Disney pulls Beauty and the Beast out of Malaysia

Disney pulls Beauty and the Beast out of Malaysia March 15, 2017

The Walt Disney Company has indefinitely pulled Beauty and the Beast from theaters in Malaysia rather than remove scenes involving a gay character to placate local authorities and religious leaders.

Disney said in an emailed statement:

The film has not been and will not be cut for Malaysia.

Golden Screen Cinemas, Malaysia’s largest theater chain, said on Monday that it postponed showings of Beauty and the Beast at the studio’s request. Golden Screen will offer refunds to patrons who purchased advance tickets to screenings and a related event, the company said on its website.
Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid, the film board chairman said that Malaysia’s Film Censorship Board had approved Beauty and the Beast for a P13 rating after requesting cuts of about 4 1/2 minutes from a subplot with a “gay moment”. Theaters would be allowed to screen the film at any time after it had been censored. A P13 rating requires those below 13 years of age to be accompanied by a guardian.

According to this report, Harussani Zakaria, above, the senior mufti for Malaysia’s northern Perak state, said the film would:

Sow the seeds of destruction and negative behaviour in our society. We must guard ourselves from Western behaviour, which has gone astray. This movie must be banned.

The Malaysian Muslim People Coalition also called for a ban, with its president Amsah Hamzah saying the film would:

Promote negative values.

The film has also come under fire from religious figures in neighbouring Singapore, with Christian clergy attacking Disney for deviating from:

Wholesome, mainstream values.

Said Bishop Rennis Ponniah, President of the National Council of Churches of Singapore:

Parents are therefore strongly advised to provide guidance to their children about this re-make of Beauty and the Beast.

Meanwhile, in the the US, where the film is set to take in as much as $120 million its first weekend, the totally deranged religious right activist and former Republican State Representative for Colorado, Gordon Klingenschmitt, above, has called on Christians to boycott the the movie so as to prevent demonic spirits from using it:

To recruit children into sin.

Reacting to reports that there is a “gay moment” in the film, Klingenschmitt said he “[doesn’t] want to know about it” and recommended that Christian parents boycott this “homosexual children’s movie” in order to:

Avoid having their children recruited into the homosexual agenda.

Disney and those involved in the production of this movie are being driven by demonic spirits to “intentionally [promote] sin to children”, he warned.

There is destruction in the future of these people who cooperate with that evil.

Klingenschmitt prayed that God will “stop the recruiting of our children into the sinful lifestyle of homosexuality” and that Americans will finally “wake up and boycott the Disney corporation,” which he claimed has:

Been using money to fund the gay agenda for decades.

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  • Vanity Unfair

    Meanwhile Disney has announced two major biblical films: an uplifting story based on the friendship of David and Jonathan and a love story based on the Song of Solomon.
    “What could be more wholesome?” a spokesman did not ask.

  • Moderates and progressives all! They call for secular solutions such as bans and boycotts, while their religions (in text and tradition) calls for murder. They are all one deity away from being atheists. Welcome friends!
    Or perhaps it’s easier to critique a movie than one’s own mean spirited ghost story. One of the two.

  • David Anderson

    “To recruit children into sin.”
    “Avoid having their children recruited into the homosexual agenda.”
    Where are all these recruitment centers? Are they super sekit or can anybody join?

  • Prior

    Hitchens was dead, is, dead right in his assertion that Religion Poisons Everything and I am sure that he would hate to be aware of such after his passing.

  • Prior

    Grand Muff Harussani Zakaria should surely realise that the seeds of destruction and negative behaviour have already been sown. Sown by Mo Ham Head , and have germinated and sprouted and are spreading the tendrils of the evil hateful dogma islam into the lives of billions of people most of whom revile it with a passion. And I suspect there are a few hundred of millions “muslims”who do just that.
    And he should realise he is one of those orifices into which homosexuals like to insert their penises.

  • L.Long

    Know what is good to do?? Listen to the words of kingOschite and do the opposite!!

  • Newspaniard

    You have to admit to a belly laugh at some of the statements made in the article.

  • John the Drunkard

    They should just intercut new scenes featuring the rape of a nine year old girl.

  • Paul

    Where can I sign up?
    “….. recruited into the homosexual agenda.”
    Odd people.
    So they teach about a gawd in a rage – that murders everyone and destroys the entire planet and every living thing on it (save Noah and some animals etc), but a cartoon somehow predicates the end of children’s innocence.
    I wonder if these people have actually visited planet earth.
    @John the drunkard – very good point, but they were married so it couldn’t possibly be rape.

  • Michael Glass

    This rearguard action by religious authorities against the movie is likely to backfire.
    * It is more publicity for “Beauty and the Beast,”giving the movie a frisson of wickedness that may well boost box-office takings.
    * It could make the objectors look buddy-duddy and out of touch.

  • Laura Roberts

    @MichaelGlass: precisely. This is how religions lose adherents and how movies become blockbusters.

  • barriejohn
  • Eve

    Censoring and editing “gayness” out… This is such a antiquated approach. So saddening to think that youngsters in Malaysia are being taught that loving someone of the same sex is wrong. My heart goes out to all those who are not able to love and live freely.