'Depraved' and 'evil' Christians jailed for life in Ohio over abuse

'Depraved' and 'evil' Christians jailed for life in Ohio over abuse January 29, 2017

Timothy Ciboro and his son, Esten Ciboro, above, who used the Bible as as their sole defence during a trial in which they faced charges of raping and shackling a teenage relative, were each jailed for life at the weekend.

A Toledo jury found them guilty guilty of charges of rape, kidnapping and child endangerment, according to this report.
Both men had denied abusing the 14-year-old girl, Timothy Ciboro’s stepdaughter, and a 9-year-old girl in their care who also testified that she had been sexually abused by the father and son.
Esten Ciboro, 28, told jurors during his closing argument Friday that they needed to do the right thing and:

Reunite this family and end their suffering.

Timothy Ciboro, 53, was sentenced to five life sentences plus 41 years with no eligibility for parole. Esten Ciboro was sentenced to three life sentences plus 38 years in prison with eligibility for parole.
Before reading the sentences, Judge Linda Jennings called the Ciboros “depraved” and “evil” and labelled their actions as:

Disgusting, perverted and reprehensible.

The judge also said they had:

Distorted the word of God for your own evil purposes.

The older girl testified earlier this week that she was forced to stay in the basement for varying lengths of time as punishment or when the men left the house.

Police officers found leg irons in the basement along with a bucket the girl said she used as a toilet. Prosecutors said the girl suffered both physical and mental abuse before she used a spare key to escape last summer when she was 13 years old.
The girl, whose mother was living in Las Vegas at the time, said she was left to live in the house with the men at the age of seven when her mother moved away.
She said she was treated more harshly than the younger girl and a boy who lived in the house, and that her punishment for wetting the bed worsened from being spanked, to being locked in a bathroom to being chained in the basement.
Police arrested the men last May after the older girl escaped and was found outside a downtown office building more than a mile away.
The two men questioned the older girl after she described the abuse and being shackled by the ankle to a support beam in the darkened room.
At one point during her testimony on Tuesday, she told Timothy Ciboro to stop referring to himself as her dad.
“You didn’t treat me like a dad,” she said to Ciboro, who is not her biological father.
“You think I like punishing you?” Ciboro responded.
“I would say the sexual touching you enjoyed,” answered the girl.

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  • CoastalMaineBird

    The Lord, he do work in mysterious ways, don’t he?
    It’s almost like there’s no God at all, and people just do weird stuff.

  • Rob Andrews

    That’s what I used to say to Christians that condemned the 911 attacks “as being against God law.”
    “Allah works in mysterious ways”. Man did i get nasty looks form that.
    “Science flies you to the moon; religion flies you into buildings”.–Wish I could remember who said that

  • Matt

    Victor J. Stenger said it.

  • “Distorted the word of God for your own evil purposes.”
    Except the word of God in which Moses ordered the seizure of another tribe, death for all men and boys and sexual slavery – exactly what these men did – for young girls. Numbers 31…
    “Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.”

  • L.Long

    Right! Anyone who claims they distorted gawd’s psychotic words have never really read them!

  • Laura Roberts

    @TrevorBlake: beat me to it. They simply followed the word of “God” to its logical conclusion.