’t differentiate between gay and straight people. It just lays out the rules for People.
    And sorry, but i just haven’t seen any evidence for the assumptions being made about rolling back rights. To do that they actually have to legislate in ways which would be illegal.

  • barriejohn

    Steve: Trump (and Pence) may well appoint Supreme Court judges who will rule that equal marriage is not constitutional. A lot of people voted for him for this reason!

  • leftwingwilly

    Steve makes sense. The SCOTUS is the final arbiter, though. Soon, a few Roy Moore(Alabama chief justice) types could be added to the bench and then the nutcases will be running every branch of the asylum.