UK comedy show is an 'act of terrorism' against Muslims

UK comedy show is an 'act of terrorism' against Muslims January 18, 2017

A petition calling for the banning of a BBC2 comedy sketch – The Real Housewives of ISIS – has branded it ‘an act of terrorism against Muslim women’.
The creator of the petition, Emma Bird, stupidly gives the impression that the sketch was to herald the start of a new comedy series about Muslim women.
Wrong! According to this report, it was just a one-off skit – part of a new comedy series called Revolting.
Nonetheless, over 38,000 people have signed the petition which says:
IT SHOWS WOMEN IN FULL ISLAMIC WEAR AND This is a mockery of the muslim woman and insults those whom are held the highest in Islam. Does much need to be said of u have seen the clip[sic].

The sketch poked fun at the violent extremists of ISIS and showed the the characters taking selfies, tweeting out phrases, and asking each other if they look attractive in suicide vests. One character in a niqab says there is a beheading coming up in three days and she has “no idea what I’m gonna wear”, while another says:

Ali bought me a new chain, which is eight-foot long, so I can almost get outside, which is great.

She is shown chained to a stove.
It appeared once on the January 3 episode, and BBC sources say the idea was a one-off and the show never planned to develop it any further.

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  • barriejohn

    No it doesn’t; there’s no such thing.

  • Matt

    “There is no joy in islam”.
    So said the evil Ayatolah Khomeni.
    This article is yet another example of the muslim hair trigger sensitivity and grossly disproportionate reaction to anything that muslims can interpret as a criticism. Note that mild critique = a mortal insult to a muslim.
    Seems there is no humour in islam either. And muslim women really don’t have anything to laugh at do they. Their life is one of drudgery, suppression, exploitation, fear and dehumanisation.
    A wag recently observed that the female muslim is a combined sex toy and domestic appliance. Not all are such I’m sure but many are. And such women need to understand that using that stereotype as a basis for satirical humour can only be beneficial in their fight for their human rights. That is assuming that they want to have their human rights respected by their menfolk, who incidentally are dead set against it.

  • John

    I would have thought the name of the show – Revolting – should have been a bit of a clue?
    I now regularly watch the show, though their skits are not always as funny as the one about the ISIS housewives.
    The show’s contents are offensive to everyone – not just to ISIS housewives.
    The objectors need to get over it – it is just humour.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    The Streisand Effect is real.

  • Newspaniard

    Thank you, Barry. I thought that I would have to wait for the repeat of the show to see this sketch as I read about it on the day after it was broadcast. And you know what a bunch of PC cowards the BBC are, I expected them to remove the sketch from the repeat… We’ll see. The only thing that I thought was ‘doubtful’ in the sketch was that the women didn’t have their faces covered but, then, you probably wouldn’t understand what they were saying. Congratulations to the ‘Revolting’ production team. A big shame that you have all been added to the islamofascist death lists. More sketches like this please and get them on YouTube as soon as possible. No point in trying to add it to Facebook, with their pro ISIS stance, they would destroy it and you on behalf of their saudi mates as soon as it appeared.

  • barriejohn

    Newspaniard: You can watch it on iPlayer!
    These “in your face” comedies tend to promise more than they deliver, but it was refreshing to see Islam being openly satirised for once.

  • barriejohn

    Matt: What makes you think that they want their human rights? The women amongst the Plymouth Brethren were expected to be “keepers at home”, despite all the platitudes about their role being “different but equal”, and they just sat meekly in meetings and accepted all this because the alternative would have been war. Some obviously weren’t happy about it, and, as I’ve said before, the very existence of “women’s groups”, “women’s meetings”, etc, showed up the hypocrisy of the situation, and there was much friction, to say the least, in assemblies where even that degree of freedom was considered “unscriptural”. I was often aware of the frustration of intelligent, capable women married to men who were, to say the least, a bit “thick”, and having to button their tongues and assume a subordinate role!

  • Justin

    Is anyone really surprised Muslims don’t want their bullshit mocked? Christian demonstrate the same outrage, although with not as much violent reprisals, it would seem.
    38K signatures is quite a few. I imagine most of them would be Muslims signing it.Non-Muslims signing it are detestable cowards.

  • Matt

    Facts and Data … thats what.

  • AgentCormac

    ‘This is a mockery of the muslim woman and insults those whom are held the highest in Islam.’
    That could be read two ways. If Emma Birdbrain means that women are held highest in Islam, then she is clearly either deluded or lying. They aren’t. They are held as chattel. However, if she means that ISIS are held the highest in Islam then she probably isn’t too far off the mark.

  • RussellW

    I’m surprised that they had the balls to present the sketch in the first place. None of the characters had posh accents. Is that something to do with the English class system?
    By claiming that the sketch insults Muslims in general, Emma Bird also stupidly gives the impression that ISIS is a legitimate expression of Islam. Of course it is, however we really can’t admit the obvious can we?

  • Gui

    Justin: every religious people shows outrage when their beliefs are mockered. The difference is that nowadays you can criticize and mock every religion but you can’t hurt muslims sensitivities.
    So much, that even Charlie Hebdo seems have capitulated.

  • L.Long

    Let’s see….. killing and bombing others is a holey act.
    Laughing at isLame is terrorism!!! You keep using that word, but I don’t think it means what you think it means!!!!!

  • barriejohn

    L.Long: I have a teeny weeny suspicion that labelling this comedy as an “act of terrorism”, if not actually opening the way for violent protest or retribution, is at least meant to instil fear into either the broadcasters or others who might be tempted to follow in their footsteps. Or I might be completely wrong, of course.

  • Kendo

    Gui you would capitulate pretty quickly if thousands of AK47 wielding mentally ill lawless hate riddled fundamentalist muslim shitehawk thugs were told to do gods will by ruthlessly gunning you down at your place of work after being given all your personal details.
    Muslim sensitivities are mortally offended by things as trivial as Peppa Pig.
    The only way muslims can justify islam is by shoving the muzzles of assault rifles in in the faces of kuffars.

  • andym

    I think young Emma can be awarded the Fuckwit of the Month award now. 1/It’s not a series, just a one-off, 2/ She expresses pleasure at the number of signatories , seemingly oblivious to the fact that the sketch is widely available, and her petition has not changed a blind thing. 3/ As others have said, if you regard Housewives as illegitimate satire, by extension, you could well be seen as regarding ISIS as a legitimate strand of Islam. Did you really want to let that one slip, Emma?

  • Matt

    I doubt Emma Bird is a muslim. More likely to be a christian, which is just like being a muslim except that these days the christians can’t resort to extreme and indiscriminate murder, as they once did, to force their dogma onto others.
    BUt note how the religions these days are working towards uncomforatable and alliances just to stave off the rise and eventual victory of secularism.
    And Emma Bird should be ashamed of her traechery towards her downtrodden sisters in the muslim world.

  • andym

    Matt: She does sound like a student, texting from the comfort of her safe space, shielded from anything that contradicts her world view.I initially assumed she was just another useful idiot But she does call it” our” religion in the petition. Some Islamofascists might not take too kindly to a non-Muslim female pretending to be of their faith….

  • barriejohn

    Ooh – she couldn’t be distantly related to “stay at home Mum” Emma Bird (another darling of the Daily Mail, and proud mother of Ottilie), could she?
    Just a thought!

  • barriejohn

    @andym: You’re right.
    It also pairs our beautiful religion with bombs and guns.
    (Irony meter explodes)
    And whom else has noticed her poor grasp of the use of…erm, “whom” in English? She makes the mistake at least twice.

  • Stephen Mynett

    Sounds like someone who has studied cultural relativism and for junk post-modernist subjects like that a knowledge of English and grammar is not required to get a degree.
    It could be the annoying and opinionated Bird from the Mail but I tend to go for an idiot student of no fixed intellect.

  • Brian Jordan

    It appeared once on the January 3 episode, and BBC sources say the idea was a one-off and the show never planned to develop it any further.
    The clip itself includes a trailer for a second episode. Artistic licence or the Beeb changing its mind later?

  • andym

    I think it was part of the Real Housewives programme/parody rather than anything that was going to show on Revolting the next week.

  • Paul

    The petition wording is very badly written and this may be a troll.
    The wording implies ‘she’ might be muslim – but it’s isn’t clear as the writing is so poor and frankly idiotic, that is even if she is a female. Moreover, why not show your face if you are so supportive of islam? And why is ‘she’ showing her hair ?
    Barriejohn I don’t think it’s the same person as the Mail report.
    The problem with islam is they really believe what they say they believe and that’s a very very dangerous thing. And we all know how dangerous some islamic are.
    They believe more strongly than the other religions that they are right and every one other religion is wrong and nothing whatsoever can be said against it – mild or otherwise, islam and nothing about it is up for debate – ever. Even the moronic parts like mo flying to ‘heaven’ on a winged horse or that the koran is poorly written and illogical in many places. No debate. It’s the inerrant word of gawd- submit or die or be killed it’s really that simple.
    Islam ought to be mocked for it has no special place, no special direction, no special answer to life, no special understanding, it is irrational and idiotic to believe something that frankly is so patently false.
    Never once, like all the other gawds, has their islamic gawd appeared. In 2000 years – all of us are still waiting.

  • andym

    Now my irony meter’s gone up in smoke. A comment underneath the petition complains of covered women being “invisible in the media.” Er…er…er. Isn’t that the idea??

  • Muslim women collude in their own oppression, but are unaware that they do so. They do not consider themselves to be oppressed by their religion; rather, they regard themselves as being oppressed by those who oppose, mock or vilify it. Hence, I can feel no sympathy for them. Yes, I am heartless and cruel, and proud to be so.

  • John

    The petition was started at least 2 weeks ago and has “stuck” at around 38,000 signatures.
    The thinking behind it is – at best – semi-literate.
    It was addressed to the following:-
    Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party Theresa May MP
    Leader of Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn MP
    Mayor of London Sadiq Khan
    Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party David Cameron MP
    Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg MP
    The petition initiator obviously needs to sharpen up her (?) political knowledge on Nick Clegg and David Cameron.
    The petition was started in opposition to the proposed running of the clip and has, therefore, clearly failed to achieve its objective. It is a completely failed petition.
    Revolting is, well, revolting on occasions and deliberately designed to be highly offensive to people and ways of thinking in power.
    It may lack the sophistication of TW3 and Private Eye but it is still good for a bit of a laugh and in these possibly troubled times, we can all always do with some of that.