Christian senator caught in motel room with underage boy

Christian senator caught in motel room with underage boy March 16, 2017

Oklahoma police have recommended three prostitution charges against a ‘crazy/stupid’ Christian conservative and Republican State Senator Ralph Shortey, 35, above, who was found with an underage male prostitute in his motel room.
According to this report, Shortey, a member of Donald Trump’s leadership team in Oklahoma, will be charged with soliciting prostitution of a minor, prostitution within 1,000 feet of a church, and transporting for the purpose of prostitution.
Shortey was found with the teenage boy in a motel in the town of Moore on the night of March 9, after an anonymous tip was made to police requesting for a welfare check on the motel room.
Lieutenant Kyle Dudley told

On March 9 … officers of the Moore Police Department were contacted in reference to a welfare check at a local hotel. Responding officers found a juvenile male in a hotel room which was also occupied by an adult male. The circumstances surrounding this incident are currently under investigation and no additional information can be released at this time.

Shortey, 35 – Chairman of the Trump Campaign for Oklahoma – represents Oklahoma City. Elected in 2010, the senator is a prominent Christian conservative in Oklahoma politics.
In September 2015, Shortey opposed the building of a community health centre in an Oklahoma City neighborhood that would offer programmes for youth and the elderly. The center was planned to offer mental health evaluations and family planning. He said:

Most of the people that take advantage of that are people that we really don’t want around an elementary school. As you know, in south Oklahoma City, we have a prostitution problem. How many prostitutes are going to come to this location, looking for family planning services that’s right next door to an elementary school?

Oh, the irony!
According to reports, Shortey “attended Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City in preparation for mission work in Uganda”, before beginning a political career which saw him draw up a number of bills which made him a national laughing stock. In 2012 he advocated the open carrying of guns for defence against … turkeys!
Shortey argued that he shouldn’t be required to pay fees and get a licence to carry a weapon. Here’s how he justified that:

I was in oil and gas. I was out on a lease at one time and I got attacked by a turkey. Wait until you get attacked by a turkey. You will know the fear that a turkey can invoke in a person. And so I beat it with a club. That was all I could do.

He added:

I wish that I had a gun with me. And I started carrying a gun in my truck after that without a licence because I didn’t want to get attacked by a mountain lion. Turkeys are bad enough.

The Tulsa World opined:

Open-carry is needed to protect us from enraged turkeys? Seriously?

It added:

Wild animals can be aggressive, especially during mating season or while protecting their young. But this turkey frightened the senator enough that he had to beat it death with a club? We hope it was turkey season, because you can’t kill a turkey out of season. Maybe because the senator feared for his life there is a loophole in the law. Maybe Oklahoma’s stand-your-ground law covers turkey attacks.

Shortey is full of other daft ideas, and in 2014 made it to the Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day spot.
He introduced a ludicrous and unnecessary bill that would prohibit the manufacturing and sale of food “which contains aborted human foetuses”. He also has proposed legislation to:

Abolish the state Court of Criminal Appeals and…to eliminate the Oklahoma Supreme Court’s power to review the constitutionality of laws.

Commenting on the current situation, State Democratic Chairman Mark Hammons has called for Shortey to suspend himself. In a statement Hammons said:

While a final resolution should await completion of the police investigation, Sen Ralph Shortey owes it to his constituents and all taxpayers to suspend himself from all official activities. This is far too embarrassing to have him speak, vote or represent Oklahoma on any issue.

It is reported here that the “family values” guy is married with two children.
Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • Prior

    Had this dangerous halfwit been born in say Afghanistan he would undoubtedly be a high profile taliban goon waving an AK47around and throwing his weight about.
    Had he been born in say Syria he would undoubtedly be an ISIS werewolf probably condeming gays to be tossed from high places, lashing and stoning women for just being women, raping little boys because he can, encouraging dumbass loosers to be suicide bombers, etc etc.
    A total inadequate needing the feel of a gun in his hand to make him feel all grown up. Tosser. Fucking tosser of the worst kind. And the USA breeds them with ease.

  • L.Long

    WHY??? Kick him from office?? Sounds like a normal hypocritical ahole holeier than thou rePUKEian xtian to me!
    They make stupid laws to stop us from doing anything anf then use money & power to do what they like!

  • barriejohn

    We shouldn’t rush to judgment. With all those heavy guns he may have needed an athletic young man to help “lift his luggage”(that’s not a euphemism, BTW, any more than “hold his weapon” might be), or maybe he was offering the lad some much-needed counselling that might mean that local schoolchildren could sleep more safely. No doubt we shall soon learn more.

  • sailor1031

    WTF? Prostitution within 1000ft of a church? WTF? That says all you need to know about oklahoma – texas without the cgarm!

  • sailor1031

    sorry – charm.

  • Lurker111

    So, is this freethinker’s feel-good article for the day, or the good-feel article for the day?
    Taking bets now on whether he’ll go to a substance-abuse clinic, come out praising Jesus, and then be re-elected. 🙂

  • Paul

    Can’t wait to see his family stand by him in a tearful apology, and say he erred, but he’s stronger with jesus, but the underage lad trapped him and he’s the real
    (One of the best political apologies I recall from Britain was David Mellor).

  • Edwin Salter

    Know Trump by his friends.
    The US seems to thrive on evil hypocrisy – sad what % of that population one couldn’t bear to invite in.

  • Innocent until proven guilty.
    That said, Okla. Stat. tit. 21, § 1031 does punish prostitution convictions more severely if committed in proximity of ‘a church’ (or a school). That seems to favor religion and not all religions equally.

  • Matthew Carr

    You cannot rebuild your country by having sex with other people’s children.

  • Bill

    Sorry OT but isn’t Pakistan a shit country. The source of so much trouble. A begging bowl of a country that can’t support itself and yet so hateful of those who pour money in. And say something someone doesn’t like and then you are in trouble. I wonder how many Pakistanis actually like living there?

  • lonbo

    GOP presidential material i’d say.

  • Gui

    About this part of the BBC news text:
    “Critics say blasphemy laws, which allow the death penalty in some cases, are often misused to oppress minorities.”
    Ohhhhhhh…. you don’t say!

  • Bill

    Show me a country with blasphemy laws and I will show you a police state.

  • John

    He is a hand-picked trooper in Trump’s “Make America Great Again” army.
    Give him a break.
    He has a lot on his mind!

  • Laura Roberts

    Sounds like a garden variety conservative politician to me. Who knows, we may be looking at the next GOP candidate for president.