Church finds nothing funny about priest's bunny stunt

Church finds nothing funny about priest's bunny stunt March 10, 2017

Parish priest Juan Carlos Martínez, 40, from the Galician town of Cuntis, incurred the displeasure of the Catholic Church for posing as Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, flanked by two men dressed as bunnies, on a carnival float.
According to this report, he has apologised profusely for his “misguided” caper.
The trio lounged on red satin sheets on a trailer made out to look like a bed in the Playboy mansion as they were towed through the streets of the town behind a 4X4 in the small town near Pontevedra in northwestern Spain.
At one point, “a bunny” leapt astride “Hugh” and simulated sex.
But while such costumes and high jinks are typical at carnival time, Catholic Church authorities were quick to express their dismay at such antics.
Father Martínez was asked to attend a “spiritual retreat” to reflect on:

Behaviour clearly inappropriate for a priest.

Although residents in the town of 5,000 people appear not to be offended by the priest’s carnival display, and have spoken out to support him, the priest himself can’t stop apologising.
“I am so sorry to those who feel offended,” said the repentant curate from the pulpit, adding that he had requested an appointment with the Archbishop of Santiago to make a formal apology.
One resident said in a TV report broadcast on Antena 3:

Such things happen at carnival, it’s just a bit of fun. He’s a great priest and everyone loves him.

When a senior priest, Calixto Covo, came to the parish to admonish Father Martínez, he found dozens of residents had gathered outside his home to show their support. Covo said:

It’s great that he is well loved by the people he served.

He added that despite the displeasure of the humourphobic Archbishop there would be no lasting consequences for Father Martínez.

Hat tip: Gill Kerry

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  • barriejohn

    Behaviour clearly inappropriate for a priest.
    I don’t even need to say what I know everyone here will be thinking about this remark!

  • barriejohn

    The following photo might assist them in their efforts to dress more appropriately for sober men of the cloth:

  • Tewton

    Much better than fucking children or treating children so badly they die of neglect and get flushed into the septic tank or stealing and selling babies born out of wedlock for profit. Well I think so but it seems that the catholic werewolves in authority have the opposite view. That tells you all you need to know about the global criminal organisation that is the rcc.

  • Must be a violation of Leviticus 11:6 – “And the hare, because it chews the cud but does not part the hoof, is unclean to you.” Evil bunnies! Not that rabbits chew the cud, but if God makes a mistake once in a while who are we to point fingers.

  • barriejohn

    Trevor Blake:
    There are no mistakes in the Bible.
    [I]t is not reasonable to accuse a 3500-year-old document of error because it does not adhere to a modern man-made classification system.

  • Lucy

    Sorry . Cuntis? Really?

  • Robster

    Bunnies? That’d be more a reflection of Catholic church reproductive policies, wouldn’t it?

  • Broga

    Religion: always someone waiting to be upset instead of just letting others get on with what they want to do.

  • Prior

    And what do you reckon those overblown “virgin” men are wearing underneath their shameless opulence ?
    Marks & Sparks boxers?
    Janet Reger knickers?
    Sackcloth shorts?
    Embroidered lace jockeys.
    Gilded braid manthongs?
    Chainmail chasity pants?
    Thomas the Tank Engine briefs for attracting young boys?
    Long Johns made from the finest silk?
    Anne Summers crotchless knickers?
    Heavy duty Victoria Ladies Bloomers?
    Hamilton and Hare Boxer Briefs?
    Cavin Klein Steel Hip Briefs?
    Princesse Tam Tam Basque and sheer stockings?
    Lucy’s Axfords Style Man Corsets?
    Man Size Pampers?
    Terry Nappy with Safety Pin fastening?
    Depend Real Fit mens incontinece pants?
    Velcro Tear Off Pants?
    Bluetooth controlled vibro thongs?
    Poundland 7 Pack Y Fronts?
    Shattered, tattered, threadbare semen stained and skid marked washed out pants of unknown origin?
    Sorry for that but I really wonder if they have free style choice of undergarments or whether ther is a strict under-dress code with specially crafted hand stitched by virgins vaticanal petticoats and bloomers.
    Who knows … and I leave it to your imagination.
    I feel a bit sick now. Sorry.

  • sailor1031

    If one really wants to know what bunnies actually chew, lookup “refection”. It ain’t “cud”.

  • Someone from Galicia

    In Galician the u is pronounced something like in put so if you hear the word it would not be that funny.
    Having said that, I grew up near Cuntis, and it was only now seeing this report that I realise how funny the name must look to an English speaker.

  • Paul

    Rabbits eat their own shit.
    The RCC is shit.
    The babble is full of shit.

  • barriejohn

    @Prior: The really sad thing is that I bet hours of anguished deliberation went into choosing just the right lacy skirt to go with the outfit. They’re all different!
    “Does my bum look big in this?”

  • barriejohn

    @sailor1031: There’s a great site called NoAnswersinGenesis which puts Ken and Co right about that, but they wouldn’t be interested.

  • ray metcalfe

    The bishop was probably jealous that he wasn’t invited along

  • Brian Jordan

    You couldn’t make it up. Well, maybe Arthur Mathews and Graham Linehan could – are you sure that you haven’t stumbled across a lost episode of Father Ted, Barry?