Warning sounded by man who helped bring Trump to power

Warning sounded by man who helped bring Trump to power February 9, 2017

Terry Heaton, above, once a key figure in televangelist Pat Robertson’s The 700 Club,  recently announced that he was about to publish a book that would show how right-wing Christian zealots succeeded in hijacking the Republican Party.
He wrote here:

As political events began to take shape last year in the US and specifically with the candidacy of Donald Trump, I began gathering all of the documents from my days as Pat Robertson’s producer in the 1980s. I could sense what was happening and felt a sense of responsibility for at least some of it, for as producer of The 700 Club, I had played a key role in our efforts to influence Republican Party politics.

Lamenting the period in which he helped sow the seeds that led eventually to the flourishing idolatry of the venomous Trump creature, he warned:

The people addicted to Donald Trump are ushering in something they really don’t understand.
Trump supporters represent a serious and significant threat to freedom, and the sad thing is that most of these people formed the core of our audience target back in the early 80s. The fears they express were planted by us, and while I’m not saying it was insincere, cynical, or corrupt, I am stating that it was a deliberate attempt at social engineering. People need to know this, for we preached what I’m calling ‘the gospel of self’.

Well, today I was informed that Heaton’s book, The Gospel of Self: How Jesus Joined the GOP, has just been published. Publicity for the book says:

The bitter political and religious divides we see today in America have roots that go back many decades. The televangelist Pat Robertson was one of the first to determine how battle-lines were drawn. Robertson, now a leading and unflinching Trump supporter, rose to national prominence in the 1960s with his Christian Broadcasting Network and his hit show The 700 Club.
Terry Heaton, who worked alongside Robertson at The 700 Club and became its Executive producer, Provides the inside story of how evangelical Christianity forced itself on a needy Republican Party in order to gain political influence on a global level. Using deliberate and strategic social engineering, The 700 Club moved Christians steadily into the Republican Party – and moved the party itself to the right.
With a gospel message that appealed to self-interest, The 700 Club violated numerous laws in an attempt to create a Shadow Government of Evangelicals, all in the name of doing God’s work on earth. The results of this long-term campaign were fully on display in the 2016 electoral season.

Heaton adds here:

Evangelical Christians were among Donald Trump’s staunchest allies during the 2016 campaign, and they remain a group the President can count on as he implements even the most extreme of the positions he proclaimed would make America great again.
Chief among these for Evangelicals are: religious freedom allowing for rejection of liberal mandates such as being forced to serve those with whom they disagree theologically (and socially); the ability to have their children pray in school and be exposed to Biblical absolutes; returning to a culture within which access to safe abortions is illegal, and this despite the fact that the abortion rate is now where it was BEFORE Roe v Wade; eliminating the threat of evangelism from what they view as the false religion of Islam and in the process making sure their neighborhoods will be Muslim-free; and a return to a time when – in their opinion – the voice of Christianity was sought, heard, and embraced as relevant by the culture as a whole.

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  • Thanks for the mention, Barry. I’m unsure if the people who need to read it will (Christians), but I’m sure that those thinking people who are concerned about our future will find it fascinating.

  • barriejohn

    I really sympathize with Terry Heaton. If only I could undo the damage that I did in the past, especially to young lives!
    Here’s an obnoxious c..t whom I suspect is literally wetting himself over Trump’s success:

  • barriejohn

    Terry: Your comment was posted while I was composing mine! A LOT of Christians visit this site and take note of what is said. It’s one reason why I keep posting, because I know from my own experience as a fundamentalist that the little drops of water and tiny grains of sand do have their effect. The more brazen like to show us just how clever they are, but the rest maintain their silence, as they know that they can’t logically defend their beliefs.

  • Broga

    If the USA doesn’t find a way to remove Trump from the Presidency very soon the damage he is doing will wreck the country. His fundamentalist supporters are living a fantasy and reality is already eroding that.

  • remigius

    So Poisonous Pat had a hand in getting that ignorant, racist, sexist megalomaniac elected. Who would have guessed?
    Televangelist Pat Robertson = Satan’s repellent bigot voter.

  • Broga

    @remigius: ” that ignorant, racist, sexist megalomaniac” whom our PM held hands with, fawned on and offered every honour and accolade on behalf of the UK. She has degraded us all by debasing herself and the country before Trump. He will love the acclamation as it feeds his insatiable need for flattery.

  • Brexit, Trump, UKIP, Le Pen, Wilders…..on and on it goes. Many on the Left are no doubt wetting their knickers in fear and dismay–but they brought all this on themselves by ignoring the will of the people. Ditto the centre-right with their mania for cheap foreign labour, and the harm this does to the working class. The people do not want mass-immigration, multi-culturalism, identity politics, political correctness, or to become minorities in their own country. They have no interest in “one world, no borders” liberal-left bollocks. Well, its all too late now–and things are certain to get much, much worse.

  • barriejohn

    Great cover from this week’s Private Eye (subscribers have had it since Wednesday, but they only update their site on a Friday, when the current issue goes on general sale):
    I liked the cartoon showing the White House with a notice reading Shite House, as well.
    (PS A Doctor Writes always raises a laugh, and “Abbottsenteeism” was hilarious!)

  • Newspaniard

    ” the venomous Trump creature” ; ” ignorant, racist, sexist megalomaniac”. What is wrong with you guys? “Sexist” because he was having a laugh with his mates in a pub a DECADE ago? “Racist” because he wants to protect his country from islamofascist invaders? The followers of islam are not a RACE. “Ignorant” because he is not a corrupt politician? He is the lawfully elected president of the USA and not a known crook like his opponent. You guys are on the “ban Trump” bandwagon and writing as if he was another Mugabe or Eichman. It is sickening how the herd instinct has infected these pages and some commenters sound like part of a baying lynch mob.

  • AgentCormac
  • Edwin Salter

    Was recently sent this unlikely voice of reason – and very infectious laughing re Trump’s wall – https://youtu.be/hPARr3yp6ys for a Mexican view.

  • barriejohn

    Edwin Salter: Perhaps the wall is going to be VERY high! Did you know that in an episode of Trackdown (a 50s TV series starring the late Robert Culp), an evil, megalomaniac conman promises to build a (very expensive) wall to protect townspeople from an asteroid? Spooky, or what?

  • barriejohn

    I agree that we should ease up on the criticism of that fine patriot, Donald Trump. He was only 60 when he was recorded saying that he likes to grab women by the “pussy”, and I’m sure that we’ve all said some stupid and regrettable things in our youth!

  • barriejohn

    AgentCormac: That’s a fascinating article, and the comments are salutary. I have long held the first view that Hitler had NO beliefs whatsoever, and said whatever was required to obtain and exercise power, though he probably did develop a pathological hatred of the Jews, largely as a result of conditioning. Practically nothing in Mein Kampf is original; he picked up all his ideas slumming it around Germany before and shortly after the First World War. There were plenty of other fascist idiots giving speeches and producing pamphlets at the time (some quite clever men), and the ultimate irony is that in 1919 he was recruited by army intelligence to spy on the nascent Nazi party (German Workers’ Party), and the rest, as they say, is history!

  • remigius

    Newspaniard. What makes you think I was referring to pubs, Islam or corrupt politicians? Don’t pull a straw man on me, sunshine, you’ll most likely regret it.

  • Brian Jordan

    Now we’ve passed the Godwin Point, perhaps we can calm down a bit.
    How about seriously considering Sam Harris’s suggestion that Trump may well be an atheist? If correct, maybe the religious right will end up disappointed.

  • barriejohn

    Brian Jordan: In my view (not very popular here), Hitler was an atheist. He seemed to have a belief in what he called Providence, or Fate, but not a personal god, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Donald Trump’s beliefs were much the same. Trump is giving many Americans exactly what they want, but not (again, in my view) because he shares any of their beliefs. I don’t think that he will disappoint them. Just listen to these people:

  • remigius

    Brian Jordan.It is interesting to note that Mike Godwin, the creator of the eponymous law, has no problem with comparing Trump to Hitler – as long as it done within the proper context.
    As this thread is about right-wing zealots using religion and fear of ‘others’ to influence the popular vote it is entirely appropriate.

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  • John

    I also do not think Hitler was anti-Jewish originally.
    His mother’s doctor – Eduard Bloch – was Jewish and the young Hitler greatly appreciated the doctor’s attempts to relieve her pain when she was dying of cancer.
    After carrying out the Anschluss with Austria in 1938, Hitler arranged for his mother’s former doctor to be protected locally by the Gestapo and he was given assistance to migrate easily to the USA in 1940.
    See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eduard_Bloch.
    More importantly, I think he learned the lesson as a young man living in Vienna that anti-Jewish sentiment was highly popular and absolutely essential in gaining political power: ‘It soon became apparent that especially in Vienna any political group that wanted to appeal to the artisans had no chance of success without an anti-Semitic platform.’ Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Lueger.
    As for Trump, I do not really think there is any real comparison to be made between him and Hitler.
    Trump – like Obama before him (and many other Presidents before) will find it difficult to rule directly and ignore the political powers of Congress and the Judiciary.

  • Stephen Mynett

    An interesting article Remigius. I think it is also worth noting that the term Nazi is often used simply as a basic insult by those who are either too intellectually lazy to think things through or are just too stupid to understand what they are talking about.
    Obama was accused of being like Hitler by a few who were against his health care scheme. I am not exactly sure how wanting all people to have access to good and cheap or free health care is being a Nazi but it is a lot simpler to throw an insult than produce a coherent argument against something.
    In many cases people respond to ideas or posts without even understanding or trying to understand what the original idea/post was saying but using there own interpretation, in a similar way that many religioinists interpret their particular holy book to say what they want it to.
    Newspaniard is a good example of this, he has ranted against republicans on here more than once with his usual insults and citing “President Blair”, yet has totally failed to understand or, most likely, not bothered to consider that there are many models for a republican system that do not follow the American one.
    That is his right however and it obviously gives him pleasure to insult people so no amount of reasoned argument will work. As you said Remigius you will pull his straw men apart and having read your posts on this and other fora, even if I do not always agree with you know you will because you use your ability to think but to Newspaniard that will be irrelevant as it is so much easier to tell you to eff off

  • Broga

    I am reading “Leningrad: State of Siege” by Michael Jones. Whatever Trump’s behaviour he shows no signs of approaching Hitler in cruelty. Hitler ordered, with slavering enthusiasm, “to raze the city of Leningrad from the face of the earth.”
    His method was to surround the city and starve its 2 million citizens to death. If this “produces calls for surrender they will be refused.” His commanders were worried that their soldiers would refuse to shoot women and children trying to escape. Trump isn’t in the same league as Hitler.

  • barriejohn

    Broga: It’s more about personality and political operations. Hitler’s henchmen knew what they were asking of their men. It emerges that Himmler gave a speech to SS officials in late ’43, praising them in glowing terms for their readiness to carry out inhuman acts on behalf of the Reich, despite the effect that this might have had upon them. A former officer has also revealed how, when witnessing an execution at a concentration camp, bits of a prisoner’s brain spattered Himmler’s face and he wretched. So he, at least, knew what he was doing! Hitler and Stalin were psychopathic. At Stalingrad, Stalin forbade the evacuation of civilians because he thought that his men would fight more fiercely if protecting them. There was a fascinating documentary a couple of years back comparing the the two leaders, and asking the question: “Who was worse?”. The conclusion was that Stalin won, as he killed his own people!

  • barriejohn
  • barriejohn

    John: Very interesting comments, but if you post more than one link your comment has to await moderation!
    I agree with you absolutely, and no one (I hope) is saying that Donald Trump is another Adolf Hitler. Strangely enough, Hitler’s secretary (Traudl Junge) said in interviews that she awaited the dictation of his final Testament with eager anticipation, thinking that this document was going to explain everything, and was bitterly disappointed to find that all it contained was the usual anti-Semitic invective, blaming the Jews for the war. So in the end I feel that he believed his own lies, though we can never know for sure. There are numerous hilarious videos on the internet showing the ludicrous contradictions in the various statements made by Donald Trump, both during his campaign and since election, and in that respect I see strong similarities with demagogues like Hitler. They just blurt things out without much thought, but don’t care as long as their statements create the effect that is wanted at any particular moment. Some of this is unbelievable:

  • Barry, et al, I’ve enjoyed the comments here and propose an article for you after the book is released (April) about “the myth of right-wing media,” which is one of the ideas expressed in the book. I do believe your readership would have a field day in the comments, so let me know. FWIW, there is no such thing as right-wing media, for “media” birthed in politics can only be propaganda.

  • Gui

    “If the USA doesn’t find a way to remove Trump from the Presidency very soon the damage he is doing will wreck the country.”
    Remember that if he leaves the presidential seat, he’s gonna be replaced by a Tea Party’s member with conservative views much more consolidated.

  • John

    Terry: I subscribe to offGuardian – https://off-guardian.org/ – as I find their alternative perspectives very interesting.
    They are strongly pro-Putin and pro-Russia – it has to be said – but as long as one is aware of this, the rest of their coverage is challenging to the totally rubbish western mass media.
    All of it: BBC, Sky, Fox, Guardian, Independent, etc., etc., etc………

  • barriejohn

    Gui: Someone pointed out that America is now being governed by Mickey and Donald. Is there a Goofy there somewhere as well?